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  • Abacus Mental Math in Asia and the West
    For years and years in America, Chinese and Indian engineers and doctors have marveled their fields. We see them in every high-tech firm and hospital. Quite a few of you wonder how come there are so many Chinese and Indian engineers. How come there are so many Indian doctors and nurses?
  • Differences between Abacus Math and Vedic Math
    Today two different ancient methods are available for school students to conquer math. With either of this technique students are able to do large and complex calculations in their head without need of any modern day electronic devices. These techniques are: 1) Abacus Math and 2) Vedic Math. Before we indulge straight into the differences let us first know what these two methods are.
  • Enhance Right Brain Capacity
    For those of you who are new to right brain learning, the importance of accessing both hemispheres of the brain is immense. In 1968, Dr. Roger Sperry published his ground-breaking discovery of two separately functioning hemispheres of the brain.
  • Introduction to Vedic Math
    Vedic Mathematics has no legal definition. Hindu philosophy is based on Veda-s (ancient scriptures written in Sanskrit). And mathematics translated from these texts is termed as Vedic Mathematics. These ancient scriptures were rediscovered by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960) and he translated the complex text into simpler understandable mathematics.
  • Mental Math Practice Worksheets
    Today, we all know the importance of learning and marveling at mathematics. And every time we visit our children's schools we see Chinese and Indian students marveling at SATs. And we all know why they succeed in Engineering and Medical fields. Answer is quite simple, they are good at Math. But why are they so good? How did they study Math that makes them so good at that one arduous subject?
  • How to Answer the Most Important Teacher Interview Question
    As someone who has sat on countless teacher interview committees I can honestly say that I am still surprised at how many potential teachers get the most important teacher interview question wrong. The truth you answer this question can be the difference between getting that perfect teaching job or not.
  • Directory of Directories
    If you are looking for articles to include on your Web site, in your newsletter or any other online venture, your best bet is to use an article directory. Of course, if you have the skill and the time you could write the articles yourself, but most of us are lacking one or the other or both. The great thing about turning to an article directory is that not only do you have readily available content for your site or newsletter or e-zine but also
  • Finding Free Content For The Web
    There's nothing handier than a free article directory to help promote your business. You use a free article directory as free content on your business Web site, in your e-zine or your electronic newsletter, and you might use it in opt-in e-mail correspondence.
  • Reading: The Key To Homeschooling Success
    One of the most important aspects of homeschooling your child properly is reading, both for the child and the parent. As the parent and teacher, it is imperative that you read extensively on a wide variety of topics. If you are just starting out and this task seems overwhelming, you may want to consider the idea of speed-reading.
  • Cover Letters Are More Important Than Resumes
    As a long time recruiter, coach and teacher, I have seen many aspects of the Job Search process change over the years. And bar none, nothing has evolved more in your job search process than the art of good cover letter writing.
  • Is Global Warming caused by greenhouse gases or by the Sun?
    Is global warming caused by greenhouse gases or by variations in the Sun? Learn the facts of what have create the recent temperature changes in the climate.
  • Why teachers should listen to Harry Wong
    While I do not agree with everything that Harry Wong teaches, by and large our teaching philosophies are very similar. More than anything though, what I agree with most is what comes at the end of the Harry Wong videos…
  • Choosing The Right Homeschooling Teaching Material
    Choosing your homeschooling teaching materials can be an overwhelming decision because there are so many excellent resources and products available. In addition, it seems that each one claims to be superior to all of the others. However, there are plenty of resources available that can help lead concerned parents to the appropriate teaching materials and methods that work best for their family.
  • Teacher Interview Questions
    The following is a list of possible teacher interview questions. I have broken up these teacher interview questions into several different categories to make it easier for you to prepare for your next teacher interview.
  • Destruction of the Inca Civilization
    Dominance of the predatory instinct is seen when people would rather raid the harvests of others than raise crops of their own. How much agricultural were the ancient Peruvians in habits and instincts is evidenced by their greater freedom from the predatory instincts in comparison with our European race. In this respect the Incas were admittedly superior. Several of the early historians give testimony to this aspect of the Inca civilization.
  • Scarabs
    The term scaraboid is used to describe a seal or amulet, which has the same ovoid shape as a scarab but may have its back carved in the form of some creature other than the scarab beetle. This appears to have developed out of the practice of carving two-dimensional animal forms on the flat underside of the scarab, which is known as early as the First Intermediate Period (2181-2055 BC).
  • Developing A Quality Homeschooling Lesson Plan Does Not Have To Be Hard
    For the novice homeschooling parent, one of the most intimidating steps in the whole process is the idea of developing a lesson plan that is both effective and manageable. Fortunately, this does not have to be hard. For those choosing to do it on their own, this article will briefly outline nine steps to developing a quality lesson plan.
  • What is Time ?
    This article discusses the fundamental nature of time, how it is measured, by movement, and how it is related to the concept of space. It also describes the spin-offs from high technology time references and International time standards.
  • Fraud Schemes - 6 Main Types Of Occupational Fraud
    This article takes a look into the types of occupational fraud. The main types include: employee embezzlement, management fraud, investment fraud, vendor fraud, customer fraud, and other miscellaneous frauds. By understanding the different types it is possible to determine ways to prevent their occurance.
  • Alexander the Great 336 – 323 BC
    Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was the first world conqueror and one of the most remarkable men in history, his armies capturing most the civilized world. He initiated Greek ideas, cutoms and laws to all countries under his rule. Alexander set out to conquer the world and, at the height of his power, his realm stretched from the Ionian Sea to Northern India.
  • CCNA 640-801 Certification Primer (New Pattern)
    The CCNA certification is the most popular certification of the IT industry's Network segment. It assesses the foundation concepts of networking that a technician or engineer may require while configuring small, medium and large sized LANs and WANs. Individuals who are beginning their career and want to move towards LAN/WAN management may also pursue the certification, as it is a basic level certification and there are no prerequisites.
  • CCNA 640-801 Certification Primer (New Pattern)
    The CCNA certification is the most popular certification of the IT industry's Network segment. It assesses the foundation concepts of networking that a technician or engineer may require while configuring small, medium and large sized LANs and WANs. Individuals who are beginning their career and want to move towards LAN/WAN management may also pursue the certification, as it is a basic level certification and there are no prerequisites.
  • Finally Got My Degree
    How to earn an online degree that will be respected by future employers.
  • Successful Distance Learning Strategies
    If you are considering starting a distance learning course, or are currently studying one, then this article is for you. If you are an employer, supporting a member of your staff as they prepare for, or work on, a distance learning course, then this if for you too.
  • The Student-Teacher Relationship
    Unfortunately, in my opinion, the biggest problem with having large classes is not the added amount of grading and administrative tasks, it is not the added classroom management problems….the biggest problem with large classes is simply that it deteriorates the student-teacher relationship
  • Guide To Getting The Mobile Phone Ringtones Of Choice
    Mobile phones have taken a whole new meaning today, as everyone irrelevant of age simply must carry one and it is not just to keep in touch but for a variety of other features as well that they have integrated. Here is how to get the mobile phone ringtones of choice at little or no cost at all.
  • Management Qualifications - An Overview
    The article is about management courses, in a specific way that explains the different levels of such courses, what each type of course contains, how each different type and level of course should help you, how it should change you, and also this is about how each type of course is regarded in the world of business and management.
  • What's the Difference between Training and Facilitation?
    The difference between training and facilitation is often debated, since there are similarities. Are you clear about the differences though? Can you choose when to be one or the other? Discover the differences.
  • Utilising the Global Positioning System For Accurate Time
    This article describes how the Global Positioning System can be used to provide a precise timing reference and provides an overview of the equipment required.
  • A Powerful Teaching Tip
    One of the most effective classroom management strategies a teacher can use is also the strategy that teachers are most skeptical of. Why? I’m not sure… This simple teaching strategy has a positive impact on the student-teacher relationship and greatly reduces classroom management issues and behavior problems.
  • Meteorites
    Most people are familiar with the term “shooting star,” but few know its importance. Actually, it is not a star shooting across the sky, but a small piece of solid matter called a meteoroid colliding with the atmosphere.
  • Online MBA Programs
    The United States Department of Labor has found that people who hold a master's degree actually earn eighteen percent more per week than people who don't have one. Further, one in five students studying to earn a master's degree pursues an MBA, proving that MBA education online affords more people the chance to achieve higher learning.
  • Woot w00t woot! is the study of the 'woot', which is best described as a state of mind within the Internet geek. Here is a quick summary of
  • Are Online Degrees Valid to Prospective Employers?
    Find out before you miss that job interview.
  • Online Psychology Programs
    According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2006-07 Edition, the growth rate for employment as a psychologist is above average due to an increased demand for these services in hospitals, schools, mental health centers, social service agencies, consulting firms and substance abuse clinics. Further, the average earnings enjoyed by industrial-organizational psychologists as of 2004 were $71,400.
  • Harvard Rejects 91% of Student Applications
    I opened my Friday newspaper and was reminded again that life is full of rejection. Take Harvard University for example. No less than 22,955 eager applicants applied for admission to Harvard this fall and only 2,058, or 9%, were accepted. A whopping 20,897 applicants came up short of admission. Hundreds of the applicants had perfect SAT scores on their verbal or math portion, and 3,000+ ranked first in their high school class.
  • Online IT Degree
    Five of the top fifteen careers growing most rapidly in the United States are in the information technology field. Information technology online degree programs make it possible for anyone to earn a specialized degree from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Online Paralegal Courses
    Online paralegal programs include 2-year associate's degree programs, 4-year bachelor's degree programs and certificate programs, usually geared for students with a degree that want to specialize in paralegal studies. Online paralegal programs can be completed in as little as six months or can take up to four years. The median annual salary for full-time paralegals and legal assistants as of May, 2004 was $39,130.
  • The Number One Mistake When Writing a Teacher Cover Letter
    Your teacher cover letter has one sole purpose…the purpose of the teacher cover letter is to get your potential employer to look at your resume and call you in for a teacher interview.
  • Online Doctoral Programs
    Online Ph.D programs give students the valuable opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies while maintaining their current positions and income. Research doctorate degrees are pursued by students who seek to become experts in their particular field and are the most commonly earned doctorate degree. Professional doctorate degrees, such as J.D. and M.D., are required to perform in certain specialized fields such as psychology and chiropractics.
  • Online Business - Managing Your Life When You Work From Home (Part 1 of 10)
    Now that my system is set up, all I have to do is check that my affiliate partners are sending me cash, suggest the odd joint venture to a partner, and stay in touch with my customers. I rarely spend more than three hours in front of my computer each day.
  • Online Nursing Schools
    Online nursing schools offers students flexibility regarding course completion. Nurses can work in many environments, such as hospitals, clinics, private practices, schools and health facilities. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the average income for a registered nurse as of 2005 was nearly $57,000. Online nursing programs offer students the opportunity to study for one of the most rapidly growing professions today.
  • Distance Learning: How to Work and Study at the Same Time?
    You can definitely enjoy the best of both worlds. Find out how...
  • College Graduates: Ten Steps for Career Success
    Are you nearing college graduation or are you a recent graduate. This article presents ten steps for early career success. Discover strategies for building a fulfilling career.
  • Viking Magic! Iolite Earrings...
    Explore the mystic, magic, and beauty of the gemstone Iolite!...
  • Ancient Rome: the City founded by Romulus
    Exploring the origins of Rome the eternal city
  • Make Career Advancements by Learning English Online
    The following paragraphs will explain how learning English online as a second language can prove valuable and open up additional career opportunities as well as advancement within your current position. In addition, it will address how having a bilingual workplace positively impacts organizations.
  • Hope for Discouraged Students
    Are you a student who experiences discouragement and considers giving up on school? This article was written to provide you with inspiration, encouragement and hope.
  • Lobbying 101
    Lobbying 101 is a series of articles to inform you of what lobbying is, what a lobbyist does, how he or she does it, how to to be a lobbyist, how to be heard and, most importantly, how YOU can get involved. QUIT CRYING ABOUT YOUR GOVERNMENT'S ACTIONS AND LEARN HOW TO CHANGE THEM. Make a difference!
  • Early Reading Skills Development
    Reading difficulties is quite common among students but it can be prevented. Early intervention in reading prevents future reading difficulties. How can you develop reading skills in young children?
  • Can You Name the 5 Kinds of Identity Theft?
    Most people don't know there are 5 different kinds of identity theft since the media only focuses on one. Read this for an education.
  • Benefits of Children Learning English as a Second Language
    The following paragraphs will explain the benefits of children learning English as a second language and how online English courses provide what other programs may lack.
  • Skilful Private Tutors Elevate Performance
    Private tutoring can enhance your pupil's grades. But, make sure that you are choosing the right private tutor.
  • Why So Many ESL Jobs in Asia?
    Many countries in Asia have experienced a tremendous economic growth in the past twenty years, which has led them to being economic giants. However, many of these countries lack the natural resources every country needs, which is why they are forced to turn to international trade in order to ensure continual success. Everything related to business, diplomacy, science, literature, mathematics, etc. is in English at the international level, which makes this language indispensable for the future of
  • A Brief Presentation of Teaching in Asia
    Teaching English in Asia has become very popular among native English speakers from the United States and Canada. These are in fact the residents generally preferred by Asian employers in their numerous job offerings for teachers of English as a second language. Employment anywhere abroad is not guaranteed with just a strong knowledge of English, despite the fact that this language has become international over the past years. However, teaching is Asia is possible with nothing but the solid know
  • Direct Selling Four Tips to Get More Bookings
    Direct Selling and Home Party Plan Booking TIips and techniques.
  • Podcasting Just Might Be the Tool to Revolutionize Education
    Schools all over the country have flocked to podcasting as a new medium to assist the teaching profession. Professors are using podcasts to instruct students and get their messages out. Podcasting is not restricted to one educational sector, professors at prestigest colleges from Bentley to Purdue have flocked to this medium.
  • Distance Learning Online Courses
    The big advantage of distance learning online courses is that you do not have to physically attend classes to improve your education. You become an online student instead. So they are ideal for people who are in full time employment.
  • Introduction to Digital Cameras - What to Look for When Purchasing a Digital Camera
    We have entered the digital age. Digital cameras are a growing part of the online experience. It is perfectly normal for soldiers and policemen to have a digital camera as part of the normal kit, and the advantages of traditional film cameras over digitals are gone or shrinking.
  • The Need for HVAC Schools and Training
    The career opportunities in Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, and cooling systems (HVAC) are nearly limitless. A career in this field means that a person will be engaged in an industry revolution as equipment becomes more efficient and the industry adopts more energy saving procedures.
  • Can a Black Hole Strip?
    Black holes are theorized to have singularities in their centers. The event horizons of black holes shield the central singularities from outside observation, a principle called the "cosmic censorship hypothesis", coined by Sir Roger Penrose. However, black holes may have a way to sidestep Sir Roger's censorship.
  • Green Gigawatts from Garbage
    The quest for free energy has fascinated humankind ever since we became "energy-hungry". So far the quest has been without success, but out there, in deep space, may hide a solution – spinning black holes.
  • 7 Secrets To Success
    This article is based on a training session given on Success. It focuses on the 7 things that truly influence your success more than you know. The speaker focuses on the word S-U-C-C-E-S-S and creates an acronym for the word. It's really interesting how he does this and I'm going to review his acronym here.
  • 10 teacher interview tips to help you ACE your next teacher interview
    Below are ten teacher interview tips that the administrators shared at the teacher interview discussion panel: (This is right from the horse’s mouth)
  • Travel Faster and Stay Younger
    The "twin paradox" of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity has bemused many people for almost a century. Here's a non-technical solution that will appeal to the enquiring and curious mind.
  • What is Learning? Can We Learn Better Than Apes Do?-Part 1
    Dr. James Zull, Professor of Biology and Biochemistry at Case Western University, and author of The Art of Changing the Brain: Enriching the Practice of Teaching by Exploring the Biology of Learning, shares with us his insights into what Learning is and how we can All learn better. Part 1 of 2.
  • The Benefits of Spanish Language Immersion
    The easiest and best way to learn another language like Spanish is to do Spanish language immersion. You will be much more able to learn the language that you need to, and you will be able to learn it with ease.
  • Maintaining Motivation Whilst Distance Learning
    If you are studying a distance learning, online, or correspondence course, aiming for a formal qualification or purely as personal development, this is for you. If you are not currently suffering from lack of motivation, this is still for you because there will come a time when your motivation level falls. If you are currently not very motivated, and your studies are suffering, then this is for you.
  • What Is Learning? Can We Learn Better than Apes?-Part 2
    We continue the conversation (Part 2 out of 2) on Learning with Dr. James Zull, Professor of Biology and Biochemistry at Case Western University and author of The Art of Changing the Brain: Enriching the Practice of Teaching by Exploring the Biology of Learning.
  • The #1 Secret to Getting a Teacher Interview
    There are so many people applying for teaching positions that it is extremely difficult to even get an interview for a teaching position. Without a doubt the number one secret to landing the teacher interview is…
  • British Citizenship Test
    British Citizenship Test, also referred to as Life in the UK Test, is highly important for those who wish to apply for UK settlement or citizenship, which is sometimes also known by such names as ‘permanent residence’ or ‘indefinite leave to remain.’
  • Teacher Cover Letters: A Powerful Teacher Cover Letter Secret
    When searching for a teaching job, a powerful, well-written, teacher cover letter is a critical piece in the process. However, this article is NOT about “how” to write a teacher cover letter, but rather what to do once your teacher cover letter is written.
  • History of Accepting Credit Cards
    A brief history of the credit card industry from birth to present. Various references were used in compiling this information.
  • New training methodology makes a difference in learning results
    When you were in school, did you ever notice that some students hardly studied at all and still got good marks? While you on the other hand needed to study hard to get the same results. Well it wasn't intelligence that made the difference...
  • Job Interview Tips: How to Interview with Confidence
    Job interview tips: how to interview with confidence. Here are three things everyone interviewing for a job should do...
  • How to Write a Cover Letter: 10 Easy and Effective Cover Letter Tips
    Want to know how to write a cover letter? Here are 10 tips for writing a cover letter...
  • Solution to the Education Crisis
    Recent research data reveals that over 1.2 million high school students in the U.S. will fail to graduate this year. What can be done about an education crisis which is spinning out of control? This article proposes a solution.
  • What Is The Life In The UK Test?
    The Life in the UK Test has been proposed by the UK government to ensure that those who are aspiring to become UK citizens indeed knows about the country and its culture and heritage, alongside a thorough knowledge of its tongue, English.
  • How to Write a Resume: 10 Resume Writing Tips to Help You Create a Professional Resume Every Time
    How do you write a resume? Here are 10 resume writing tips to help you create a professional resume every time…
  • Five Principles For Any Employee
    One day you get a job! You are thrilled. You do not have to ask your dad for money, you can buy what you want, you can have fun as you wish. There is a lurking suspicion somewhere. Whether I will be able to work to the satisfaction of the boss, what kind of work will be there, and actually what will I be supposed to do ?
  • What is Relativity?
    The evolution of relativity from Galileo to Newton to Einstein - a brief comparison.
  • How Does Tidal Power Work?
    There are three basic ways to tap the ocean for its energy. We can use the ocean's waves, we can use the ocean's high and low tides, or we can use temperature differences in the water.
  • What is Gravity?
    A look at 'what is gravity?' from the viewpoints of Kepler, Newton and Einstein - a brief comparison and the possible future of gravity theory.
  • Can I use a calculator
    The advances in computer algebra systems are making the traditional methods for teaching college math look very obsolete.
  • Using the Internet for Statistical Analyses
    I go over the use of different statistical techniques using the internet
  • Calculus: The Science of Fluxions
    I go over a brief overview of the origins and main objectives of Calculus as a math science
  • Leadership Skills: Developing Positive Relationships
    This article is designed to provide guidance for executives, managers, and specialists, who are involved in leading the strategic direction of their organisations. We look at the approach that successful leaders must take in order to create, maintain, and nurture positive relationships with colleagues, suppliers, customers, partner organisations, and other stakeholders.
  • What Type of Learner is Your Child?
    Each person has a unique learning style. Auditory, visual, tactile and iterative learners respond best to different teaching techniques and environments. Acknowledging learning styles and providing opportunities to learn that consider those styles will increase the probability of successful learning.
  • The Penetration of Statistics in Society
    A brief overview of the instances where statistics plays an important role in society
  • What is Cosmology?
    A brief answer to the question "what is cosmology?" Introducing non-technical people to physical cosmology, the scientific study of the Universe at large.
  • Learn the English Language and Enhance Your Travel Experience
    Some may wonder why anyone would want to take English online or even to learn English at all for a relatively brief vacation, but the reasons are plentiful. Taking English courses online allows for communication with the world -- communication that can last even long after a vacation.
  • How to Start Writing a Resume: Avoid the Number One Resume Writing Mistake
    The thought of writing a resume sends shivers down many people’s spines. Fortunately writing a resume does not have to be that difficult and yes, you can do it yourself without the help of a professional resume writer. However, you want to avoid the big mistake that most people make when starting to write a resume.
  • The Origin of Inertia
    Inertia is the well-known effect of matter resisting being accelerated. But where does inertia come from. This article explores two possibilities.
  • The Internet as a Source for Math Homework Help
    What parents should do when they realize their kids are falling behind on their math class? I summarize briefly some of the possibilities
  • How to Get Your Dream Job: The 3 Step Job Interview Process
    Getting a job these days can be tough. The people who get the jobs are the ones who think of it as a three step interview process...getting the interview, acing the interview, and following up on the interview.
  • Why Do Math Homework?
    A brief overview of the reasons why it is good for kids to do math homework
  • Classroom Management Tips: How to Handle Classroom Management During Transitions
    Using a variety of activities, or mini-lessons, in one lesson is a great way for teachers to address students' short attention span. However, the transitions between these activities are also a major cause of classroom management problems. Here are some effective classroom management tips for transitioning between mini-lessons...
  • Erosion Control – Protect Lives, Property and the Quality of Life
    Erosion is defined as the movement of rock, soil, mud, or other ground components due to water, wind, or gravity. Erosion is a natural occurrence that can contribute to the health of an ecosystem— however, human land use or severe weather conditions often cause erosion to happen at a rapid speed. In order to prevent this from happening, many Texas residents and organizations practice “erosion control.” This is usually done by creating a barrier (such as trees, flowers, or rocks) to absorb some of the force causing the erosion, thus allowing the soil to stay in place.
  • Search Marketing Training and Certification
    The search engine optimization and paid search marketing business landscape is changing. The realm of the tech savvy geek, who was able to make your site rank high in the search engines, seemingly using nothing else but pixy dust is ending. Newly trained and certified search marketers enter the market to take their space, slowly.
  • How to Answer Interview Questions: The Number One Job Interview Tip
    There are a few steps you need to follow if you want to secure a job. First, you need to land the interview. Second, you need to “nail” the interview. And, third, you absolutely must follow-up on the interview. This article will focus on the second part of getting a job…the interview itself…and the number one job interview secret...
  • How to Get a Teaching Job
    It is extremely difficult to land a teaching job these days. Try this unique tip and use Google to help you get the teaching job you want.
  • Back to School Classroom Management Tip
    Before you know it the honeymoon period of the first two weeks is over and classroom management problem arise. At this point many teachers start to search out various reward & punishment systems…these are mistakes...
  • Middle School Classroom Management: Behavior Action Plan
    One of the most difficult skills to master as a teacher is classroom management. Unfortunately, if you can not master this classroom management skill you are not going to survive as a teacher, especially as a middle school teacher...
  • Just What Does Greco-Roman Mean
    Greco-Roman Religion in both Greece and Rome was polytheistic, embracing a multitude of gods and goddesses, especially in the Roman Empire which tended to absorb the deities of the countries it conquered. The Greco-Roman period of history refers to the culture of the peoples who were incorporated into the Roman Republic and Empire.
  • What English Teacher Jobs are Available in Japan?
    English teachers in Japan can take advantage of the demand for English teacher jobs. There are many websites now that feature English teacher jobs in Japan because of this.
  • International English Language Jobs
    Many employers throughout the world are offering English language jobs of varying types to people who speak and write well in English.
  • The Real Reason for the Drop-Out Crisis
    Addressing the drop-out crisis in America.
  • Preparing For Professional Examinations
    Despite the gradual move away from examinations towards assignment based continuous assessment, there are still many professional qualifications that require the student to take formal, externally assessed examinations. In this article we look at how to prepare for professional examinations effectively, in a manner which will greatly increase chances of success.
  • The Importance of Higher Education
    When choosing a college, the potential student has many factors to consider. Such as what degrees are offered, how long the program for each degree will last, and will the student want to live on or off campus? Some colleges do not offer the same programs and certain degree programs may require less time to finish. Location is important when considering a college or university. Some students prefer to stay close to their home, while others enjoy the freedom of living several states away. Community colleges are also a valid option for those who are interested in earning a degree. Part time classes can allow easier access to higher learning. Some colleges are available over the internet, giving even the busiest person a way to earn a degree.
  • Subliminal Communication for Teachers
    An interesting article on why teachers should read up on and consider using Subliminal Communication in an ethical way in the classroom. The article gives ideas on how teachers can enhance the positivity amongst their students and within their working environment.
  • Management Gurus
    This article is designed to introduce relatively unknown management gurus, and their ideas, to managers and professionals in all sectors, but is aimed particularly at providing reading suggestions for those who are studying management development courses or professional qualifications, by distance learning or in the classroom, in order to develop their careers.
  • Practical Advice for Writing Your Dissertation, Book, or Article
    Dissertation Writing Advice ------------------------------------------- Often when I get stuck in a writing project–if it’s not just the usual stuckness of competing urgencies and an overwhelming load of other things that have to be done, trivial or not (like going to renew license tags, grading student responses, attending children’s recitals), I tend to look for quick fixes, a list of ideas that will start the project moving again.
  • Why Would Someone Wish To Homeschool His Or Her Children Nowadays?
    As homeschooling continues to grow in popularity, an increasing number of parents are discussing whether or not they should teach their children at home. To begin you have to look at precisely why you might want to homeschool your children and here we attempt to put you on the road to finding an answer to this question.
  • Homeschooling Your Children And The Problems Of DIY Education
    Many parents dismiss any thoughts of homeschooling as being impractical and yet nowadays there are more than 1,000,000 children in the United States alone who are being educated at home and the numbers are rising. Homeschooling works and it is easier than you might think.
  • Dissertation Proposal Format
    The dissertation proposal is prepared as part of the comprehensive examination, and submitted at the time of the second sit-down exam. It is prepared according to the Dissertation Proposal Format included in this document. If the student passes the exam, a copy of the proposal is forwarded to the graduate director for approval.
  • SETI Astronomy and the Collective Unconscious
    The efforts of SETI astronomers are critiqued as a product of the collective unconscious, leading them to perpetual failure.
  • The Dark Secret About Education
    There are many challenges facing our nation today. One of the greatest is finding an effective way to educate our young people. It's time to unlock the dark secret about our educational system.
  • Ancient Astronauts and Contemporary Skepticism
    Skeptics are provided with ideas on how to refute archaeological evidence of an ancient astronaut.
  • How to Pick a College Loan Lender
    One of the most important parts of completing the student loan process is choosing the right lender. With the emphasis that is being placed upon higher education in recent years, there are tons of options in the student loan market. With so many student loan lenders out there, it is important to take in all of the options and make an informed choice.
  • 8 Ways to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint
    With Americans creating almost three times the amount of carbon emissions as citizens of other countries, and climate change on everyone’s lips and minds, now is the time for action. Here are eight ways you can shrink your carbon footprint and reduce your family’s impact on the planet.
  • On the Nature of the Nazca Lines
    Evidence from the Tiwanaku civilization in Bolivia reinforces ancient astronaut theory for the Nazca Lines in Peru.
  • The Endemic Pandemic
    A tounge in cheek look at the primary cause of the many social problems facing the world today, the serious nature of these problems and a sure cure if we would ever choose to use it.
  • How to Teach Children Right from Wrong While Teaching Them How to Read and Write
    Thoughts on the importance of employing character based learning strategies while teaching children how to read and write and some suggestions on how to do so.
  • 3 Free Sources to Get Dissertation Help From
    Have you got to give in your dissertation in the next 20 days and you haven’t started it yet? You find yourself badly stuck and don’t know what to do. You have absolutely no idea where to get the dissertation help from or how to even get started.
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
    Keeping in view the dangers of global warming, it is imperative to limit the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere; there are three means of achieving this;
  • How to Get an Online Law Degree
    Online law degree programs are for those who would like to study law but could not spend time for attending the regular classes. Read on to learn more on finding the right online degree program for you.
  • Online Master’s Degree Programs: Give a Boost to Your Career
    An online master’s degree program is not only achievable but it also provides a lot of opportunities to the person who completes it. Read on to know how you can get an online master’s degree if you are keen on improving skill sets.
  • Ideas to Make the College Admission Process Easier
    College application season is upon us again. If you are a high school senior, or the parent of a high school senior, you need to know how to make the admission process yeild the results you want. These are a few tips I would recommend.
  • Ancient Astronauts from a Religious Perspective
    Scientists, along with most other humans, may have a mental block against recognizing ancient astronauts for the reason that the existence of extraterrestrial life runs contrary to their religious beliefs.
  • Getting a Degree Online with Online Education
    How has technology allowed schools to grant degrees online. Are online universities any different than regular universities?
  • Federal Direct Loan Consolidation
    Federal direct loan consolidation is a common way for people to avoid paying huge monthly payments on their student loans and to help make things much easier for those same folks. With direct student loan consolidation, a person can take their numerous federal student loans and combine them into one loan.
  • Travel Nursing Jobs - What Are the Advantages?
    Travel nursing may be the hottest trend to hit the nursing profession in decades. While there have always been opportunities for skilled nurses to take positions on cruise ships and at luxury resorts, travel nursing has taken on a new meaning with the critical shortage of nurses nationwide. These days, your nursing diploma can net you a career that allows you to hit the ski slopes in Vail in March.
  • How To Make A Resume That Shows Focus
    Article shows how to make the best possible resume - and how to gloss over any nasty details you'd rather recruiters didn't see.
  • The Social Networking Age Meets College Admissions
    Now that social networking has becme so popular, especially among potential college students, college admissions and college scholarship commitees can get a better overall picture of applicants using new online services.

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