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  • The Most Important Facts About Diabetes
    In order to appreciate the cause for the condition known as diabetes, one must first look at what occurs in the body of a healthy individual, particularly after such an individual has recently eaten a food that is high in carbohydrates (sugar or starch). Digestive juices rapidly act on a starch, changing it to a simple sugar. All sugars in digested food mix with all the foods in the stomach. That mix in the stomach then enters the intestines.
  • 7 Often Quoted Diabetes Myths
    As with many diseases, diabetes is surrounded by misunderstanding and we hope through this article to lay at least 7 of the more commonly heard myths to rest.
  • Type 2 Diabetes Affects In Excess Of 50 Million Americans Today
    Type 2 diabetes now affects over fifty million Americans and, (although|while} it is a chronic condition, there is a great deal that can be done to treat it.
  • Facts About Diabetes
    There are many myths about diabetes that are discussed and disspelled along with some information about the types of diabetes.
  • Diabetes - "Silent Killer"
    Treatment for diabetes is made more difficult because a person can have the disease a long time before it is diagnosed. “Because the early symptoms are relatively mild,” notes Asiaweek magazine, “diabetes often goes unrecognized.” Hence, diabetes has been dubbed the silent killer.
  • Learning To Cope With Diabetes
    A discussion on the three types of diabetes. Also find out when you can eats sweets and how much. All you have to do is plan for it ahead of time. The latest news about drinking coffee and how it can help in controlling your blood sugar.
  • Diabetes: Recognising the Symptons & Performing the Tests
    Diabetes is a disease which is on the rise. It occurs when your body's ability to produce insulin is impaired. In this article I the signs to look out for and the tests that are available.
  • Methods to Manage Diabetes
    When you are first diagnosed with diabetes it can seem very daunting. However, provided the condition is identified early enough you can manage it effectively with a combination of diet, exercise and natural methods.
  • Natural Foot Care For Diabetics
    Because of the disease diabetes, damage can be caused to blood vessels and nerves in the feet, then circulation may be impaired and infections can form on the feet without the person realizing. This can ultimately cause major complications and even amputation.
  • The Proper Diet for Diabetic People
    Diabetes can be a very dangerous disease. It is a disease that is usually referred to as a silent killer, as its patient rarely show any signs and symptoms related to disease. Yet, the damage is getting severe inside.

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