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  • Fishing - Water Temperatures are Important
    Fishing is a lot of fun if you are catching fish, but if you are just sitting with your line in the water and getting no bites it can be frustrating and boring. If you are interested in spring fishing and want your best shot of catching a lot of fish then you need to learn a little bit about water temperature
  • Play with your toys and Shushhh! Gadgets, Gifts and Games
    All the latest up beat gadgets, gifts and boys toys from one of the U.K's best online retailers - Browse through the site, read and write reviews or even order. Read our article on why we are so successful!
  • Fashion for Women: Checkout the Latest Trends
    Whats current in the womens fashion world? Lets take a close look.
  • ATV Safety Tips
    ATV safety tips broken down into two parts: Before You Squeeze The Throttle and When You're Rolling. There's some sound advice for those new to the ATV riding and some reminders for experienced drivers.
  • Crystals - A Brief History
    History of crystal dates back thousands of years to the Mesopotamian times. Lead oxide was used to enhance the brilliance of glass as used today, but applied in different way. This was an alternate to the popular rock crystal which was more expensive, harder to cut and less refractive.
  • Beaded jewelry
    Beaded jewelry refers to the jewelry made by using one or more of the different types of beads. They may woven together by a string or adhered to surfaces depending on the designed that one wishes to create.
  • Sterling Silver
    Sterling silver is a favorite choice in mediums among the most creative and innovative designers. Due to its affordability and malleability - it can be shaped into almost any form imaginable. Sterling is the primary material used for silver jewelry, giftware, hollowware and flatware.
  • Wedding Jewelry Tips
    Jewelry can help set the mood for your wedding and enhance the overall look and feel of your gown. Choose your wedding jewelry with utmost care.
  • History Of Cultured Freshwater Pearls From Japan
    The first cultured freshwater pearls originated in Japan.
  • History Of Cultured Freshwater Pearls In China
    Today's freshwater pearl production is overwhelmingly from China.
  • A Woman Scorned – the Continuing Saga of a Fishy Car
    A case study of a sabotaged car with foul odour, and powers of deduction required to solve it.
  • New Car Protection
    Tips and tricks to help your new car looking new and maintain its value.
  • Pearl Care
    To keep pearls looking their very best you need just a little knowledge on how to care for them correctly.
  • Elevator Shoes- How to increase height and grow taller with elevator shoes
    Every man has a desire to look taller, which is surely a positive characteristic to highlight one's personality. A man of short height has to meet so much of hardships, either they go to a gym or undergo medical treatments in order to increase few inches in their height. But the shoe industry has brought an end to such worries. They have produced height increasing footwear which will make any man look taller instantly. Also, this will add upto your confidence.
  • Pear Necklaces
    Pearl necklaces are not defined merely by their physical measurement; rather strings of pearls have their own set of names that characterize the pearls based on where they hang when worn around the neck.
  • What Are Pearls?
    Pearls are tiny wonders of nature. Whatever your taste or budget, there is sure to be cultured pearl jewelry that will thrill you. Chosen carefully and treated with care, pearls will be a treasure for a lifetime.
  • How To Buy Perfume Right For You
    Buying Perfume can be a very hard decision, especially when you buying that perfume for your friend or lover. Different people will have different choice of perfume. Also each fragrance will produce a different scent on various types of skin. Therefore, when buying perfume we need to do some good research and try it out before you make the final decision.
  • The Culture Of Pearls
    Today’s cultured pearls rival the beauty of natural pearls. They are usually more affordable. One can own several pieces of pearl jewelry of different shapes, sizes, colors and designs.
  • How To Get Into Modeling – Even If You Don’t Live In A Big City
    When it comes to modeling, many people have the notion that they either have to live in California or in New York or Toronto. After all, that’s where most of the big modeling agencies are. Granted, if you lived in Los Angeles, California or New York City, you’d probably have an easier time getting into the modeling industry.
  • Shooting Urban Films
    Who is Sid Kali? I've written, directed, and produced two full-length urban features, CONSIGNMENT and IN WITH THIEVES, plus have a third feature in production titled STASH SPOT. Some people feel that when you attach the word urban to an independent film the story will be based on slices of life that unfold in housing projects or the barrio.
  • Beginners guide to DJ'ing
    Things to consider when starting out as a DJ: - What type of DJ will you be - Mobile Disco DJ or Club/Bar DJ? If becoming a Mobile DJ you will need a larger cross section of music as you will be catering to the tastes of many mixed audiences. If becoming a Club/Bar DJ you may be able to focus on one specific form of music. - Try out on a friends or community centres equipment first to see if you like it before you commit to any large expenditure. - Equipment to consider: - Record players (decks) or CD mixers. Technics 1200/1210 are the industry standard for record decks and Numark CDN 88’s for CD mixing are also good. - A mixer - Amplifiers and Speakers - Head phones - Microphone Make sure your first gig goes smoothly by: - Making a note of the equipment you will need on the night. - Turning up early if you are using the venues equipment to make sure you know how to use it.
  • How To Look Energetic & Popular to Game Girls At Party & Clubs
    If you are a regular at party and clubbing scenes, you know exactly that they have a very different matrix than other social gathering place, such as café. Everything goes very fast and dynamic there that a person who’s only been the first time there would find difficult to get along with the environment. And what happens when you spot on a group of beautiful girls dancing quite a distance from your place?
  • Using Legal Music Download Sites For Your Mp3 Player
    This article talks about the benefits of legal mp3 downloads, with better sound quality, fast download speed, spyware detection and no copyright infringement.

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