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  • Fishing—Water Temperatures are Important by Mark Goeder-Tarant
    Fishing is a lot of fun if you are catching fish, but if you are just sitting with your line in the water and getting no bites it can be frustrating and boring. If you are interested in spring fishing and want your best shot of catching a lot of fish then you need to learn a little bit about water temperature
  • Fishing in Lake Texoma
    Lake Texoma is located on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. It is considered to be one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Southwest. Though poor in aquatic vegatation, it's rich in fish and attractive destination for fishers from across US.
  • Beating the Waves with Surf Fishing
    Definitely, surf fishing is challenging. It really takes a lot of mastery before you could be a very good surfcaster. There are things that you need to consider before setting on for fishing.
  • The Chill Adventure of Winter Fishing
    During winter, the best comforting thing to do is take a hot bath, have hot soup and curl up in front of the burning fire. But, why would you allow the winter season to pass by without having an adventure? Go out and try winter fishing!
  • Gearing for your First Day of Fishing
    Fishing is a great pastime to indulge in. Some people who have never experienced waiting patiently on the boat for that tantalizing tug on the line and the hefty struggle to pull the fish up and to keep it from escaping the bait may huff and puff and declare fishing as a gigantic waste of time. Amateur anglers, on the other hand, will declare otherwise.
  • Freezing Fishing Adventures
    Imagine walking out onto a frozen lake on a crisp and clear summer day, your eyes still adjusting to the glint of the sun.
  • The Living Jewels
    Often referred to as “swimming flowers,” koi fish are one of the most popular fresh-water ornamental pond fish today. The word “koi” actually comes from the Japanese word koi, which means carp.
  • Going with the Basic with Bamboo Fishing Pole
    The thought of using a bamboo fishing pole might leave you thinking about your childhood. Often times, parents allow kids to try fishing using bamboo fishing poles that were either created by your father or was bought from a nearby gasoline station near the fishing area or the river.
  • Fishing for Sharks in Hawaii
    Hawaiian culture considers sharks as one of the most important creatures of the sea. The Hawaiian dictionary, in fact, lists nine revered gods of Hawaii that were associated with sharks. Some people also believe that under certain circumstances, a dead loved one could be reincarnated in the form of a shark, known only by a special name.
  • Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing
    The silver salmon of Alaska has been touted as the greatest game fish of Alaska. In fact, the silver salmon fishing record of the State of Alaska is a heavy 26-pounder. The average weight range on the river of Kenai as well as its stream systems is from 9 to 24 pounds.
  • Great Alaskan Sport Fishing Adventures
    It is every fisherman’s dream to have that Great Alaskan Adventure at least once in his lifetime. Who can blame him? Alaskan rivers are filled with 80-pound salmon or 400-pound halibut fish, all just waiting to fulfill every angler’s fantasies.
  • Art of Fly Fishing
    Fly fishing is a distinct angling procedure, and especially popular as a method mainly for angling salmon and trout. However, fly fishing is used today for other variety of fish such as the bass, pike, carp and panfish. It is likewise employed for catching marine fish, like the tarpon, striped bass and redfish.
  • Alaska Salmon Fly Fishing
    Alaska is definitely a great place where if you do some fly fishing, you can catch 20 fish or more in a day. Challenging Alaska salmon such as king salmon, pink and sockeye salmon are aplenty in most of the lakes, streams and rivers of Alaska.
  • Big Carp Fishing
    One of the most common game fish among anglers is the big carp, a Cyrpinidae family fish found in freshwaters. The most popular carp species found in the United States is the Cyrpinus carpio or the common carp.
  • Trout Fishing in Arizona
    Trout fishing in Arizona presents a real treat to anglers. This desert state offers a variety of different cold water trout species, like the Apache Brook, Brown, Cutthroat, and Rainbow trout which may be found in Arizona’s rivers, streams and lakes.
  • Big Bass Fishing
    When you go to your big bass fishing activity, one good advice is to study the body of water where you want to fish. Most big bass can easily be found in the dark portions of the water, usually where a piece of structure such as wood is located.
  • Aquatic Life with Sockeye Salmon
    The Sockeye Salmon under the Oncorhynchus nerka family is very well known as the red or blue back salmon due its chromatic changing character based on the habitat where they are into. The male sockeye salmon has a bright red with a light color of green shade in the head whereas the females have green and yellow tints on them when they are on the freshwater.
  • Bass Fishing in Ontario
    Few places in the world rival bass fishing in Ontario. Ontario boasts of the mighty Kenora River, the Quetico Park, Rainy Lake, the Kawarthas and the southern Great Lakes which offer fantastic bass fishing. Smallmouth bass are often caught in these waters, with the biggest ones topping at 6 pounds.
  • Trout Fishing in New York
    If you are raring to go for some trout fishing in the New York state, there are actually a number of New York waters that can be considered as best hotspots when it comes to trout fishing. First stop is the Lime Lake Outlet, which can be considered a typical stream where trout abound.
  • Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines
    Nylon monofilament fishing lines have been the line of choice for most anglers and fishermen. It is the most popular of all the fishing lines available. Monofilament line is a thin line that is made of just a single nylon fiber. It can be utilized on spin casting, bait casting and spinning reels.
  • Hat Creek Fly Fishing
    The clearness and consistent temperature of Hat Creek waters, in combination with an unwavering amount of creek flows, offers anglers enjoyment of fly fishing here almost any day of the year. But then, because of the ideal fishing place that is Hat Creek, there definitely is a price to pay and that is the plenty of visitors wanting to have the same fly fishing enjoying like you do.
  • Bass Fishing in Winter
    Since bass fish are cold-blooded, their bodies’ temperature is the same as that of the water’s. The water’s temperature, hence, control the activities and swimming patterns of the bass. The colder the temperature of the water, the slower heartbeat the fish has, the less food and oxygen they require and less activities they do.
  • How to Fish for Salmon
    If you are someone who is really hooked on salmon fishing, I really can’t blame you. Well, there really is so much excitement, as well as a certain significant degree of contentment, whenever one gets to fish for salmon. Salmon fishing veterans out there either started doing this at a very early age with their fathers, or have acquired continuous salmon fishing experience if they started already in their adult lives. And most would say that salmon fishing can really be an addicting passion. So, are you one of them?
  • New England Trout Fishing
    If there is any place in New England where trout fishing can really be enjoyed, it’s the North Country Rivers. Some really great trout angling awaits fishermen in New England North Country, where there are really lots of rainbow and brown trout.
  • New Jersey Striped Bass Fishing
    Striped Bass fishing conditions in the Garden State are normally great as many of New Jersey’s waters offer good bass fishing conditions.
  • Ohio Crappie Fishing
    Ohio definitely has some of the finest waters for crappie fishing. And what’s wonderful about these waters is the easy access to them for a great enjoyment of crappie fishing. Do you know that the waters such as the lakes in Ohio are assured fit for crappie fishing and recommended by many expert biologists?
  • Bass Fishing Boats - The Reel Truth
    Tips and advice about buying a boat for bass fishing.
  • Fish Tips for Fly Fishing
    There are thousands of bait anglers, who are excellent sportsmen, but the fly fisherman can become better conservation from the beginning.
  • Ice Fishing - What You Need To Know
    Careful planning and preparation is all it takes to make ice fishing the greatest time of your life or the worst. Easy? Take a look at the following tips and see how prepared you are to catch those fish!
  • Deep Sea Fishing: Where Have All The Salmon Gone?
    Desciption of a deep sea fishing trip off the Oregon Coast.
  • Bass Fishing Secrets Of Pro Bass Fishermen Remain A Mystery
    When watching fishing tournaments on television many would-be professional anglers want to know the bass fishing secrets used by those who are paid to fish. From the time a person latches onto a largemouth lunker, they are hooked, unlike the ones that they believe are passing up their offering, because they don’t know the bass fishing secrets they need to consistently land the big ones.
  • The Recreational Value of Fishing
    Many people consider that fish are only a medium of survival, or to some extent a food supply; yet there is another angle that is little known. The manufacturing industry utilizes more than two billion pounds of fish and fish by-products every year. This is slightly more than is used for food.
  • Exciting Florida Bass Fishing
    Florida seems to have become an exciting, new vacation destination for largemouth bass fishing. Eventhough Florida has already been a popular family vacation spot annually, its fishing for largemouth bass has made it that much more of a popular spot.
  • Fishing For Bass
    A description of the first time I caught a bass at the age of ten.
  • Bass Fishing Lures
    Here is an article for Bass Fishing Lures that may be of interest to you, tips, ideas and suggestions on this topic of Bass Fishing Lures. For more information please check our web site that has other related data about Bass Fishing…

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