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  • 100% Financing Mortgages
    100% finance mortgages are mortgages with zero money down required at the time of the initial loan. The main advantage of this type of loan is the ability to buy a home with almost no money down.
  • Bad credit Home Mortgage Loans - Facts and Myths
    This is article illustrate the facts and myths of bad credit home mortgage loans.
  • Be Careful With 125 Loans
    Many borrowers think they have found the perfect loan -- the 125. But you should be cautious when considering this product.
  • Why Choose an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?
    Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are appealing to many homebuyers, but what are the risks?
  • Getting the Best Deals in the Mortgage Market
    An astute real estate agent knows how to use mortgage leads effectively. Similarly, the prudent mortgage buyer knows how to gain by comparing mortgage quotes.
  • Search Out a Better Mortgage or Credit Card Rate
    Cheap mortgages and cheap credit cards are out there. You just need to persevere and look hard.
  • Shopping For Mortgage Quotes Online
    Online is the place to visit if you need mortgage quotes. At many real estate sites on the Internet, you will find quote tools. The tools are easy to use. In addition, at the real estate sites you will find helpful information pertaining to loans, real estate agents, and other relevant information to help you decide on buying a home.
  • Real Estate Is Useful for Home Improvement Loans
    If you already own real estate, you can put it to productive use. Learn about home improvement loans and homeowners loans.
  • Remortgaging Basics One-O-One
    Remortgages can tricky if you do not understand them. Here is a beginner's guide.
  • Mortgage Refinancing: Even with Bad Credit
    Poor credit really throws a spanner in the works of your personal finances. But, mortgages are possible even with poor credit. Find out how.
  • Jumbo Mortgage Rates
    Mortgage rates such as Jumbo rates vary quite a bit. Jumbo loans often provide you with options such as fixed-rates.
  • Obtaining Home Loans For Bad Credit
    Many people are looking for home loans for bad credit. What may surprise you is that even if you have less than perfect credit, it is absolutely possible to get bad credit home loans with various lenders.
  • Loan Process Steps
    The adventure begins. As you enter into a loan process, be diligent in expressing your concerns with questions you need answers to. Fining out your plans, and the results you want from refinancing your home is our beginning point.
  • UK Borrowers Not Swayed By Rising Homeowner Loan Interest Rates
    Industry analysts say that UK borrowers are not feeling intimidated by rising homeowner loans interest rates, and expect the numbers of investors entering the buy-to-let market to increase over the coming year.
  • Journeying to the Ideal Mortgage
    There is no such thing as an ideal mortgage. But, if you look hard, you can get a better deal than the one you are being dished right now.
  • Benefits of Mortgage Refinancing
    Reconsideration of refinancing mortgage is such an important decision that can turn your life in a new enjoyable way.
  • Mortgage Refinancing for investment
    Are you caught in the vicious cycle of debt? Even if you have, be assured that it is common phenomena these days and there are definitely ways to get out of it. The traditional moneylenders have metamorphosed into banks, brokerage firms plus individual brokers.
  • Refinancing - to build your property portfolio
    The best time to refinance is evaluated according to several factors. These can vary according to the individual but you have to assess your situation.
  • Getting A Home Improvement Mortgage
    For every creature on this planet, a dwelling is essential. It not only shelters one from all the natural exigencies, but also acts as an emotional blanket to cover one in times of stress and need.
  • Christian Mortgage
    Christian Mortgage is a term used wherein Christian principles are used by the mortgaging company to mortgage loans to its customers. Many a times the mortgage offered by these companies are limited to only Christian customers.
  • Seven Benefits of Christian Mortgage
    The Christian Mortgage concept is built on the basis of Christian faith and principle. Various institutions around the world follow Christian Mortgage principles to shape their terms and conditions.
  • Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgage Payment
    California Reverse Mortgage is a loan where the lender either pays you a lump sum at one go, makes regular monthly payments, extends a line of credit, or a combination of the three.
  • Benefits of Mortgage Loans
    Mortgage loan is the generic term for a loan secured by a mortgage on real property; the "mortgage" refers to the legal security, but the terms are often used interchangeably to refer to the mortgage loan.
  • Perplexed by the Multiplicity of Mortgages
    Mortgages can be your best friend or they can be your enemy. It all just depends on how well you can understand them.
  • Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Refinancing Their Home
    People choose home loan lenders for all the wrong reasons. Getting a low rate is important, but it's not the only consideration.
  • As the Tenant Turns Homeowner
    Turning homeowner marks an important milestone in life. Find out about homeownership and home loans.
  • Mortgages From the Past and the Present
    Mortgages have become common place and easy to understand. But they have an interesting history.
  • Securing That Fixed Rate Mortgage
    Mortgages can be fixed rate or variable rate or some fancy combination. Find out more.
  • Mortgage Refinance Rates
    Refinancing your existing mortgages has many advantages like lowering the monthly payments or interest rates paid.
  • 10 Deadly Mortgage Mistakes
    With changing regulations mortgage options are becoming wider than ever. Avoid disappointment and save thousands by reading this article.
  • Bad Credit Debt Consolidation
    Today a loan is available for almost anything that you need, from student loans, to loans for buying flat screen TVs, houses, cars, basically anything that is worth buying has a loan available. What most people do not do is read up on the various interest rates that are involved, a loan for buying a car or a student loan, is usually an unsecured loan and hence entails a high interest rate due to the risk involved.
  • Refinance Loan Financial Solutions
    Before finalizing on any particular Refinance loan it is important to have a clear financial objective in mind. This means that you have to learn about everything from when you should refinance to how you can increase the value of your home.
  • Choosing From a Mortgage Medley
    We have an array of mortgages to choose from. Find out about some mortgage types.
  • Discover 10 Ways To Better Mortgage Rates
    Learn how to get your best mortgage rates with 10 Secret Bank Strategies
  • A Popular Mortgage Myth
    The Motley Fool’s Mortgage Comparison Centre has the expert insight you need to understand the different kinds of mortgage products available and choose the right mortgage for your needs.
  • The Home and the Need to Belong
    If you do not feel the need to belong you are probably living at home. Here is an article about what drives people to buy their own homes.
  • What is a Bad Credit Mortgage?
    Bad credit mortgages - also known as adverse credit mortgages - are mortgages for people who have experienced financial difficulty in the past and who may now find it difficult to get a mortgage and other credit.
  • Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit
    In the old days if your credit history was less than perfect, the only mortgage you would be offered would be one with extortionate interest rates from a shady broker. Nowadays, there are more sympathetic lenders who will offer you a bad credit mortgage without charging you sky-high interest charges. And because there are more lenders out there now offering these non-standard mortgages, it has driven the interest rates on them down which is good news!
  • Endowment Mortgages
    Endowment mortgages are an interest-only mortgage linked to an endowment policy, which can work either on a with-profits or a unit-linked basis. If the investment in the endowment policy grows at a reasonable rate, it is anticipated that the policy will produce enough to pay off the loan at the end of the mortgage term and even leave you a bit of extra cash as well.
  • Mortgage: The Danger Of Over Stretching Your Finance
    Borrowing more and more money for a mortgage is getting easier, with some mortgage providers offering mortgages up to four times your salary.
  • Protecting Your Credit During Divorce
    When a marriage ends in divorce, the lives of those involved are changed forever. During this time of upheaval, one thing that shouldn’t have to change is the credit status you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
  • All-In-One Mortgages
    An increasing number of lenders offer all-in-one mortgages that combine a flexible loan with a current account and, in some cases, savings accounts and a credit card as well.
  • Repayment Mortgages Vs Interest Only Mortgages
    In one form or another, borrowing plays some part in most people’s lives, whether it is a mortgage to buy a home or credit cards as a convenient way to shop.
  • Tips About Getting A Mortgage
    Taking out a mortgage is a big financial commitment - it is probably one of the largest financial decisions you’ll ever make. So, if you are looking at taking out a mortgage, there are a number of considerations that you need to take into account before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Mortgage Explained
    In simple terms, a mortgage is a form of loan where you borrow money in order to buy a property. A typical mortgage will run for a longer period than a normal loan - usually 25 years.
  • Getting On The Property Ladder
    So you have decided to get a mortgage - which is probably the biggest financial commitment you will ever make. Here is some basic information on mortgages so that you can make the right choices.
  • The Property Ladder: Mortgage Basics
    Choosing a mortgage can be hard. There are so many products available and so many good deals out there, that knowing which one is right for your circumstances can be extremely difficult.
  • Volatile Mortgage Market
    So what is going on with all the mortgage companies? Either they shutting their doors down or some of them stopped funding loans.
  • Mortgage: Help For First Time Buyers
    Putting that very first foot on the property ladder is getting harder and harder for First Time Buyers (FTB’s for short). With house prices rocketing, if you are a wannabe FTB, finding the money to buy your own home is nigh on impossible.
  • Find The True Cost Of Your Mortgage
    When comparing mortgages, it isn’t just a case of looking at the difference in interest charging and choosing the one with the lowest rate. There is so much more you need to consider finding out the true cost of a mortgage.
  • The Property Ladder: Mortgage Interest Rates
    Your aim is to pay as little interest as you can on your mortgage, so interest rates are the most important part about buying a house. You need to decide which type of interest charging you want your mortgage to be so that it best suits your circumstances.
  • Mortgage: First Time Buyer Tips
    Taking out a mortgage is always a huge decision. With interest rates varying and different mortgages to choose from there are right ways to go about getting a mortgage and ways you shouldn’t.
  • Market Bets on Interest Rate Cuts
    The confirmation of the weakness in the international stock market stunned investors and lifted expectations that the Federal Reserve would be forced to cut interest rates.
  • Choosing The Best Time To Refinance Your Mortgage
    Most borrowers with mortgages or home loans might be vaguely aware that they can save money through refinancing, but many have no idea where to start.
  • Drastic Move of Some Mortgage Rates
    In the previous week’s Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey, the short term mortgage rates that had been rising very sharply during the time of last few weeks suddenly fell slightly last week. Whereas the long term rates almost remained unchanged.
  • Dramatic Turn in Mortgage Rates
    The Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey released last week, showed that both the long term and short-term conventional mortgage interest rates are going to suffer huge downward turns. This was forecasted before Tuesday when Federal Reserve made half point rate cut.
  • Interest Only Mortgage
    Interest only mortgage is a blessing and a curse. Yes its a lot cheaper per month but in the end you are only paying interest and no principal
  • Mortgage Saving Tips
    This article will provide you with mortgage saving tips for you home mortgage. Read the article and try some of the suggestion and see what you can save on your home mortgage
  • Offset Mortgages Can Save You Thousands
    Offset mortgages are a way of savings you thousands of pounds on your mortgage. The interest you earn from your savings and current accounts are ‘offset’ against your mortgage interest, and your mortgage could be paid off early.
  • Why Resort to a Refinance Loan?
    There are many reasons why people go in for refinancing. Here are some of them.
  • Choosing HELOC Over Equity Loans
    Home equity can be used to take care of our financial problems. HELOC provides yet another way of using the equity on our homes.
  • Sniffing Out Discounted Mortgages
    Mortgages tend to be a major investment. Discounted mortgages might be a good way to save some money.
  • Choosing the Right Mortgage
    Find ways to choose the right mortgage for you is one of the many ways of saving money on your mortgage. This article will give you a first class way to finding right mortgage
  • Flexible Mortgages Are Made for Today’s Modern Lifestyle
    A flexible mortgage can work with you as your financial position changes over time. Dependent on your financial circumstances, you can make overpayments or underpayments without incurring penalties.
  • Getting a Mortgage Loan
    A mortgage loan: it's the first step to buying real estate, and considering that it is a special few that have enough money to pay for a piece of property without a loan, so there is no need for you to feel alone in this process.
  • Confidence In Variable Rate Mortgages On The Increase
    According to a recent report consumers confidence in variable rate mortgage products is on the increase in the UK.
  • Advantages of an Online Mortgage Quote
    There are several advantages when getting an online mortgage quote. First fast, easy, and quick response. Second you have ability to shop around with more than 1 mortgage prospect, and some services shop around for you! Unlike traditional mortgage quote you will not get bombarded with phone calls from 30 different lenders, only the 1 you choose to contact you.
  • How Did We Get Here - Subprime Loans?
    He, who has the GOLD, writes the RULES. Investors know if you have the propensity to always pay your mortgage on time, you will continue do to do such! You might be late or behind on something else, but you'll handle the house note or you have no roof to live under. Consider owner occupied rates are lower than non-owner occupied rates, down payment requirements and underwriting guidelines are more favorable toward owner occupied properties than on investment properties.
  • Finding the Best Offset Mortgage Deal for You
    Offset mortgages are gaining in popularity since the first offset mortgage in 1997 and last year they accounted for 7% of the mortgage market. Spending time with an independent mortgage broker is time will used, as they can help you through the maze.

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