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  • "Perpetrators Stuff Chihuahua in Freezer, Urinate on Clothes" Article Brings Back Memories
    When will society wake up to the fact that the effects of crimes on the victim and their circle of influence are much worse, certainly longer lasting, than the crimes themselves?
  • Make Valentine’s Day More Than Just a Hallmark Holiday
    This essay offers 5 ways to make Valentine's Day celebrations more meaningful and to observe the holiday without purchasing gifts, cards or candy. In addition, it offers advice on how to make every day Valentine's Day and to use February 14th as a way to rev up the romance and love in your relationship all year long.
  • Relationship Advice for Valentines Day
    Relationship and dating advice for Valentines Day. How to knock the romantic holiday out of the park and have lasting romantic success for the rest of the year.
  • The Media Has Lied To You About What The Opposite Sex Is Attracted To
    There's a lot of money to be made from helping millions of people feel even more insecure about how they look. Yet, many of the "self improvements" we chase after are even attractive to many of the people we hope to attract. So why do we blindly chase after being who the commercial media tells us we should be?
  • Black Tie Affair
    Just a few important tips for your elegant and unique black tie affair.
  • Having Dating Options And Exercising Them
    Once you find yourself with options regarding who you can date, it's important to know how to manage your dating life. Scot McKay offers some keys to success.
  • Why Every Day Should Be Valentine's Day!
    Why every day should be Valentine's Day! Because it is love that makes the world go round not money! You are here today because of love and not money! Think for a moment, take away love and you will find the world will be an empty shell lacking meaning and passion! The world has suffered great destruction because of power, ignorance and greed, and the antidote is love and wisdom!
  • Finding Your True Love: The 5 Essential Keys To Discovering the Love of Your Life
    We all want to have the fairy tale. This would include finding the one person that we can spend the rest of our life with and live happily ever after. It is possible to find someone that we love and care about and not have to move mountains to do it. Learn the essential keys to discovering the love of your life and having the relationship of your dreams today!
  • T-Shirts – The Unique Fashion Statement
    Almost everyone loves the look and feel of a T-Shirts whether they use them more as an undergarment like in past or as a way to express their thoughts on politics, global warming, or just absolutely love the saying or photo.
  • T-Shirts – The Unique Fashion Statement
    Almost everyone loves the look and feel of a T-Shirts whether they use them more as an undergarment like in past or as a way to express their thoughts on politics, global warming, or just absolutely love the saying or photo.
  • What Every Woman Should Know About Men and Why Some Men Are Interesting - Part 1
    Some men say they cannot live with women and they cannot live without women. I think they mean they do not understand women. Women are God's third most important gift, following the gift of life and the gift of free will. Since women are a necessary and wonderful addition to a man's world here are 14 things that every woman should know about men and why some men are more interesting than others. Part 1 of 3 Parts.
  • And the Oscar for Best Movie Goes To--- Crash of Racial Stereotypes and Humanitarian Babel.
    Last year we saw Crash running away with the Oscar, and was acclaimed for not only the best movie of the year, but for its exposure of race relations, bias and stereotypes in American society. Again this year, Hollywood, has by accident, created incredible teaching tools that can be used to raise our unconscious biases and stereotypes which can lead us to recognize unique, individual features of others.
  • What Every Woman Should Know About Men and Why Some Men Are Interesting - Part 2
    Some men say they cannot live with women and they cannot live without women. I think they mean they do not understand women. Women are God's third most important gift, following the gift of life and the gift of free will. Since women are a necessary and wonderful addition to a man's world here are 14 things that every woman should know about men and why some men are more interesting than others. Part 2 of 3 Parts.
  • MP3 Music Best Practices
    MP3 Music since as we know it began to be known since 1991. Now over 15 years later has become the want of every child, teen & adult. Even my Dad has an MP3 player and spends time every week buying MP3 Music online to add to his player.
  • What Every Woman Should Know About Men and Why Some Men Are Interesting - Part 3
    Some men say they cannot live with women and they cannot live without women. I think they mean they do not understand women. Women are God's third most important gift, following the gift of life and the gift of free will. Since women are a necessary and wonderful addition to a man's world here are 14 things that every woman should know about men and why some men are more interesting than others. Part 3 of 3 Parts.
  • Site Furniture Plays An Important Role In Public Areas
    Walk down any city street and they can be seen almost everywhere. Yet, they probably go unnoticed to the average passerby. People sit on them, throw garbage in them, park their bicycles at them, and even eat lunch or a snack on them. Site furniture is found all around the city in and around public buildings, schools, shopping centers, parks and hospitals.
  • Today's Commercial Playground Equipment Offers More Fun Than Ever Before
    Playgrounds serve one primary purpose: for children to have fun and remain safe. Whenever schools, churches, day care centers, fast-food restaurants, city parks and other operators want to provide a fun atmosphere for children, commercial playground equipment is what they choose more often than not for this purpose.
  • More Breathing Room: Overcoming Obsession and Dependency In Relationships
    Being obsessive in a relationship is not healthy. In fact this can become a very big problem for both people in the relationship. It is important to remember that you have to give each other space and freedom so that each of you can live a healthy and happy life together. Being too dependent on another person can cause a lot of emotional and physical stress. Learn how you can give each other more breathing room!
  • Speech!...
    Bride essentials offers you the most unique wedding day information to make your special day magical.
  • Relationship Advice: Get Stronger And Able To Love Again In The Midst of A Breakup
    Breaking up is hard to do no matter what anyone says. It is something that is going to change your life and how you love. You have to have the ability to be strong and to face anything that is thrown your way when you are dealing with a break up. This article will tell you why breaking up is not the end of the world!
  • I Have A Finely Tuned "Fluff" Detector
    Which is more amazing? The lame lines that people in the dating world serve up to each other or the fact that there are those out there who actually BELIEVE them? Scot McKay of X & Y Communications breaks it down.
  • How To Cope When The Person You Love Is In Therapy
    When you truly love someone and want to be with him or her, you will find a way to cope with anything. You will learn to deal with any problems and move on past them as much as you can. When the person that you love is in therapy, this is an example of a time when you are going to have to learn to cope with it.
  • Film and TV Production Companies in Denmark
    There are lots of advertising companies which are targeting only the corporate sector of Denmark which are looking for professional companies to promote there products and business.
  • Guys - Can't live with us...
    This article attempts to delve into the mind of men and uncover some insights that women might not be aware of. This is not an easy task!
  • The Myths Regarding Expensive Dating
    Who says you have to spend a lot of money in order to get a lot out of your dating life? Scot McKay certainly doesn't.
  • Getting Beat By A Girl
    Why is it that the vast majority of men are afraid to approach women they are attracted to? Maybe the truth is that guys aren't afraid of the women themselves, but rather of a much more primal, instinctual risk that is involved...
  • Buying groomsmen gifts – who knew it could be so difficult
    This article details the rocky and dangerous waters that need to be navigated when buying groomsmen gifts.
  • What You Need To Know About How Guys Think
    There are plenty of things that guys think about, but most women feel that they think about their money, cars, and sex all day long. There are plenty of more things and they do happen to think about the relationship often. You will find that it isn’t always about immature topics.
  • Criminal data: Right Information Can Make A Difference
    Criminal Data is a comprehensive criminal check showing felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and more at the state and county levels. Employers, parents, and investigators rely on us every day to keep them informed and safe. That's why millions of people rely on to deliver the information they need to protect their interests and maneuver in a complex world.
  • Improve Your Figure with Corset Lingerie
    While the corsets of today are considered an essential piece of sexy lingerie, that was not always the case. You can find images of corseted women from the ancient civilizations of Crete, Egypt, Rome and Greece.
  • Think Cufflinks are only for the wealthy?
    Cufflinks are not just for the wealthy and the elite. They come in a variety of styles and themes that all men will enjoy. They are also more affordable than ever.
  • 7 Mysterious Ways of Women And How To Understand Her
    There are a lot of men who mistake some of the ways that their girlfriend or wife will conduct themselves. It’s hard to understand both sexes because they don’t think alike. Women think more with their heart and feelings, while men tend to think about logic and reality. After reading this, you will be able to better understand your mate and you will be able to have better and stronger relationship.
  • The Parthian Empire, some collectors focus on artistic interest
    Greek coins describe coins of Mediterranean city-states and kingdoms before the Roman Empire, Celtic tribes and Indo-Greek kingdoms.. There are many opportunities for specialization. Some collectors focus on artistic interest. The collection of Calouste Gulbenkian is an outstanding example of the artistic appeal of the finest coins of ancient Greece. Leonidas at Thermopylae other collectors specialize in issues of a single city.
  • Bridal Lingerie For Your Special Day
    Every woman knows that bridal lingerie is an essential ingredient for the wedding day and honeymoon nights. In fact, today, bridal lingerie is being used to keep the flame of new love burning long after you return home from your honeymoon destination.
  • Plus Size Lingerie To Suit Every Romantic Mood
    Finding plus size lingerie is a lot easier with the advent of Plus Size Lingerie Stores. When you're curvy, you can't rely on the size tag to determine whether you're really buying plus size lingerie.
  • Goodbye Analog TV
    You missed it. It happened on March 1st and barely a word was written. No tears were shed. No pronouncements or prognostications about the future of TV.
  • The Simple Love Map: How To Love Your Girlfriend In The Way She Needs To Be Loved
    Sometimes it can seem frustrating when you are in a relationship. There are things that you need from the other person and you’re getting everything but what you want. If you feel like you are consistently hitting a wall in your relationship with a woman you love, you can discover the keys to your woman's heart from this insightful article.
  • Online Dating: The New Way To Date
    An informative article about how a growing percentage of people are searching for a mate online rather than in person.
  • Romantic Mischief be Nice 'n Naughty in Leather Lingerie
    Naughty lingerie is perfect for those special occasions, like anniversaries, weddings, Valentines Day and holidays.
  • Enjoy Head to Toe Fashion with a Sensational Bodystocking
    A bodystocking is type of foundation lingerie, similar in design and structure to a catsuit; also known as a leotard. Available in lace, fishnet, sheer. etc.
  • Make Your Dream of Being Romanced in Exotic Lingerie A Reality
    Most exotic lingerie is comprised of sheer lingerie or see thru, which allow just enough to see to drive fill your lover with wild desire.
  • First Dates: I Gotta Have More Cowbell
    Why don't people bring their "A Game" on first dates? Scot McKay of X & Y Communications has gotta have more cowbell, baby.
  • Taking A Peek Into Her Inner World: What Does A Woman Feel About Dating
    There are different views on dating for men and women. Many of them think of their perfect partner as something completely different from what someone else would. This is not unusual because all people are different. There are no two people that think exactly the same and this is true with relationships as well. What does a woman feel about dating? Find out today!
  • 10 Things Never to Say to A Guy
    Ladies, if you want to have a successful dating life, certain phrases should never come out of your glossy lips. Here they are:
  • "I Don't Love You Anymore, Therefore You Must Be A Cheater"
    Scot McKay of X & Y Communications relates a breathtaking story of a couple who "settled" and the consequences thereof.
  • Lingerie In The Modern Era
    The women's lingerie took a lot of time to evolve to what we know it today. It was a gradual but definite search for comfort for women, from what it was in the beginning just for the benefit of a man.
  • A Personal V-Day Monologue
    This year marks my 20th anniversary as a Woman's Health Nurse Practitioner. The following article describes my intention of exactly how I intend to celebrate.
  • what is social dating
    love and dating, a brief history about dating and dating tips.
  • Child Prostitution is Horrific, Brutal and Evil and What You Can Do To Stop It!
    Child prostitution is horrific, brutal and evil and what you can do to stop it! The first thing to do is to be aware that this dreadful disease of the mind is spreading worldwide and the only way to stop it is to gather all the good forces available from the world leaders, billionaires, and people who care enough to take action to stop the atrocities and senseless destruction of innocent children's lives!
  • The Environmental Movement Gaining Momentum
    It's a great time for those who have consistently fought to bring environmental concerns to the forefront in the news as well as in people's minds across the world. Finally, the green movement, the movement to help stop dangerous greenhouse gases from destroying the ozone layer and causing disastrous global warming, is gaining a ton of momentum thanks to the persistence of activism.
  • Attraction: Kill Approach Anxiety By Seeing Someone Else's Perspective
    Based on what you understand to be your own flaws and weaknesses, you look around you and habitually consider those whom you find most attractive "out of your league". Learn to consider things from the perspective of any among the six billion other people out there...and brace yourself for MASSIVE life change. Scot McKay of X & Y Communications shows you the secret.
  • Blogs: The Coolest New Dating Tool.
    Blogs: The Coolest New Dating Tool. Invite everyone to get to know you!
  • The Secret to Blending Spring 2007 Trends Into Your Personal Style!
    Spring 2007 is upon us with some wonderful trends! Feminine, bold and chic is the name of the game this season. MMC Style would like to share some of its favorites with you to help you adorn your unique essence.
  • Feel Like a Star in Your Baby Doll Lingerie An Enduring Tantalizer
    The enduring popularity of baby doll lingerie and panties is clear to see by the many designers providing creations for every type of woman from the most adventurous to the most conservative.
  • Quintessential Garter Belt and Panty Combinations that Create the Ultimate Sizzle
    This type of lingerie encourages foreplay by virtue of their design; stockings and garter belt styles turn the simple act of disrobing into sensual eye candy for your and your lover.
  • Dating Success: Doubt In The Face Of Belief
    We are naturally inspired by stories of belief in the face of doubt. But how does that inspiration transfer to our attitudes when it comes to attracting and keeping women? Scot McKay of X & Y explains how we actually trick OURSELVES into dating frustration...all unnecessarily. Learn the secret found in this article and WIN.
  • 10 Things Never To Say To A Girl
    If you want to have a smooth and successful dating life, never say any of these 10 things to a girl you're dating.
  • 7 Questions To Ask Before You Marry
    Marriage is something that you will not just be able to toss away, although, divorce now is more popular than marriage. When you agree to marry someone who are agreeing to share your life with them, it is very important to understand that marriage is more than just love. It is waking up every day to the same person and not feeling one bit different about them. Are you ready for marriage? Find out!
  • Tips for Taking Care of High-Quality Fashion Accessories
    Tips for Taking Care of Your High-Quality and Designer Leather Heandbags and Fashion Jewelry
  • The 7 Mysterious Ways of Guys and How To Understand Them
    It is not easy to know what guys are thinking. You may find it hard to understand them no matter what you do. You have to be willing to do what you can to make this worth your while. You want to into any relationship better understand men and all that they do and why they do it.
  • Tribeca Film Festival New York film actors to receive much needed help with press
    For actors and actresses whose films appear at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival in New York and who are not receiving the attention that an A-list star would receive, comes help from an experienced celebrity publicist with a knack for the overlooked.
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Accessorizing
    The 5 key things every woman needs to know about accessorizing.
  • Fear Not When Buying A Diamond! Use the Four C's...
    Buying a diamond can be a very important decision and maybe one of the most expensive purchases you will make. Don't panic! Learn the about the 4 C's and other tips to guide you when buying a diamond, be it a ring, a pendant or a pair of earrings.
  • Creating a Memorial Garden in Memory of a Loved One
    The following are a variety of ideas that make a garden memorial something beautiful and honoring for your loved one.
  • Celebrate Valentines With Friends and Family
    You don't have a special someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with? Invite friends or family over and enjoy Valentine's day with them. Here are some theme ideas for a fun and lighthearted evening.
  • Create an Irresistible Silhouette with a Bustier Garter Belt Ensemble
    You can find a bustiers & bustier sets or camisole and garter belt set to fit your mood and your desire for romance.
  • Why Women are Often Attracted to Older Men. (The Sugar Daddy Phenomenon)
    The Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby relationship has for many years been regarded as a source of amusement to those who have never experienced the benefit. Yes, everyone loves to be spoiled and pampered, but is it really necessary to include the age gap as part of the package?
  • Use Pet Cremation Urns to Help Deal with Your Loss
    Doing something positive during this time of sadness can ease the grieving process by celebrating the life of the pet. Whether you've selected pet cremation, burial, or just want to work through the loss of your dog or cat, you have an advantage in creating a lasting tribute to your special friend.
  • 8 Amazing Ways To Make A Woman Laugh
    There are many men that want to make a woman laugh when they are around each other. This is a good way to make things more comfortable and to ease the tension between yourself and the woman you like, and is also a very good tactic to use to break the ice and approach women! Learn how you can make friends with more women by making them laugh!
  • Become a Twentieth Century Fox In Vintage Lingerie
    If you enjoy the glamour of vintage lingerie from the nineteen thirties or fifties you have a lot of absolutely gorgeous pieces to choose from that can help you fulfill your movie star fantasy.
  • The Proven Formula for Extreme Attractiveness!
    When you look at someone you’d describe as extremely attractive, is there something specific that you’d say makes them attractive? Read on to find out!
  • Don't Ask These Drill Questions In Your Relationships!
    When you are in a relationship you need to know what you should ask and what you should keep to yourself. You may not know that when you are asking your partner something that you think is important, you may actually be insulting them and make a very large strain on the relationship as well. If you want a long lasting, blissful relationship with your mate, don't ask these drill questions!
  • Dating Success: Why The Rich Get Richer
    It's a well-known financial principle that "the rich get richer". But did you know that the same principle holds true in the dating world? Join dating coach Scot McKay for "Millionaire Training".
  • Singles: What is the Greatest Obstacle to Finding Your True Love?
    What is the primary reason that some people never find an ideal love relationship in spite of searching for years? The answer in this article will probably surprise you.
  • Picking the Perfect Fragrance for Mom on Mother's Day
    Mother's Day is almost here and a lot of people will be braving the terrain of the perfume counter. Let this experienced perfume writer help you navigate this unfamiliar terrain.
  • 10 Simple Rules for Online Dating Success
    Online dating websites are becoming more popular each day with millions of members throughout the world seeking that special friendship or relationship. Yet there still remains a large percentage of users who become disillusioned with poor results, high monthly fees and attention from the wrong type of fellow members..
  • How To Be Closer To Your Man Without Looking Needy!
    We all want to be closer to our man. This is something that we may feel the need to do because it will make us feel better about our relationship. This is going to be a great achievement for most couples. However, it is not always easy to get close to your man because you may not want to look too needy to them. Learn how to do it right so that you are not making a big mistake in your relationship.
  • Kissing Tip
    Kissing is an art, and quite frankly, not all of us are artists. It takes practice, experience, emotion, patience, honesty, and sometimes it’s just good genes. Yeah, I know it’s gross, but chances are if you’re naturally good, so is your momma or your daddy. Regardless, we should all try to be considerate of the person we are smooching by being a little bit romantic. Is that asking too much?
  • 3 Fashion Savey Ways to Snag a Man
    It’s Friday night. You’ve just downed your second post-work apple-tini and now you’re scanning your Sex In the City wardrobe for a get-up destined to entrap Mr. Huck-A-Burning-Love later tonight. Hold it! While surveying your garbs, you might want to consider other subtle- not to mention cheap- ways to wile a man to your trove of feminine offerings.
  • The Science of Lust and Love
    Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to some people and not others? Find out more...
  • Finding a Retro-Scent for Mother's Day
    Sometimes hunting down a fragrance from yesteryear can be challenging. Fragrances get discontinued, but a tenacious hunter can sometimes uncover those beloved nostalgic scents .. in some unlikely places!
  • Why Free Dating Sites Just Won't Work.
    With the ever increasing number of websites within the online dating community, and the decreasing cost of php scripting it's not surprising that we see more and more 'free membership' niche dating sites, who seem to rely on their income from advertising such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. But is offering free memberships the way forward?
  • Dress for Wealth & Success
    Today’s woman can easily assert her femininity and unique sense of personal style in a business setting and by doing so enhance her power. However, how do you tie this into helping create success and wealth for yourself?
  • Bridesmaid Jewelry
    Your bridesmaids help you plan your wedding in so many ways. How to choose a gift to thank you bridesmaids for everything they've done for you.
  • Perfumes That Make Great Mother's Day Gifts
    Most women love fragrances so buying perfume for Mother's Day sounds like a great gift idea. And it is! Except for the uninitiated, shopping for perfume can be a confusing and even intimidtaing experience. This article explains where to buy great fragrances, how to navigate the perfume counter (online or at the mall), and names some specific scents as potential gift ideas.
  • Memorial Urn Jewelry: A Touching Way to Honor the Memory of a Loved One
    Today, with the cremation rate climbing, mourning jewelry has evolved into cremation jewelry.
  • After Abuse: The Challenging Work of Forging Healthy Relationships
    For some, getting into a relationship, or continuing with one we've been in, after abuse recovery is a fairly smooth process. For others, the challenge holds a range of feelings.
  • How to Get Long-Lasting Fragrance from Your Perfume
    Scent span is a new term to describe how long a fragrance lasts before it fades. Contrary to popular belief, there are some easy things you can do to enhance the scent span of your favorite fragrances.
  • Steorn, free orbo energy - fact or fiction
    Steorn have made claims that have upset some people in the scientific world, in this short article I will discuss there claims and progress so far, hoping to come to some sort of conclusion, are they for real?
  • Why Do Women Date Jerks?
    Finally an answer to the million dollar question. Why do women date jerks? The answer to this question is actually a lot more complicated than one might think. We are going to have to blame Mother Nature for this seemingly illogical behavior.
  • Love At First Sight - Can It Last?
    What is Love? It is well for us to understand that genuine love is not a simple, definite feeling that can be easily comprehended and controlled. Is there Love at first sight? Can Love at first sight last? Find out.
  • Emphasize your assets
    European women are much better at knowing their assets and strong points. Learn how you can gain this knowledge as well.
  • Empty Profiles - The Scourge of the Dating Website
    All dating websites rely heavily on the sincerity and responsibility of their membership in order to be successful, and most dating website owners will agree that the ideal dating community would have one hundred percent profile completion, with interesting and detailed information and at least one recent photo of each member. Unfortunately, that situation is so difficult to attain..
  • How To Move From Friends To Lovers - Dos and Don'ts for Women!
    Moving from friends to lovers with a man is not always easy. It can actually be very frustrating for some. It is not always easy to make this transition happen in most instances. In fact, it can make or break a relationship if a woman is not careful and does not do all the right things to make sure that it is moving in the right direction.
  • Immigration Fuels Canada's Multi-Cultural Growth As A Nation
    Since Canada is a relatively new country, the goal of Canadian officials for some time was to infuse the land with many different cultures and peoples, and its lenient immigration process played a key role in this. But, in recent years, Canada has begun to tighten the reigns on its immigration policies. If you are not from Canada, this article will give you a view of Canada you likely have never seen before now.
  • 7 Qualities Girls Like Their Ideal Partner To Have!
    If you are a man reading this, you need to pay attention! There are some things that you need to know so that you can find a great relationship. Discover the 7 qualities that Girls like their ideal mate to possess today!
  • Follow the style standard – feminine and classy
    The dress style of European women is very stylish, attractive, classy and feminine. American women have become accustomed to dress much more plainly, adapting to corporate standards. When creating your wardrobe, look at purchasing classic pieces that will translate easily through each season.
  • Laudium and Its Lurid Facts
    A vivid description of Laudium, an Indian township in South Africa with information about where to find all details like schools, restaurants, businesses etc in Laudium.
  • Leave Getting Angry To The Pros
    You may have thought that something or someone ticks you off; you don’t like it; you get angry; and that’s all there is to that. Silly you! Along with getting angry, you need to be sure you get it just right. That means the right person, the right degree, the right time, the right purpose, and the right way. But if you just can’t help getting angry, this article shows you how to do the job with style.
  • Prepare Your Wedding
    I know that when I was preparing to get married, the wedding checklist that I got with my planner was not enough...
  • Finding Your Way Around the Perfume Counter
    Finding exactly the right fragrance for you can be a daunting task, particularly since there are so many perfumes on the market. This guide helps the perfume newbie or experienced perfume lover find ways to narrow down the field to help select that one (or those several) perfumes that are destined to be signature scents.
  • What Makes a Perfect Summer Perfume?
    In the summer, skin chemistry and lifestyle changes can make it a good idea to re-think your perfume. Lighter products like colognes often work better in the summer than winter. If you use cologne, use a similarly scented body lotion, too, to get some oomph from the fragrance. Lighter fragrances including florals, the newer fruity-florals and even some gender-spanning scents are particularly wonderful for hot weather months.
  • "The Secret" in Romantic Relationships
    Learn how to attract the man or woman of your dreams using the law of attraction.
  • Accessorizing is everything
    You can customize any look with fashion accessories. Accessories also have the power to bring attention to your strong points via colors, shapes and unique designs. They help you individualize your own personal style.
  • Give Your Eyes Celebrity Status
    OK we all know that to become a celebrity the ability to be pushy, outrageous and grab the headlines in tabloids is the key to getting noticed but to become a true celebrity, that is someone with a real talent that gets noticed, requires a lot more than just playing up to the paparazzi
  • Direct sales can help add to your income
    Dear Joyce: At 43, I lost my job but have enough savings to return to college for two years to update my skills. But I would like to get a part-time job in case my education takes longer. I was .....
  • Counseling after suicide has no effect on grief, but helps prevent ...
    A grief counseling program for families bereaved by suicide does not reduce grief or depression, but may help to prevent perceptions of blame among close relatives and spouses, finds a study published online today.
  • Catastrophic Deaths
    This article looks at the nature of Catastrophic Deaths which are always sudden, unexpected, senseless and unjust. It includes murder, gangs, terrosists, mother nature
  • Secrets to Approaching Girls: Easy Steps To Get Her Romantically Interested In You!
    Getting any female of your dreams to love you is like a dream come true. However, it is not always as easy as we would like it to be. Getting a girl to actually love you the same way that you do is something that is going to depend on you and what you are interested in putting into the relationship. Learn these EASY steps to get Her romantically interested in You, today!
  • Are They Still in Love with Their Ex?
    Learn how to deal with the biggest threat to your new relationship-an ex they're still in love with.
  • Is It Smarter to Buy Perfume or Cologne?
    When buying a fragrance, is it better to buy a perfume or a cologne? Is an eau-de-parfum the same thing as perfume? Why are some products labeled parfum and others perfume? And what on earth is toilet water? This article provides answers about different fragrance types and considerations when making fragrance purchases that will help you get your very best deal.
  • How To Attract Women
    Looking for that perfect women? Well maybe you can find her faster then you think. This guide will show you the art of attacting women. now you to can get that women you have always dreamed of faster then you can imagine.
  • Online Dating and Casual Sex
    Dr.Goodhead discusses using online dating services to find easy one night stands and casual sex.
  • Shopping at Home and Away
    PinkMemo - Dallas Edition, reports on Fashion and Shopping trends for the local neighborhood with an added mix of trendy online boutiques. PinkMemo provides both local offline shopping scoop and online fashion news.
  • The Key To A Problem-Free Life
    What comes to your mind when you see someone who has a perpetual smile on her face and always looks at things on the bright side? Do you wish you could strangle that person or do you wonder how she accomplishes looking peaceful and without a care in the world.
  • Can the Internet Replace the Perfume Counter?
    Buying perfume online is increasingly popular, but there are some pitfalls to to the online shopping experience. Internet shoppers should beware of knockoffs and counterfeits. The other problem with Internet perfume buying is that sometimes you have to buy a perfume before you can smell it. But there are ways to take the guesswork out of even that.
  • Big and Beautiful Ladies – Guide To Finding The Right Bridal Gown To Suit Your Figure
    We all know that beauty comes in all different shapes/sizes – it is all in the eyes of the beholder. Every bride wants to look FANTASTIC on their special day – and plus size ladies certainly know how to shine, glow and look beautiful. This guide has been put together to help you choose your bridal gown that will show off your special curves to the max.
  • President Searching With a Fine Tooth Comb
    The US Presidential elections are due in 2008. Intelligent voters always weigh their options before choosing someone as President.
  • The Secret to Energizing Yourself & Your Wardrobe - Color
    We easily use the energy of color to control our own emotions and actions iIn our everyday appearance by focusing on our clothing and fashion accessories! The goal is to look at what extent the clothes and fashion accessories we wear help build our confidence, improve our emotions and drive us into high energy.
  • The Secrets Behind Synthetic Fragrances
    Aldehyde is a synthetic fragrance moleculre used in perfume. Despite the global trend toward preferring naturals over synthetics, in the perfume world, synthetics are preferable. Ever since Coco Chanel unveiled a completely "artificial" scent in the form of Chanel No. 5 in 1923, perfumers have been going synthetic. It's more consistent, gives a greater spectrum of scents, and saves the natural environment.
  • Edible Wedding Favors Add Flavorful Flair
    Finding the right wedding favor for your big day is always difficult, especially trying to find something that will suit the tastes of young and old, male and female. Today's trend toward edible wedding favors is the perfect answer to the dilemma; everyone loves a sweet little something to nibble on!
  • Hot Summer 2007 Fashion Accessory Trends
    Are you ready for a sizzling hot and stylish summer 2007 to show off your feminine, bold and chic side? MMC Style is again playing trend watch and would like to share some of its favorites with you to help you adorn your unique essence.
  • Comedy & Laughter to Highlight Everyday Middle Eastern & Arab Problems !
    More than just entertaining the average visitor, attempts to put the Arab World's harsh REALITY into clear perspective. Through simple but genuine humor: "A Sarcastic Insight into the Arab World" has made its MISSION to ignite a sense of awareness and understanding. It asks of its user to not just laugh and smile at its pictures, videos, jokes or games...., but to think about how they can start making a change their community.
  • Role of Modern Private Investigator
    The following article gives you a glimpse into the world of the modern Private Investigator, Private Detective, or PI. It explains the modern Private Investigators role in our current society, and some of the many different fields in Private Investigations. This article also gives some of the readers some insight into some of what it takes to become a Private Investigator as it pertains to a person’s background, experience, training, and goals.
  • E-Card Websites Help Build That Romantic Connection
    E-card websites are the good way to help men communicate and connect better, leading to stronger and happier relationships.
  • Egyptian Urns: Timeless Style and Mystery for Cremation Burial Urns
    The timeless style and mystery of ancient Egyptian culture has become a popular choice for families seeking unique funeral urns. Rich symbolism and ancient signs of protection transcend into modern culture as cremation burial urns.
  • How Obtaining a Criminal Pardon Improves Employment Prospects
    In many professions, possessing a criminal record would all but eliminate any chance of being hired. Fortunately, it is possible, in most cases, to have a Canadian criminal record removed with a pardon.
  • What is the best internet dating site?
    Finding the best internet dating site can be a fun and rewarding experience if done correctly.
  • Unique Ideas for a Cremated Remains Scattering Ceremony and Establishing Lasting Memories
    The following paragraphs will describe how one individual used the cremation ceremony to pay respect and honor the memory of her loved one in a unique way.
  • What to Do When Perfumes Make You Sick
    About 1% of the population is allergic to perfume and many more find it physically irritating. Actually, there are only about eight substances that provoke most of the symptoms, but most perfumes do not list their ingredients. The problem is compounded by the fact that fragrance isn't just found in perfume--it's in soap, air fresheners, foods, and even dental cement.
  • 7 Key Reasons Why He Says He Is In Love With You When He Is Still Seeing Someone!
    You know that men are going to do things that we just do not like. It is going to happen regardless of what we do or think. There are men that just have to lie to us and tell us what we want to hear even if we know that they are completely lying to us. Learn teh 7 reasons why Men tell you they love you even when they are seeing someone else!
  • Internet Dating
    Finding the right person to date has never been a simple task, sometimes no matter how hard you try there is always a feeling, that there is someone out there just for you. Welcome to the world of dating, and it only gets better, online dating has helped millions of people find there soul mates, friends and companions. No longer do you have to get in touch with prospective partners through friend circles (although that is still probably the best way to do it), just log on to a website and you ar
  • Four Steps to Meeting Women at the Gym
    Meeting women at the gym or health club can be tough, here are four ideas you can use to improve your odds of social success without too much risk of an embarrassing rejection in public.
  • Don't Let a Surprise Flirt Catch You Unprepared
    Nothing's more frustrating than having a cute girl pull a sudden surprise flirt on you only to watch the chance bomb because you were caught totally unprepared. Here's 4 things to know so the next time you can walk away proud instead of regretful.
  • Speeding Fines and Speed Cameras-The Truth Revealed
    The article talks about speeding fines and speed cameras. It dwells on the frustrations people in australia go through . Governments are apparently more concerned about raising revenue than creating better conditions for the citizens.
  • You Won't Believe What's In Your Perfume Bottle!
    Perfumes rarely list ingredients on their labels but sometimes will describe scents with all sorts of mysterious ingredients from ancient substances (like frankincense and myrrh) to more normal-sounding ingredients (that we still don't understand) like amber or musk. Perfumes frequently contain a lot of synthetic ingredients, sometimes analogs to real substances, sometimes completely artificial (like aldehyde).
  • Bringing back the passion
    Has your relationship lost the spark that it once had? Do you remember when you had butterflies in your tummy when the phone rang, hoping it was them? When you just couldn't wait to see them again? When their smell, smile or look in their eyes ...
  • Casual Sex dating and Adult Dating
    Every so often there comes a time when you just want to use a dating site for casual sex connections. Sex is a need, after all, and who are you to stand in the way of the desires of your flesh?
  • Demon Possession is it real or just a mental disorder
    Learn the truth about demon possession, and some facts that validate it as a real condition.
  • Body Jewelry
    Although body jewelry is popular among young people, many body jewelry technicians are unauthorized to provide body piecing services on individuals under the age of 18 years old.
  • Picture Frames and Photos
    Many picture frames are manufactured and designed for photos of weddings, birthdays, family gatherings and other special occasions.
  • Gossiping & Apple Pie
    Benjamin Franklin said, “I resolve to speak ill of no man whatever, not even in a matter of truth…;” and Carl Sagan said, "If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." You may reasonably ask what Gossiping & Apple Pie have to do with each other. Whether this article answers that pressing question is your call. However, it does raise some interesting points, even if the connection is less than obvious.
  • Pittsburgh Patent Lawyer
    If you are located in the Pittsburgh area and have an idea for an invention, what do you do next? The most important step is selecting a competent, Pittsburgh patent attorney who can determine if it is patentable
  • Does Your Personal Style Reflect Your Uniqueness?
    Does your personal style truly reflect your uniqueness? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? Do you feel confident about what your look says about you? Do you gravitate toward just buying the fashion magazine’s latest look? Or are you constantly comparing how you look to others?
  • NAACP Decides to Symbolically Bury the "N" Word in a Major Move Forward
    The NAACP has put to rest a long-standing expression of racism by symbolically burying the "n" word in a ceremony. The NAACP recognized that the very word that was being buried is also used by blacks when referring to other blacks, especially in comedy routines, rap and hip-hop music. The move could potentially do more for race relations than anything in recent years.
  • Breaking Down MySpace Users
    Taking a closer look at MySpace users.
  • 8 Things That Attract A Man to A Woman!
    There are certain things that are going to attract a man to a woman. If you are a man and you are wandering what you can do to make yourself more attractive to a woman, you need to pay attention. You have to check this out so that you have what it takes to draw in a woman and keep her interested in you. Being able to attract a woman is going to be the first step in building a great, long lasting relationship.
  • How To "Make" Him Commit
    What is the one secret guys absolutely do not want you to know? It's how to get them to go to the next level in a relationship. Whether it's from casual dating to a committed relationship or living together to marriage, dating will never be the same.
  • Your Bachelor Party
    Discover ways on planning a Bachelor Party for you are one of your friends you will no doubt need some extra help in chalking out the details. Even if you don’t do go through our list of bachelor party tips which follows, who knows you might hit upon a new idea. Read on,
  • Online Dating
    While online dating through paying membership sites may seem like the safer way for adult dating online, it is important to know that you get what you pay for.
  • How to Handle a Cheater
    What is the best way to handle the situation when you find out your partner has been cheating on you?
  • A Pefume Lover's Guide to Summer Scents
    Perfume lovers are notorious about collecting many different fragrance products. Why do we need so many? One reason is our mood but another is the weather. Summer is a great time to add to the perfume collection. Summer time fragrances should be lighter, playful, and tend toward citrus or tropical.
  • Why Read Devotionals?
    When we are faced with problems and need support to deal with them, we usually turn to our loved ones for comfort and understanding.
  • Knight In Shining Armor Syndrome
    Why do men stay with women that need to be "saved"? Are they being chivalrous or stupid?
  • Where Has Customer Service Gone?
    This articles shows where companies are going with their customer service and what individuals can do about it.
  • Number #1 Reason Behind Your Romantic Desperation
    I’ve met countless people these days who says that they are desperate enough for a romantic life, but couldn’t get their feet just about one meter away from the girl they’re always dreaming about. Some of those people are strangers I talk to and encounter in the bus or the waiting room, some are my close friends. And I was once one of them too.
  • Different Types Of Auctions For Charity
    Whatever be the type of auctions the profit from the items auctioned goes toward some non-profit organization, small or large.
  • The Law of the Draw
    The secret of drawing people into our lives, using something common to illustrate the point.
  • Nice Guys Can Learn to Get the Girl Too
    Women love to wax poetic about their romantic quest for the mythical "nice guy"... as if they're hunting for the Holy Grail or something. Yet when you present yourself as such they can't reject you fast enough. So what's going on? Secret code...
  • Have Sex
    An indepth review on how easy it is to have sex from using adult dating services.
  • Field Sales Recruitment And You
    Young professionals and graduates who are interested in field sales should understand that there are many benefits to the recruitment process.
  • Finding Success In Medical Sales Jobs
    The medical sales field is one of the more lucrative and rewarding for new graduates in the UK. Medical sales jobs involve going to consumers, medical professionals, and facilities to sell them on new products to help them deal with medical issues.
  • Finding The Best Supply Chain Vacancies
    Graduates who are interested in the supply chain field need to understand the various barriers to entry that prevent them from an easy transition from university to workplace.
  • Exploring The Best Sales And Marketing Jobs
    Among the most popular positions for graduates in the UK today are those in sales and marketing departments. The reasons for this are plentiful, though the most obvious reason is that new graduates have the energy, enthusiasm, and dedication needed to succeed in these high pressure fields right after their university days are over.
  • Top 2 Personal Protection Products
    If you have ever been the victim or near-victim of a crime, it is natural to feel unsafe for a bit and be wary. In fact, even if you have never been the victim of a crime but just watch the evening news and see that there is danger, you may feel unsafe.
  • Why Do Most Women Need Security, Approval and Consistent Emotional Connection?
    Have you often asked yourself this question: Why Do Most Women Need Security, Approval and Consistent Emotional Connection? You have to consider that men and women are very different. Men tend to think with their heads more than their hearts, but women let their emotions run their life. Leare more about what your girl or woman want from this insightful article today!
  • Financial Security and Emotional Security - Which Ones Do Women Prefer and Why?
    You have financial security on one hand, but then you have emotional security. Most women would like to say they would take emotional security, but financial security is something that is always in the back of their mind. So which ones do women prefer and why?
  • Office Recycling Scheme - Top Tips
    Setting up an office recycling scheme is something that all businesses can do to help the environment, and in many cases save money.
  • Why So Many Perfumes Smell Sweeter Today
    Sugar and unusual tropical fruits are increasingly finding their way into the perfume bottle. Is there a link between our love of processed food, skyrocketing obesity rates, and sugar-sweet perfumes? We have no idea, but we do know that some great new perfumes are using some entirely new ingredients from the kitchen.
  • Top 5 Wedding Favor Ideas
    Your wedding day is rapidly approaching and you have a mile long list of things you need to accomplish. One of those is deciding on your wedding favors. But, you don't know what to choose because there are so many different options. The following list of the top five wedding favor ideas will narrow down the list for you and help you make a decision that will reflect your taste and style.
  • A Well Kept Secret of Attracting Women
    A secret to creating attraction in women that successful ladies men intuitively know!
  • 5 Signs That You Have Met the "Right One"
    Five signs that you have found the right one to marry
  • Six Cool Ways to Get a Good Buy on Fragrance
    Perfume is pricy, no doubt about it. Many perfume lovers are not loyalists but would rather play the field and own several scents. But how can you afford to buy many different colognes? We unveil six strategies to help you stretch your fragrance dollar and tell you one thing that really won't work out well at all (but you may be tempted to try it).
  • Now Is The Time To Take Action – Stop Global Warming
    Mankind as a whole will have to make some decisions, fast, if we want to protect our future. What are the things that ee as individuals can stop global warming? There are many things that we can do as individuals. Starting today.
  • Fragrance and Memories
    Fragrance and memory are tightly intertwined, but we do not entirely know why. In fact, we do not even understand the basic physiology of how we perceive smells at all! But the associations of fragrance and life events can give us pause. Should you give a person in the hospital a gift of her favorite fragrance? Or will it cause her to hate the scent once she recovers?
  • First Home Security Top 2 Personal Protection Products
    If you have ever been the victim or near-victim of a crime, it is natural to feel unsafe for a bit and be wary. In fact, even if you have never been the victim of a crime but just watch the evening news and see that there is danger, you may feel unsafe.
  • Introducing Adult Sex Toys Into Your Relationship
    Introducing adult sex toys into your relationship needn’t be embarrassing or uncomfortable for you or your partner. In this article we’ll examine the correct approach for the introduction of sex toys that will ultimately result in a better happier more fulfilling sex life.
  • Animal Charity
    Collect relevant data before deciding to donate a percentage of your hard earned revenue to your selected animal charitable organization.
  • Titanium Rings Show their True Colors
    A little known secret in the jewelery business is that titanium rings can in fact be made in a range of dramatic colors, shades you just wouldn't expect to see in a metal.
  • A Dating Site, Naked Women, and Casual Sex, Oh My!
    In this informative article we will discuss naked women, casual sex, and the properly perverted dating site that brings them all together. Fast Times and Loose Women!
  • Charity Portals
    Not all countries in the world are as fortunate as the US and other developed European countries, today children and women are the largest group affected by drought, civil war and other natural calamities. In Africa alone, there are thousands of children who loose their parents each day in civil war or drought. Charities and missions all over the world have started pooling in their resources to help people throughout the world, and one of the most important resources for charities is now the internet.
  • Dave Barry: Diplomat
    Dave Barry said, "I argue very well. Ask any of my remaining friends. I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent. People know this, and steer clear of me at parties. Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me." This self-disclosure prompted Curious George to check around to see just how closely the quotation aligned with reality. This article brings you the inside story.
  • Titanium Ring - Strong Enough to Last
    Titanium rings are very difficult to scuff or scratch, so when you choose a titanium ring for your wedding you can be sure that it'll look just as good at your golden wedding anniversary. A titanium ring set with diamonds can bring together two of the world's toughest materials to make a truly enduring statement.
  • Conversations With A Brick
    You likely have many conversations that are just like Kurt Vonnegut said, “People have to talk about something just to keep their voice boxes in working order, so they'll have good voice boxes in case there's ever anything really meaningful to say;” but what if there was at least one situation where you could be assured that the conversation would always be pleasant and easy? If that sounds good, this article is for you.
  • Video Dating, An Internet Revolution For Adults
    Video dating is a more reliable, enjoyable and effective way of finding someone to whom you may consider for making your future partner. Online dating is much more common in western culture and developed countries where marriage is continuously loosing its significance.
  • Seduction Tips for Women
    The article offers 5 strong tips for seducing men. Insights from a MAN to women...
  • Preventing Rape
    Don't be confused with rape and having sex, they are not the same. Rape is a crime and something that you do not want to experience. Learn to prevent a rape by being aware of your surroundings and not putting yourself in harm's way
  • Getting Started with Social Networking
    Getting Started With Social Networking Sites like MySpace, FaceBook, FriendsWin,, etc.
  • Perfect Love Advice: How Do Guys Judge The Women They Date?
    When a woman is looking for a new love interest, she should remember these few tips. There are going to be different guys out there and this will mean that it may take a little more work to get the one that is going to work out the best for you.
  • No Tattoo For You Leatherneck
    That's right the Marine Corps said no in a new regulation to full, half, and quarter sleeve tattoos. If Marines don't have their current tattoos documented in their personnel file with exact descriptions and pictures they could face court martial and potentially a dishonorable discharge for disobeying a direct order.
  • How To Date Women
    For most single guys, dating women is a breeze. But for some dating women is a complex and, for many men, baffling challenge, when really, dating women should simply be relaxing and enjoyable. So why is it that dating women is a complex and baffling challenge?
  • Mailfriends – Your Launch Pad to Cyber Friendship
    Mailfriends is one such site that is the breeding ground for long and trusted online friendship. In the search of getting good Internet penpals, one can always look up Mailfriends.
  • Where Did The Video Spoofing Gore Come From?
    Alot of people know Al Gore stars in the global warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." But who did create "Al Gore's Penguin Army," a two-minute video playing on
  • The Rich History of Fashion From Across The Globe
    We all wear clothes that suit our own tastes. However, have you ever considered how the history of society and culture influences your choice of clothing? Read on to learn more.
  • Reasons to Write a Break Up Poem
    This article offers reasons that a break up poem might be written. Some reasons are positive; some reasons are not-so positive. Whatever the reason, break up poems are a popular way used to end a relationship.
  • Another iPod Accessory
    Ever since Apple released the iPod, numerous companies have piggy backed on the success of the music player. It is common to see online iPod stores offer accessories such as cases and speakers. For the tech-savvy there are FM transmitters which allow iPod users to connect their music player to a radio with an FM tuner wirelessly.
  • The Television Police
    “Public virtue is a kind of ghost town into which anyone can move and declare himself sheriff.” -- Saul Bellow. This is no more true than when the would be sheriffs draw down with their verbal six-shooters on television. This article provides a new perspective on the shootout.
  • Death: The Ultimate Fear
    Death and dying are the last social taboo. People are afraid to talk about these subjects because they deal with the ultimate in losing control. We don't know when or how we are going to die so we aviod dealing with it at all.
  • A 22,000 Mile Jog For Cancer
    A British woman named Rosie Swale-Pope is running around the world promote cancer awareness.
  • Activities For The Elderly Focus on International Day of Older Persons
    October 7 2007 is it's International Day of Older Persons. If you offer, or lead arts and crafts activities this is a great day to question the what and how of what you offer. The term "'elderly' is rapidly shifting in terms of decades and if plan to run any creative program then you need to think about the psychological and physical shift in arts and craft thinking for those you work with.
  • The Best Way To Stop Global Warming
    The Earth’s surface temperature has risen by about 1 degree Fahrenheit in the past century, with accelerated warming during the past two decades. There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities. Human activities have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through the buildup of greenhouse gases—primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.
  • So What Really Is A Handmade Card?
    What's a handmade card then? Is it something you make yourself, a bought card finished with a personal touch, or a card you make following a kit? What we think about handmade cards affects our choices and how far we get involved in the making process.
  • Healthy Relationship: 3 Things You Should Do For Her to Maintain a Healthy Relationship
    Many a relationship has become familiar to the point of routine. That's a recipe for trouble somewhere down the road.
  • Follow These 3 Tips for a Perfect Date
    Too many guys are stuck in the mindset of "flowers and candy." Bringing these to a girl on a date is a formula for failure. Instead, be creative and use your imagination. Be unique and bring something of context that shows your creativity. Flowers and candy just don't cut it in today's dating game. Read and find out why.
  • Get the Girl: 5 Easy Steps and a Little Help From Her Friends
    Many men get intimidated when they see a girl they are attracted to, but is surrounded by a bunch of friends. You need to overcome this fear and use her friends to your advantage. Simply follow the steps in the article and soon her friends will be your friends, and the girl will be yours!
  • Being Prepared for an Attack with Weapons of Mass Destruction
    The truth is that terrorism isn't supposed to be predictable. By inflicting the maximum amount of damage to the maximum amount of people, terrorists win their game. So when we talk about being prepared for an attack with weapons of mass destruction, where can we even begin?
  • Date a Millionaire – Singles Looking for Wealthy Rich Men
    Toronto, ON September 12, 2007 – Going to clubs or bars has become boring for many women. It’s always the same thing, lots of drunken guys, expecting you to sleep with them just because they’ve bought you a couple of drinks. All throughout the ages, beautiful women have made it a point to date rich and wealthy men.
  • The Safe Zone: 3 Steps to Attracting More Women By Making Them Feel Good About Themselves
    Get a woman into the "safe zone" and you have completed 90% of the mission. Women need to feel confident about themselves before they can open up to you. Follow these 3 steps to break the ice, create a bond, and genuinely make the woman feel good about herself.
  • The Power Of Female Friends
    I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have female friends in your life, attractive female friends that you find attractive. If you want to build an empire of women in your life than getting female friends is the quickest way to
  • What Do You Remember About The 1980's
    This article takes you back to all the memories of your favorite decade. You'll be looking for your hair spray any minute!
  • Easy and Fast Gift Giving
    The gift giving season is right around the corner. This year try giving someone a gift certificate from
  • Why Acting Shy Will Get You Nowhere With Women and What To Do Instead
    Acting shy just kills your chances with women. It is not a true representation of who you are, and simply exhibits all your doubts and fears you have about yourself. This article goes over how to overcome shyness and become the confident stud you want to be.
  • Dating Small Talk: 3 Tips to Avoiding Big Problems
    You may be familiar with some of the symptoms: sweaty palms, forced laughter etc. It respects no person or title and has an incredible track record of ending relationships that otherwise would have blossomed.
  • Spring Wedding Favors
    The worst thing is to spend your money on favors that get thrown into the garbage can because your guests really just don’t know what to do with them after the wedding or shower. Putting a little thought into your wedding favors ensures your guests will want to receive them and will use them again in the future.
  • How To Choose The Right Online Dating Service
    Once you start looking for the best online dating service you will quickly notice a few things. In this article we will look at how to search the internet for a dating service and how to determine what is the most important features to you.
  • Benefits and Dangers of Online Dating
    Article explaining the side effects of online dating, both positive and negative, so you can decide if it's for you or not.
  • Will I Find The Perfect Match Online?
    It was ten years ago that Celina and Brian met. Internet dating was still in its infancy and those who sought out romance online still had the stigma of resorting to "computer dating." Celina and Brian even had to go so far as to make up a story about how they were introduced by a "friend of a friend." That didn't stop them from marrying, and ten years on they now have three kids and are as happy as ever. "I never would have found someone like Brian if I hadn't gone online," says Celina. It was the best decision of my life.

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