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  • Advantages of the VoIP Phone
    Are you tired of paying too much for your long distance calls? If you make domestic or International long distance telephone calls you should consider subscribing to VoIP. VoIP subscribers are able to make and receive calls the same way as they would over conventional phone lines, but at a much lower cost than traditional long distance carriers for long distance and international phone calls.
  • Use of Videoconferencing Services for Home and Business Users
    MyVideoTalk provides innovative communications technologies are changing the way the world's videocommunity communicates, trains, markets and educates. Our videocommunications platform includes live video webmeetings, email video messaging, website videostreaming and videowebcalling.
  • Conference Calling in Business Today
    Conference calls have made communication easy in the business world today. Learn about some of the basic issues of conference calling.
  • Conference Calls Control Time and Space Not Minds
    Conference calls are getting to be the rule rather than the exception. Find out how they are changing lives and business.
  • Avoid Conference Calls That Waste Everybody's Time
    Conference calling is a ubiquitous business tool. But, the fine art of effective conference calling must be learnt before one starts using this tool.
  • Why Asterisk?
    What is Asterisk, a brief history on it, and benefits for using Asterisk for a customer and supplier.
  • New Age Solutions for New Age Business
    The changing face of business requires new age business solutions. One of the most popular is the conference call.
  • The New Face of Business Meetings
    The meeting has been around for centuries now. However, it has been getting a facelift of late.
  • Hunting for Conference Call Bargains
    As conference calling becomes increasingly popular, prices are bound to fall. Finding lower-priced services is quite possible in the world of today.
  • Use Voice PRI to Eliminate Excess Analog Lines
    Does your thriving business still operate on numerous analog lines in addition to your Voice PRI? Do the monthly charges seem to add up month after month after month, and you wonder why you even still have them? Did you know you can get rid of nearly all of your old analog line technology when implementing a Voice PRI, and eliminate those excess costs?
  • Is Internet Phone (VoIP) Worth the Switch?
    Is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service for you? This article should hopefully answer this question. The main factor is, of course, savings. Also, frequent travelers, business owners, and overseas callers should have a particular interest in VoIP...

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