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  • How To Decode The MSF-60 Radio Time Signal
    This article describes how the MSF-60 time signal is decoded by NTP Time Server and computer systems to provide an accurate timing reference.
  • SEO Content for SE Positions
    SEO Content is Content Optimized by the Search Engines. What does this mean? Here are a few things. The search engines read your site as closely and as humanly as possible...
  • Setting up a Windows Time Server
    This article introduces how to set up the Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 operating systems to operate as a NTP time server. The article describes how to modify registry entries to configure the Windows Time Service.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting. Is it time for the next step for your site?
    Dedicated Server Hosting. Is it time for the next step for your site?
  • Take Better Pictures for successful eBay Auctions
    The best eBay auctions – the items that close with high winning bids and attract the most attention – are often those that include good photos. There’s no argument that you shouldn’t include photos. Many eBay bidders, when browsing search results or categories, will skip items that don’t include pictures.
  • Podcast Audio Recording Tips
    When you are producing a podcast on a regular basis it is important that you select an appropriate location for the recording to take place. The location should be free of external distractions and relatively quiet. It is easiest if you use the same location each time, that way the equipment can remain in place and will not require moving or setup each time you produce a show.
  • How to Use Authentication When Synchronising to a NTP Server
    This article describes how to utilise NTP authentication to authenticate a time reference when synchronising network time clients to a NTP server.
  • Disaster Recovery, Are You Prepared?
    Disaster recovery is one of the most important factors for most businesses, yet it is often overlooked or considered too expensive to implement. Disaster recovery solutions enable a business to continue working in the event of fire, theft, malfunction or terrorism. By preparing for disaster recovery, your business will not lose any valuable data, configurations or time, saving you money in the long run.
  • How to use the GPS Clock
    This article discusses how the GPS clock can be used to provide an accurate timing reference for computers and computer networks. The GPS system is often used for computer timing applications, such as NTP time servers and accurate timing references.
  • NTP Server Installation
    This article describes how to configure and install NTP server systems on a network and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various reference clock options.
  • Network Time Synchronisation: The Importance of an Accurate Time Server
    This article discusses the importance of network time synchronisation and of having an accurate network time server resource in an organisation.
  • Use Dell Diagnostic Tools
    Not everyone is a computer whiz out there but this should not stop you from running Dells Simple Diagnostic Tools. It’s easy to use and you will be glad you did.
  • Podcasting Do's and Don'ts
    Consider following these simple podcasting tips to get the most from your podcast and make it stand out from other podcasts in the crowd.
  • How To Configure a Windows Based Network Time Server
    This article discusses how to configure the latest Windows operating systems to operate as a network time server. The article describes how to change the registry entries to configure w32time.
  • Choosing a Computer Printer: Dig Deep for the Right Deal
    Grabbing the best bargain in the search for a good quality office printer is not just a matter of the initial buying price. Here Jimi St. Pierre offers some insights into other factors affecting the total cost of ownership of office printing devices.
  • WEBconference reduces global warming
    By eliminating back-and-forth travel to meetings, WEBconferences reduce the gas emissions that produce the greenhouse effect that in turn causes global warming. They also reduce many of the inconveniences of traveling: driving-related stress, speeding, being late, wait times, and the overall loss of time and money.
  • WEBconference applications for management
    It has been observed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to conciliate the agendas of the people managing the company in order to schedule the statutory meetings in conjunction with the workshops of the ongoing projects.
  • Best practices for eMeeting
    The technology analysts agree that the eMeeting is the WEBconference application that must experience the strongest growth in the following years. The challenge is clear: hold long distance meetings wherever you are anytime, with colleagues, employees, partners and even with clients and prospects. Use to accelerate the decision making process, improve collaboration or simply to inform and consult, the advantages are there. In fact, it is to obtain a better synergy.
  • True Online Video Arrives This Year
    True online video arrives this year because we'll finally have access to a distribution system with the power to bring full-screen streaming video to your computer screen ( and the ability to easily purchase content over the Internet to play on regular TV sets (TiVo and other digital recorders).
  • Your Guide to Making Money from ANY Website
    Creating a website is just a small step into the world of internet marketing. To make your website earn you an income you really need to consider how you are going to market your business. I have provided a 10 step process that is proven to be not only easy to follow but also easy to implement and maintain. Using these steps will provide your website and business with the visibility you need over the internet.
  • Using NTP Authentication
    This article describes how to utilise the NTP security features to authenticate time references when synchronizing network time clients to a NTP server.
  • 13 Tips to Maintaining and Growing an RSS Feed Subscriber Base
    You have an RSS feed and you have worked hard to get the word out. According to your logs you have subscribers! Now the hard part: how to retain the subscribers to your RSS feed. Follow these simple steps to insure that your subscriber base will grow.
  • Using Online Data Storage
    An informative article that describes the commonly overlooked use of online data storage to backup and make information readily available from any internet connection.
  • "Voodoo or Voodon't?" The Amazing Experiences of a Novice
    Wrapped within the pages of this book, is the amazing story of one girl's incredible endeavors and heartwarming experiences with Voodoo. You are about to embark on a mystical and amazing journey. It's an intriguing and delightful story that's bound to touch the heart of anyone who has ever been curious about Voodoo.
  • GPS Time Servers For Network Time Synchronisation
    This article discusses how GPS time server systems obtain precise timing information to provide a highly accurate timing reference for network time synchronisation.
  • Configuring NTP on your Linux Server
    This article describes how to configure the Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon on your Linux server to synchronise with an Internet based NTP server. It also provides a list of well-know public Internet time references.
  • Inkjet Printers in the Office – Print Quality Characteristics to Look for
    In this article, Jimi St. Pierre outlines key areas to focus on when assessing the print quality of monochrome inkjet printers before purchase. Top-branded inkjet printers show some surprising variaitions in quality, and it pays to check those test print sheets carefully.
  • Um casamento á procura de alianças.
    As alianças de casamento em ouro ou noutro material é parte integrante de cada casamento, mas existem algumas formas de abordar esta compra.
  • Blackberry Pearl
    Blackberry Pearl is one of the latest GSM handheld from Research in Motion (RIM). Blackberry mobile devices are the ideal solution for remote email access. Instead of waiting for your emails to arrive or download, Blackberry devices receive emails as soon as they arrive using "Push" technology instead of the standard "Pull" technology that is used on most mobile phones.
  • Link share does not work
    Link sharing doesn't work. The most effect form of link sharing is and will always be one-way incoming links. And the best way to get that is by having quality content. And the best quality content should be found on your website.
  • Why Rent Video Games
    Have you ever spent your hard-earned money on a video game that failed to provide hours and hours of fresh entertainment? Did you get caught up in the hype of a popular new release, preordered the title, and it sadly didn’t live up to your expectations?
  • Making Your Podcast Standout
    Podcasts are becoming more and more commonplace, distinguish your podcast by polishing it and properly publicizing it.
  • Are Freebies really Free?
    The world of free stuff on the internet is an interesting one. This article provides a basic outline of what to look for in a freebie and how to access if the freebie on offer is for you.
  • Sony Ericsson HBH-610 nominated for Oscar! - Best in Show
    Sony Ericsson is bringing us into the age of Bluetooth technology in personal wireless communications systems with its new addition to its line of products. It is the Sony Ericsson HBH-610 wireless Bluetooth headset.
  • How to Choose a Good Web Host
    If you're out in the Internet market looking for a web host, then you would have come across loads of ads promising you all sorts of things "' 99% uptime, Fort Knox-like security, customer support that never sleeps, free shopping carts and blah blah and more blah blah.
  • The Era of Information Technology
    An overall look at information technology and where it has taken us.
  • Product Selection Advice for Ebay Sellers and Drop-shippers
    The first step to picking your products involves identifying you niche. It has been proven again and again that Ebay sellers who focus on a niche market are much more successful both in sales from new traffic and sales from repeat customers. How do you find your niche and once you do how do you pick the right products?
  • Nokia BH-800 - Can they make them any smaller?
    The Nokia BH-800 wireless takes advantage of the latest advancements in Bluetooth technology. While Bluetooth technology is relatively new on the scene and has been available for cell phone use for only a few years now. The term "Bluetooth" is not new at all. Its origins can be traced back to when the first telephone was invented by Alexander Bell.
  • Still Using Traditional Storage Media?
    Great ideas to help eliminate the use of traditional media by storing and transfering data online.
  • Building an Image with a Logo
    Logos are not just fancy graphics that adorn websites or letterhead, logos are a representation of a businesses' philosophy. Logos are a critical component of brand development.
  • Debugging NTP Server Installations
    This article describes how to debug a NTP server installation after compilation and configuration of the distribution.
  • Home Computer Repair
    If you think home computer repair is hard or next to impossible then please read this article.
  • Getting your perfect home theater system
    Getting your perfect home theater system
  • Google's Last Dance! Could Semantic Search Mean The End Of Google?
    Could the advant of semantic search mean the end of Google as we know it? More importantly will Google have to embrace semantic search or perish? How the whole Semantic Web scenario plays out will pose some intriguing questions for the Internet of the very near future. Read more...
  • The Mother of all Information Overloads
    I have been making money on the internet for over five years now. Like most newcomers, I had to overcome the initial information overload that naturally happens when you tackle something of that magnitude. There is just so much information available on how to make money. The result of all of this information being available is that most people fail simply because of the volume of information they try to consume.
  • Junk In Your Trunk (computer)
    Home Computer Repair Repair - Got Junk In Your Trunk? Unfortunately I'm not talking about someone who has nice "ass-ets," but rather I'm talking about your home computer repair and the unnecessary junk that wastes
  • Junk In Your Trunk (computer)
    Home Computer Repair Repair - Got Junk In Your Trunk? Unfortunately I'm not talking about someone who has nice "ass-ets," but rather I'm talking about your home computer repair and the unnecessary junk that wastes
  • Junk In Your Trunk (computer)
    Home Computer Repair Repair - Got Junk In Your Trunk? Unfortunately I'm not talking about someone who has nice "ass-ets," but rather I'm talking about your home computer repair and the unnecessary junk that wastes
  • Solomon Sculpture Gallery
    Debora Solomon is not just an artist of sculpture, that is a sculptor, she is also a lawyer, has a Master's Degree in Political Science, and has experience as a teacher. That makes her quite eclectic with a background that spans much farther than just that of an artist with her own online art gallery. This artist describes her sculpture as consciously using negative space in all of her work.
  • How does proactive spyware research work
    Phileas system is an automated spyware detection bot network that crawls the Web looking for potentially dangerous application code. This article explains in brief how this proactive spyware research approach works.
  • 5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe From Online Sexual Predators
    This article contains information about online sexual predators and 5 simple tips that parents can use to help protect their children from being preyed upon by predators. Alarming statistics regarding online predators can be read here. This artcile will help you learn what you can do to prevent your son or daughter from becoming another statistic.
  • How To Surf Blocked Sites Anonymously
    How to surf the web anonymously using free web proxy services.
  • Ergonomics and Office of the Future - Part 1
    What will the office look like in future in order to increase comfort and productivity and reduce pain?
  • NTP Server Systems and Network Timing
    This article describes the Network Time Protocol and provides an overview of how NTP servers utilise NTP to provide an accurate source of time to network time clients.
  • Windows XP active desktop
    The article given here is on Windows XP active desktops. This article makes use of the current information on Windows XP active desktops to help you understand the nitty-gritty of Windows XP active desktops. This article will also serve as a shopping guide so that you do not have any problems buying a Windows XP active desktop for yourself. Read this article with ease and understand the advices given here.
  • Pentium 4 computer desktops
    This article will educate you about the concept of Intel Pentium-IV computers. With the aid of this exhaustive article, you will be having all the necessary information related to Intel Pentium-IV computers. Since you will be having all the data about Intel Pentium-IV computers after you read this article, you will be able to take correct decisions pertaining to buying Intel Pentium-IV computers.
  • How and Where to Locate Podsafe Music for Podcasts
    Adding music and sound effects to a podcast does not need to be difficult. There are a number of podsafe music directories that allow for podcasters to locate theme music or sound effects to enhance their podcast. This new industry understands the complexity of licensing professional music and the majority of these repositiories provide royalty free music clips for podcasters to use in their shows.
  • SPAM Filter
    Spam is one of the leading causes of email traffic congestion and loss in productivity. Spam is essentially unwanted email, it may be from a known source, but can still be spam mail. Surveys the world over have estimated that thousands of man hours are wasted by corporates the world over, due to useless spam mails.
  • Making the BSNL DataOne Wireless Home Network Guide
    Step-By-Step guide to configuring a Wi-Fi network with BSNL DataOne.
  • Little Used Methods To Obtain Free Advertising
    You will learn how to promote any product without spending any of your money via little known and used methods.
  • Broadband Routers - Effective Security for Your Computer
    Believe it or not, even though you may only have one computer at your home, you can benefit from having a router on your home network. With the amount of spyware and other forms of malware running rampant on the Internet, any step that you can take to help protect your computer is certainly worth the time and effort to do so.
  • How To Start A Website
    A step by step process of starting a website for people new to being a webmaster.
  • The First Public Money Lottery
    The first public lottery texas paying money prizes was La Lotto de Firenze, which began in Florence, Italy, in 1530, and was soon followed I by similar drawings in Genoa and Venice to raise funds for various public projects.
  • Shortcut Secrets of the Windows Superuser
    We've all been there: you are being "shown" how to do something on the computer, and the person demonstrating is going too fast and you can't keep up with what they are doing. This article describes how to use Windows keyboard shortcuts to operate Windows Applications like a Pro. This could not only possibly reduce wrist damaging RSI from excessive mouse activity, but will make you faster at driving your PC and you get to impress your boss.
  • Elegance introduced by Jabra, JX10 Bluetooth Headset
    The Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset is a departure from the normal headsets found in the Jabra line up. This model was designed by Jacob Jensen, one of the top designers for Danish made products.
  • Kyocera KR1 Wireless Mobile Router
    If you need a wireless broadband network at any place or any time - the KR1 Mobile Router is your solution. The KR1 Mobile Router utilizes 1xEV-DO as the WAN backhaul and supports many different computers or devices - for high speed wireless data transfer.
  • What you need to be a Dropshipper
    First off, you will need products to sell. Be very carefull when looking for dropshipping suppliers online there are many unscrupulous people that will take advantage of you. There are a couple of rules to follow when choosing a dropshipper. One, a real dropshipper will never charge you a fee to sell their products. Two, a real dropshipper will want proof that you are a legitamate business. They may ask for any or all of these; Business License, DBA, Federal ID (EIN), and/or Sellers Permit. A very good source of real wholesalers is the WorldWide Brands OneSource Directory. They sell a directory of REAL dropshippers and light bulk wholesalers that they have resarched for you.
  • Wireless Networks & Networking Security
    Wireless networking continues to get better and more reliable with each passing day and many businesses already use them heavily in their operations. If you are looking for more flexibility than your current network setup provides, a wireless network might just be right for you.
  • How to Conduct an Effective Podcast
    Conducting a successful podcast interview can be a tricky proposition for a podcaster starting out. Once you have determined individuals that will appeal to your target audience contact potential interviewees and arrange a time to conduct the interview. Following this guide will insure that the interview goes off without a hitch.
  • Building a NTP Server
    This article describes how to build and configure your very own stratum one NTP Server. By adding a low-cost GPS or radio time reference to your Linux machine, you can have your very own highly accurate time reference. Your NTP server can be used to synchronize all the machines on your network to the precise time.
  • Differences Between NTP and SNTP
    This article describes the differences between NTP and SNTP. The article also discusses when SNTP can be safely used in place of the full-blown NTP protocol. It also outlines the differences between a NTP server\client and a SNTP server\client.
  • Repair System32
    The System32 is a Microsoft Windows system directory, which is required on any Microsoft Windows system. If you are a widow user, you got to have System32 working in order, if you want your computer to run properly.
  • Webinars - The Future Of Online Marketing
    Webinars - Now imagine if you could bring together up to a thousand people in one place to teach, demonstrate, sell and interact - all without anyone leaving their home office. Well you can, and this technology is called a "webinar!" Though webinar technology existed for almost a decade, it remained strictly the domain of well-funded companies. However, advances in technology now place these powerful webinars within reach of anyone.
  • Bewildering Journey Through Hosting, Wall Papers, and Inkjet Cartridges
    For the novice at computers, there are many mysteries in technology. Here is an article that delineates my experiences with Inkjet cartridges, hosting and wallpapers.
  • Where to Locate Quality Stock Photos for Websites
    Professional photographs in a website give the website a professional look. Many webmasters do not realize that photographs are copy written and in many cases illegal to use a photograph or image that you find on the web without properly licensing it.
  • Search Engine Optimization Technique of Choice
    Some people believe that SEO is difficult and being ranked well by search engines is near impossible. That's not true. Anyone can vastly improve their position in search engines. It's not very difficult. You just have to know what to do and apply it.
  • Store Your Photos In Your iPod
    How to get thousand of pictures into your iPod so you can carry them wherever you go.
  • Convert leads into clients and boost your sales
    A major part of keeping profitable and growing your business is maintaining a focus on business development. Even when you've got the right mix of work, clients and employees you should be looking for new sales leads. Establish a process that ensures your existing customers don't get neglected while you manage new business opportunities in a cost- and time-effective manner.
  • Top 10 Ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking
    My top 10 ways to Improve Search Engine Rankings is based on 7 years of banging my head against the world wide webs search engines and tons of wasted books on top 10 seo tactics.
  • Linux Website Design Tools
    Linux is the most popular operating system for web servers but isn't well known as a web development platform. Which web development tools are offered to Linux users and are they any good ?
  • Computer Ergonomics and the Office of the Future - Part 3
    What will the office of the future look like in terms of increased productivity and comfort and reduced office worker pain?
  • Need A Cellular Amplifier, SignalReach introduces the SA300
    The SignalReach SA300 iDEN Amplifier gives improved amplification of receiving and transmitting signals for cellular communication. The SignalReach was specially designed with the iDEN handsets in mind to solve problems with signal fading, as well as dropped connections. The SA300 cellular amplifier does a great job of increasing service range, as well as access to the service also.
  • Is Your Hardware Outdated?
    Is your business at risk because of outdated hardware? Intelligent Network Services founder Thomas Burns explains the signs and symptoms of outdated hardware and the problems it can cause for small to mid-sized businesses and individuals.
  • Choosing a NTP Server Reference Clock
    This article introduces a number of external reference clock time and frequency resources that can be used for synchronising a stratum 1 NTP time server.
  • In Search Of The Ultimate Gaming Laptop
    Gaming laptops are changing so fast it is hard to keep track even for the most avid gamers. All this new gaming technology makes finding the ultimate gaming laptop all that much harder. Don't despair, here are a few dream machines you might consider...
  • Business Opportunities For Start Up Business
    Have some idea to start your own business but feel intimidating? Here we are providing some business opportunity ideas and resources which you might get some benefit from.
  • Local search services Delhi makes your life simple
    The huge revolution in the field of information technology and the increasing number of mobile phone users has made things really easy for people these days. So today if you need access to any kind of information all you need to have with you are a computer that is internet enabled or a mobile phone that comes equipped with the standard features. Local search services Delhi is provided by several agencies to make things easy for people.
  • VoIP. What Is It?
    VOIP is an acronym that stands for voice over internet protocol. It is a piece of technology that allows customers to actually chat with other people through the use of their internet connection rather than a conventional telephone line.
  • Vista Home Basic on 512MB? Hey, it works!
    Everyone knows Windows Vista is a resource hog. Everyone says it doesn’t even get out of first gear without a gigabyte of RAM, and it takes 2 GB before it stops stuttering and stammering with each mouse click. Everyone says Vista Home Basic is the black sheep of the family, deserving only of a sideways glance and a dismissive harrumph. That’s what I keep reading on the Internet, so it must be true. Which is why I had steeled myself for pitiful performance when I yanked all but 512MB out of my test system last week and downgraded to Vista Home Basic. With a 2002–vintage CPU and Microsoft’s minimum recommended RAM, running the most basic of Vista retail editions on a 30GB partition, surely this would be a painful experience. Or not. You shouldn’t believe everything you read. I was expecting to need Valium and vodka and an on-call therapist to handle Vista Home Basic on this low-end system. Instead, I found a snappy, responsive OS that did everything I asked of it. My primary goal was to measure startup times, answering skeptics who thought my test results from a few weeks ago were skewed by the expansive 1.5GB of RAM on this ancient P4 test machine. So I pulled out all but one stick of RAM and prepared for the worst. All you Vista bashers will be disappointed to hear what happened next: * The system booted two seconds faster than it had with all that extra RAM. On average, Vista’s boot time was less than 30 seconds. * Menus popped up instantly, with no lag or delay. * My favorite DVD, Blade Runner, played flawlessly at full resolution, in surround sound. (I had to install a DVD decoder first – Vista Home Basic doesn’t include DVD playback capabilities out of the box.) * I was able to rip a CD, check my Google Mail account on Mozilla Thunderbird, and play a full-screen slide show, all at the same time, without a single skip or hiccup. * Even installing Norton Antivirus 2007 couldn’t slow things down. The Norton software added 7 seconds to my startup time, but after it loaded, everything worked exactly as expected. To be fair, I didn’t do anything I knew would have brought this system to its knees. I didn’t try to rip a DVD, decode the human genome, or run Office 2007. But still… I’d have no qualms about handing this system over to my mom, my brother, or my best friend. On the Windows Experience Index, this system rates a 2.0, thanks to its sluggish RAM (and even when I put those two extra 512MB sticks of RAM back in, the number doesn’t budge). The CPU on this system earned a 3.8. By contrast, Intel’s bottom-of-the-line 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo T5200, standard on every $599 notebook PC these days, rates a 4.3. Surprisingly, even the visuals on this system were a treat. With a three-year-old video card, this system was capable of running Vista’s Aero graphics. But because Aero doesn’t run on Home Basic, I was stuck with the Vista Standard display. It lacks the transparent window borders and whizzy live previews on taskbar buttons, but otherwise the look is indistinguishable from a system running Windows Vista Ultimate. The conventional wisdom says Vista Home Basic is a dog, and that it slows to a crawl with 512MB. Don’t believe everything you read. bron:
  • 2 Cool Tools For Online Video reportedly receives over 65,000 video submissions every day. Video sites crowd the TOP 10 most popular destinations online and web video frequently appears on national TV while sometimes breaking the news before the networks even know a story exists. But, have not fear, the following tools will help you drastically improve both the flexibility and enjoyment you get from online videos.
  • Configuring a Windows 2003 Domain Time Server
    This article describes how the Windows 2003 Time Service synchronises time and date information on servers to a domain controller. It also describes how the Windows Time Service utilises the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to achieve network time synchronisation of servers in a domain.
  • Online Surveys – Get Paid to Help Companies Survive
    It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to outwit their competitors with fresh market ideas. To get these, companies resort to collecting opinion from the consumers – the smartest way to mirror consumer opinions and embed them into the development of product innovations and service improvement.
  • Instrument Master
    This article is going to give you full stuff for understanding that how is it possible for an Amateur music learner to become a music maestro by following a course which is Online and easy to catch. The article will be useful for those who are interested in learning to play Piano, Violin, Guitar, Drums and Bass Guitar through an Online and easily understandable course.
  • What is virus Computer?
    virus may be modified, either by the original author or someone else, so that a more harmful version of it appears. It is also possible that the modification produces a less harmful virus, but that has only rarely happened.
  • MySpace Layouts and Backgrounds
    MySpace is a social networking web site which offers a network of personal profiles, blogs, friends, groups, music photos and videos. This network is both interactive and user-submitted. MySpace is reportedly the fifth most popular website in English, and also in top ten of the most popular websites in any language. Its popularity in the United States ranks it among the top five websites, and it is known to have topped the charts quite often. MySpace has become very influential of the popular cu
  • Revamp Your MySpace Layout Today!
    MySpace is a very popular online community, which allows interaction with your friends and share photos or journals. A network of mutual fiends can be build, if these people share the same interests. Social networking has become very popular in recent years, and so has MySpace, with its currently more than one hundred million members. Due to its high membership, MySpace is among the top ten hottest web destinations.
  • Web Site Design for Women in Small Businesses
    The number of women business owners has increased rapidly in recent years and they are making a substantial impact on the workplace.
  • Three Secrets to a Successful Web Site
    Your web site is ranked high in the major search engines, and you know your products or services are of the highest quality, but your business is still not as profitable as you would like it to be. And you wonder why your sales are not hitting the roof.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Selling on eBay - 10 Tips for Success
    10 Tips and Tricks for Success You've been buying on eBay for a while and naturally, your thoughts turn to selling your own items. Yet, you're not quite sure where to start. First, you will need to sign up as a seller and provide all the information asked for. Once that is complete, you're ready to begin listing your items.
  • Google gives more importance to scientific articles
    The Google Page Rank algorithm, also known as PR, seems to give more importance to the impact of a scientific article rather than to it’s quoting number.
  • Are Web Directories any good?
    Since I started promoting my website, I came across a wide array of web directories, and I have to admit this question has been bugging me since then. Are Web Directories any good for the Internet? Let's start by getting the obvious out of the way first. The main purpose of web directories is to promote web sites. This isn't usually done directly, by directing users through their links, since web directories don't get that much traffic, but indirectly.
  • 3 Steps to Create an Email Distribution List from a Category in MS Outlook
    It's rather easy to manage an email list in MS Outlook and send everyone an email in one fell swoop--it's called a Distribution List. But what if you need to create a Distribution list of 100+ individuals? It's no fun to add the email addresses one at a time. But here's an easy and fast way to gather that list up by category and create the Distribution list using a custom view and a little cut-and-paste.
  • Social Networking Site FriendWise
    Social networking has been geard toward teenagers and college students with myspace and facebook now there is one here for us adults.
  • Six Surefire Ways To Increase Your Website's Traffic
    The one hard and fast rule in generating any kind of income for your website is very simple. You must generate a steady daily flow of website traffic to your site for your website to survive.
  • Securing your network, from home users to small business up to enterprise. What you can do.
    Offers tips and advice for ensuring your valuable data on your computer remains out of reach from prying eyes. From the home user and especially to businesses with sensitive data, there is great value in ensuring that it remains safe.
  • The Misuse of Network Time Server Systems
    This article discusses some of the reported NTP time server abuse incidents and describes NTP configuration methods that can reduce such problems. Most incidents seem to have occurred due to manufacturer configuration issues rather than malicious intent.
  • Avoid A Data Disaster On The Road: 5 Tips

    Reliable information can make or break your next trip - whether it's the ability to cultivate a business contact, ensure accurate company records or keep you safe.

  • Keep Your PC Healthy With Computer Tips & Tricks
    Novices and advanced computer users alike need to know about the correct method of keeping their computer in good shape. Learn some basic tricks here.
  • Size Does Matter When You Are Shopping for Dog Beds
    Many dog owners resent sharing their beds with their pets for a variety of reasons. If you are one of those people, you should consider giving your dog his personal space and the possibility to relax or sleep at any time
  • The Practicality of Orthopedic Dog Beds and Kuranda Dog Beds
    When you have had enough of cleaning your dog’s drool from your favorite sofa, or you simply cannot stand the sight of your elegant leather couch with scratch marks on it, it’s time to take some action and get your dog his own bed
  • Live by the Hoodies, Die by the Hoodies
    BAPE, short for A Bathing Ape, is an underground clothing company, which is based in Tokyo, Japan and was founded fourteen years ago, in 1993. Its popularity was tremendous in the Japanese urban wear scene
  • 5 cool ways to use the iPod shuffle
    Tips on using the iPod Shuffle.
  • The Best of the Worst - Common Website Design Mistakes
    I hope all these ideas discussed in this article will help you build a better website that steadily attracts visitors. Avoiding all the common website design mistakes ahead of time will definitely help your site in the end. If you've never built a website on your own, I hope the tips here help you design the best site that you can and help you to avoid all these bad websie design issues in the future.
  • Computer Recycling – What You Need To Know
    Computers are now a major part of every day life in the 21st Century and as technology advances and prices drop, more and more computers and IT equipment are replaced on a regular basis leaving the question of what happens to the old ones.
  • What Is Malware?
    In clear and concise terminology, Thomas Burns, founder of Intelligent Network Services, explains what "malware" is and how it can literally shut down a small to mid-sized business.
  • Essential Tips to Take Paid Surveys with Success
    It’s good to have a comprehensive and quick reference list of the best practices how to complete paid surveys with success. You might have already heard of the best ways to get cash for online surveys, but it’s still helpful to repeat the essential tips.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Traveller's Secret Advantage

    Helps you stay productive on the road Guidance for Owners/Managers By Christopher Elliott

  • Choosing the Components to Build Your Own Computer
    Learn how to build a computer on your own. Learn to choose the hardware components that are required or meet your needs in the minimum cost possible.
  • Web Designing as a Profession
    Internet, technology of computer, is a boon to the 21st century. New Technologies, latest software are coming out daily to cop up with the increasing demand of the consumers. Nobody can even think of successful life without the help and assistance of with these technologies. Internet is the largest medium that provides you access to various website and in turn to the profession of web designing.
  • FAQ's while Choosing a Printer
    Most people get confused about which kind of printer to purchase. Here are some basic questions you should ask before buying one.
  • Learn about Computer Power Supply
    If there is any one component that is extremely vital to the operation of a computer, it is the power supply. The power supply should be the highest priority when choosing components.
  • Learn about Random Access Memory or RAM
    Random access memory (commonly known as RAM or as simply Memory) is writeable as well as readable data storage used in computers and also in other electronic instruments.
  • 6 Essentials to Maximizing Your Affiliate Profits
    Here are six essential practices to maximizing your income as an Affiliate Marketer! Here are some very powerful tactics you can use to start making real profits as an affiliate marketer!
  • Are you downloading illegal MP3 files?
    Discusses downloading legal or illegal mp3's.
  • What are phone backup services and how do they work?
    Nowadays, it is unheard of to not have a mobile phone. This has become our way of life and for some of us, our office. So what happens when your mobile phone gets stolen or damaged and you lose all of your saved data and important contact numbers? Well, there are certain ways that you can prevent the stress if this did happen. One of these is to have phone backup with an online service provider.
  • Academia and Educators Utilize RSS Feeds
    Academia has embraced RSS as a means to educate, but scrutinizing how educational institutions are using RSS feeds in their daily routines show RSS is utilized can vary across different industries.
  • Local Business Search Engine Tips
    Highlights the opportunities that Local Businesses can take advantage of by advertising online via business profiles and local business directories.
  • Do You Know How to Choose an SEO Firm or What to Look for in a Good Expert?
    Choosing the right firm to handle your company's search engine positioning is a matter of trust. An unethical firm can cause long-term problems for your business that not only waste your advertising budget
  • Free Slots and Video Poker – Accessible Alternatives to Casino Gambling
    An alternative to online gambling, which can sometimes be rather expensive, are free slots and video poker, which are now available online
  • Safe Online Gambling at Pacific Poker
    Not many are the activities which can give addiction the way gambling can. And considering that too many of these addicts lack the necessary free time to go to a casino and gamble, a solution has been developed especially for them
  • Developing Strategies for Sports Betting and Online Casino Gambling
    Many gamers are constantly asking themselves the same question, whether or not they can make a fortune out of gambling or betting. They may not have come to a conclusion yet, but the sure thing is that many of them keep trying to do so
  • Online Poker Basics
    Poker played over the Internet is referred to as online poker. Its popularity has experienced such a tremendous growth that revenues from online poker are said to have reached $ 200 million a month in recent years
  • Pacific Poker in Brief
    Pacific Poker stands out as one of the pioneers of online poker, and has now been operating for over ten years. One of the main attractions with this online poker room is that they have micro limit games and daily online games
  • Party Poker Affiliate Program
    The owners of successful web pages, especially those dealing with gambling or sports betting should consider signing up for an online poker affiliate program as a means of gaining yet another good source of revenue
  • Will Prison Break's "new direction" for season three ruin it?
    After two seasons of the action-packed thriller Prison Break, many are now pondering on what the third season might possibly offer
  • Exclusive Interview: Cole Miller, 9th fighter eliminated on The Ultimate Fighter 5
    Miller got exposed as a mixed martial artist when he was still in high school. His schoolmate introduced him to MMA training and this immediately got him hooked. He first started training in Georgia
  • How to Keep Your Blog Traffic - Tips for a Stickier Blog
    So you finally figured out how to get those visitors to your site, huh? Well, partner, it's not over. Now you've got to keep them there, if you want a successful blog.
  • Writing a Title Tag that Works for Your Website
    Your title tag is an important part of your on-page search engine optimization efforts. It is a portion of your webpage that search engine spiders find very easy to scan over, so if it is done correctly, it will contribute directly to the success of your results.
  • Why you need Ecommerce Website Design
    If you sell products online, an online credit card payment processing system is essential for your business. Even if your product is unique, you will miss many sales if you don't process credit cards online A psychologist or psychiatrist experienced with Autism
  • The Importance Of Having A Backup Soundcard
    A 2nd soundcard in a pc used mainly for music recording is commonly overlooked and probably seen as being excessive,but as you'll see it can be quite a necessity.
  • Online Games
    The evolution of online gaming has been a matter of much debate, and most people claim that the first real online game was probably a tic-tac-toe games site, whatever the origin, the impact of online gaming is undeniable. Almost all standalone computer games today offer online gaming, no doubt the need for the online gaming feature has been bought about by the enormous success of online games. A majority of computer gamer believes that without online games or online gaming.
  • Cd Duplicators
    Article given knowledge to the reader about Cd Duplicators and DVD duplicators and the benefits of it
  • What is SyncML?
    There is a lot of talk about SyncML, and about what SyncML can do for you, but the fact is that not many people know what SyncML is, and even fewer people know exactly what it does and how they can benefit from it. Below you will find everything you need to know about SyncML, like what you do with it, what it does exactly, how to use it and what you use it with.
  • review the usb hub
    The hub has its own transformer and it supplies power to the bus so that the devices do not overload the computer 's supply. If you have lots of unpowered devices like mice and cameras, you probably need a powered hub. If you have lots of self-powered devices (like printers and scanners), then your hub does not need to be powered -- none of the devices connecting to the hub needs additional power, so the computer can handle it.
  • Finding High Quality Cheap Laptops For Students
    Finding a high quality cheap notebook computer for a student is not as difficult as it once was. Laptop prices have been dropping so steadily anyone can now find an affordable student laptop. Here are a few places to start your search...
  • Payroll Software Solution
    Payroll software solution is a state of art graphical user interface based Payroll management Systems Software designed to take over the pressure monthly payroll processing away from your personnel/finance department there by assuring that people concentrate on more important work i.e. business of your organization.
  • Free Downloads for PSP - 5 Top Questions Answered
    looking for free downloads for PSP? Like to know where to get them legally and virus free? Many of the so called Free Downloads for PSP sites are not worth wasting your time with, they have illegal files, viruses and many broken links! Discover how you can find the best PSP sites without all the pain and frustration in this revealing article
  • Exciting changes are underway. VoIP has evolved.
    VoIP, although it has been in use for some years now, is finally emerging in new and better forms. This is an exciting time as new features are being enabled. This article is showing how there is a new and exciting push forward in the VoIP communications industry.
  • HCB-400 Bluetooth Car Kit by Sony Ericsson
    The Sony Ericsson HCB-400 Car Kit is an upgrade from the HCB-300; it offers a subtle, safe, sophisticated and convenient way to stay in touch in your car. The control panel features easy to use buttons that allow you to keep your eyes on the road, while still allowing you to keep in touch with those important people in your personal or professional life.
  • How to Master Paid Surveys
    Paid surveys are extremely easy to take, bring great cash rewards and freebies, but also have their own tricks. If you want to master the techniques of taking paid surveys more effectively and maximizing your income, then this paid surveys article is right for you.
  • If you don`t know then ask.
    Don`t be like I was, stubborn, wanting to do it all on my own If I did`nt know for sure I put what I supposed was right.Wrong! If you don`t know always ask, there is always someone willing to help you out.
  • 10 Ways To Protect Your Laptop Against Theft & Loss
    The statistics are pretty grim - 1 out of every 10 laptops will be stolen. And 97% of stolen laptops are never recovered. Losing your laptop and its contents can be devstating. So here are 10 simple ways to protect your laptop against theft and loss.
  • Using a Site Map Builder When Adding Google Sitemaps to Websites
    This article explains the value of using a site map builder when making adding Google sitemaps to websites.
  • 11 Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success
    These are some of the steps you should do to rank well above your competitors. If you start applying these techniques to your web pages then you will be well awarded in return.
  • Graphically Speaking a Thousand Words
    Imagine brainstorming graphically. That is not science fiction but a reality that is facilitated by computer technology.
  • The Influence of Relational Algorithms on Hardware and Architecture
    Many researchers would agree that, had it not been for Smalltalk, the exploration of new algorithms might never have occurred. In this article, we present the ARGOL which uses an relational algorithm that might be implemented in various solutions. Relational algorithms are used to demonstrate that how AI reinforcement learning methods are addressing this question.
  • The dangers of ordering from an on-line pharmacy
    On December 15th, 2005 the FDA completed several investigations concluding that many online pharmacies are not fully licensed pharmacies and they are supplying counterfeit medications from as many as 27 different countries around the globe.
  • Software Testing Trade Offs
    Running software testing projects is far more difficult than people outside of the software testing arena seem to realize. It is not uncommon for senior management, project management and development teams to adversely pressurize the test team to cut corners in order to meet delivery deadlines.
  • Advertising Agencies and Yellow Pages on the Internet
    The Yellow Pages is one of the best ways to find information related to any services, products or businesses. If ever you need to find a certain business, need a specific service or are interested in some products, the Yellow Pages is the place to search for.
  • Your Service Provider Just One Click Away
    The Internet is now the fastest way to transmit and receive information. The way people run their businesses has been revolutionized by the Internet. Nowadays we are just one click away from almost everything we desire.
  • Are emails safe nowadays?
    There are a lot of people who wrongly assume that the emails they send can be read only by the person they send the email to. The goal is to our article is to show you that the realty is different and to show you the dangers of sending sensitive information via regular emails.
  • Get a Job. Be a Porn Star
    The pornographic industry is thriving at the moment. Since the early times of 1900’s to the variety of the present times, porn keeps a special place on the market. As a multi-billion dollar industry, pornography brings colour and diversity to our sexual life.
  • Adult Movies – From the Cinema to the Internet
    Movies are some of the most successful ways of indoor and outdoor entertainment of our present times. You can choose from a wide variety of movies, from classic award winners to action blockbusters, from animated movies to horror operas or from documentaries to adult movies
  • Precise Frequency Sources for NTP Servers
    Many NTP servers utilise a high precision backup frequency generator to maintain time in the event of signal loss. This article describes the various precision frequency generators used by NTP servers and the price-performance issues.
  • Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435 Bluetooth Headset
    The Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435 Bluetooth headset has some excellent features that make it a definite on a list of choices when you go shopping for a Bluetooth headset. This design is relatively new and offers the user all of the bonus features that are very popular right now.
  • Six steps to becoming an on-line Joint Venture Broker
    This article explains what an on-line joint venture broker is and the six steps to acheiving this.
  • USA Group allows people easy access to making money on Mobile content.
    USA group reacts to the enormous creative opportunities and money making potential now being offered by ‘next generation’ mobile phones and MP3 players, manufactured by major companies like Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, LG and even Apple, or carriers that allow their subscribers to take full advantage of the latest technologies.
  • Caring for handmade gold and silver rings
    One of the worse things that can happen is seeing beloved handmade rings become permanently damaged when it was totally preventable.
  • The latest jewelry trends
    The world of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and pins is just like high fashion; it’s always changing. While ring diamonds, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, pearl jewelry and gemstone jewelry will always be popular
  • The new market for palladium jewelry
    One of the latest trends in fine metal jewelry is palladium jewelry, which is both beautiful and affordable. Palladium jewelry is in the same family as platinum, and also looks similar to white gold, but it has many benefits those metals can’t provide.
  • Securing a NTP Time Server Installation
    This article describes the security aspects of the NTP protocol and specifically using MD5 keys to authenticate a time server.
  • Who Else Really Wants to Play Games and Make Money?
    Sign up in the prelaunch phase for Free on Project E-play! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to leap on a new and rapidly growing trend. Such is the explosion in on-line gaming. Estimated by experts to be the next Google, UTube, MySpace. Project e-play combines skill gaming with social networking topped by a phenomenal pay plan! Don't wake up to find your downline is suddenly your upline in this latest business!
  • It Pays to Hire a Professional Web Design Agency
    An Internet business can be profitable for quite a simple reason: a lot of people worldwide can have access to the products and services you provide. But with the fierce competition out there, how can you make sure that your web business is as profitable as you would like it to be?
  • What's New At Google Labs?
    In their quest, the little elves at Google never seem to sleep and toil endlessly to bring us new gadgets and gizmos intended to make our lives better, both online and offline. These four latest free offerings from Google's Labs - will help you do everything from organize your thoughts to find the local pizza restaurant's phone number through your cell phone.
  • Solid State Hard Drive SSD
    Brand new Super Talent 32GB SATA flash hard drive has boasted its real talent in the technology industry. It is instant access, light weight, and low power consuming. It just perfect for your needs and this SSD have a wide temperature model or sometimes called extended temperature, it means that it can operate on temperatures from -40C to +85C.
  • How To Synchronise Your PC's System Time
    This article describes various ways of keeping the time on your computer accurate. It also shows how to synchronise a computers system clock with a highly accurate reference clock.
  • Exchange Your Old Stuff For Free
    Since we were children we used to barter things. This is actually the most fun activity that I remember doing as a child. I always wondered growing up how it would be if we could trade our things even as adults and still fell that joy that we felt as children. I have news for you we still can!
  • How Can I Swap Things Using the Internet?
    You have probably heard about sites that can make it easier for you to trade your old stuff for something else. This sounds like a good idea and you are interested in swapping, but unfortunately you do not know exactly what to do. Not to worry, this is you guide to making the best exchange you can.
  • Intellectual Property and Patents for Sale
    The intellectual property (IP) is a grouping of related concepts that cover a certain area or domain. It can be related to names, inventions, written materials and recorded media.
  • Spyware Remover Software – How To Choose The Right One
    Useful tips to help you make a wise decision while shopping for spyware remover software or anti-virus applications.
  • T1 In The Business World
    A detailed look at common business broadband connections with focus on T1s.
  • Essential Computer Buying Tips
    There are a few basic things everyone needs to know before getting a new computer. Our computer buying tips help you avoid the traps when getting a desktop computer or computer parts.
  • Economy Hosting and Dedicated Servers for Your Online Business
    When you plan to start your own web hosting company and you run a rather small business that doesn’t use database or scripting, you should try the economy hosting plan
  • About Cisco Memory Products
    Almost all advanced Cisco routers and switches are equipped with the Cisco proprietary operating systems called the IOS, depending on the version of IOS installed in your Cisco product there is an additional component called the Management Information Base (MIB) integrated into the IOS operating system. The reason why we are discussing the MIB is because, if you have a Cisco product with an IOS version greater than 11.1, chances are you have the MIB module will be available to you, and you can easily acquire accurate memory information on the product. This of course is very useful if you plan to upgrade the memory of your product. Note: that only Cisco Pix firewalls do not come equipped with the IOS operating system.
  • I'm upgrading to Broadband - What's the advantage?
    What's the advantage in having high speed broadband over 'dial up' connection? There is the obvious advantage of speed but this is just a starter factor. This article explores why so many are now converting to high speed broadband and the reasons.
  • Go ahead and install a swimming pool
    Money can be one constrain that can sometimes push back a person from buying a swimming pool and installing at their home. Now if you have finally decided to install a swimming pool at your place, there is no point in delaying this.
  • NTP Server Precision Timing References
    This article describes available atomic clock timing references and their use in computer network time synchronisation and NTP time servers.
  • Easy Money From Online Surveys
    The best way to make money with online surveys and find a free list of online survey companies that will pay you to take their surveys.
  • Hard Drive Basics
    Hard drives have remained the same for many years, but yet there are a lot of technologies that allow extreme performance to be squeezed from modern hard drives.
  • Customers Thoughts About SEO Elite Software
    The SEO elite software is no strange to people with successful online businesses. More than half of the worth- mentioning online businesses have success due to this amazing software.
  • WISPs and Bandwidth Management
    Bandwidth limits imposed by ISPs can be good for Internet customers. By helping to ensure that bandwidth is not oversold, customers can rest assured they will have great service provided to them.
  • Installing and Configuring NTP on LINUX
    This article discusses how to install and configure the NTP Server application on a Linux machine to synchronise time with an Internet based public NTP Server.
  • New Way To Pay For Your Online Gaming
    Have fun and earn money for your online gaming. Anyone over 13 years old can do this and it is so easy and risk free.
  • IT Support Services
    The advantage of using an IT support service is that it provides the customer with availability services that will help the client proactively lessen the downtime as well as adequately address service-level commitments. It should also mean getting performance services that means getting objective technical assistance that will safeguard the investment you have made with regard to your information technology systems.
  • Qualified Techies Have Bright Futures
    For techies who are pursuing Technical Qualification and General Educational Qualifications, Tech Jobs Outsourcing is the best option for building career.
  • Cisco PIX/ASA Security Appliance: How to Configure Banners
    In this brief, easy-to-understand article, writer, speaker, trainer, and veteran IT guy Don R. Crawley explains the simple steps to configuring banners on Cisco security appliances.
  • Exploring Hybrid Hard Drives
    Hybrid hard drives offer a good combination of the speed of flash based disks and the value for money of current hard drives.
  • How The Internet Is Changing Communication
    Great article detailing how the internet has changed the world of communication.
  • Adware - What Are You Downloading?
    Adware started out innocently enough, but has become a menace that has stuck its little fingers into many innocent computers
  • The Need For Remote Backups
    Remote backups are taken simultaneously offsite on a different server and hence are almost always reliable. Remote backups are steadily gaining ground among corporate and other organizations due to their obvious advantages and are here to stay.
  • The Top 10 Reasons Why Online Buyers Abandon Their Shopping Cart
    Research undertaken by MarketingSherpa ( and E-Tailing in 2006 discovered that average abandonment rates were 60% and 47% respectively. This means that the average commercial website is losing as much as half of their potential revenue. Shopping carts, abandoned during the checkout process, is the single biggest cause of loss in revenue for commercial websites.
  • The Best Page Layout and Design for Content Websites
    The web has been around for long enough that rules and best practise have emerged from years of trial error by thousands of website owners. You should learn from their experience about what design and page layouts work.
  • Password Recovery on the Cisco ASA Security Appliance
    In this easy-to-understand article,'s president and chief technologist Don R. Crawley, CCNA-certified, provides step-by-step procedures for resetting the privileged mode password on the Cisco ASA Security Appliance.
  • Using Google Reader to Stop Information Overload and Improve Your Efficiency
    Everyone who regularly visits multiple websites to keep up to date with news, business and leisure, which I guess means just about every Internet user! If you are a blogger or run a specialist information website, then Google Reader is an essential tool to help you source material for your articles and enable you to stay abreast of what is happening in your sector.
  • Common Mistakes Network Marketers Make on the Internet - And How To Avoid Them
    Network marketers have been trying to take advantage of the internet to build their network ever since it started. If you want to be one of the few who succeeds, then you need to stop doing what everyone else is doing and do this instead.
  • IT: Today and Tomorrow
    With Fast Changing Environments todays Top IT Companies require new developments because of which many companies are closed with Negative Media Reports.
  • Digitalization of Entertainment
    Consumers have moved rapidly to adopting digital formats for consuming entertainment-related content. The most obvious example of this is music and video downloads, with Apple’s iTunes and YouTube as leading examples. Apple has sold more than one billion songs via its iTunes music store and it continues to demonstrate a spectacular rate of growth.
  • So You Wanna Know More About What Screensavers Are Actually Useful For?
    Have you ever wondered what the point is of having a screensaver? I mean, what are they really used for and where did the idea even originate from? And what in blazes are they actually useful for?
  • Understanding the NTP Protocol
    This article describes some of the features of NTP and attempts to simplify some of the terminology used.
  • Keyword Density
    Getting the keyword density ratio right in your articles and web pages can have a dramatic effect on your search engine ranking. We show you how to achieve this so that the search engines reward you by ranking you highly for your chosen topic.
  • Fast SEO Ranking
    What is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is a group of techniques for optimizing a website or web page, to improve its website ranking. Search engine optimization has become an integral part of any successful website, without search engine optimization a website has a poor chance of making good rankings. The term ranking here refers to the position of a website whenever a user searches for a particular keyword in any search engine, for example lets assume a website sells spare parts for cars, search engine optimization would actually make the website appear on the first page of results for keywords like 'car parts'. Often effective search engine optimization can make sites like come up as the first result that search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. show. However no SEO company can guarantee a top spot with any search engine, most search engine optimization firms do guarantee a first page listing.
  • Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?
    Leading Virtual Staffing Agency Responds to Small Business Owner’s Burning Question through Use of Online Self-Administered Quiz
  • Top 5 Ways To Generate Low Cost Website Traffic
    There is one hard and fast rule in generating income for your website: A steady flow of website traffic. If no one goes to your site, it hardly bares a chance of generating an income. Many sites have tried and failed in doing so, and these results to the sites demise. It takes money to maintain an income generating site; it also takes money to make money.
  • Apple Ipod: Start a Serious Music Collection With Free Downloads Ipod: get yourself some free downloads of music and films, you will be pleased with what you get.
  • How To Speed Up Windows XP
    The default install of Windows XP includes features and processes most users don't need. If you're involved in gaming or multimedia, and you can't afford a top-of-the-range PC, here are a few tips to get the most out of your machine.
  • How To Suck At SEO
    Here are a few tips to help a truly great site become even better.
  • Does The Internet Benefit Small Travel Businesses?
    Addressing the inferior representation for small travel businesses around the world who do not normally use retail or wholesale travel agents and the issue of fairer fare prices for travelers who book directly with travel operators.
  • Why Isn't Your Website Working Well?
    One of the biggest problems that small businesses face is ineffective websites. A website is often one of the largest start-up marketing expenses for a small business; unfortunately, many small businesses never see a return on that investment. Why do most websites have this problem? And how can you fix it?
  • Special Edition iPod Video 80GB
    The iPod has become the mainstay in this popular culture since it was released last 2001 by Apple. So many people have bought iPods to change it for their CD players and discman. But music is not the only thing iPod can deliver, they have already done movies too. Apple offers iPods with storage for up to 80GB. Depending on the song length and resolution it can store up to 20,000 songs.
  • Why Your Website Needs Managed Linux Hosting
    Managed hosting is a type of outsourcing to ensure that your business websites function correctly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Outsourced hosting is a necessity for many commercial organisations, as IT knowledge is usually minimal and the costs are significantly higher to host in-house and therefore outsourcing is essential to guarantee that server uptime is almost one hundred percent.
  • IT Strategy Development: Reasons to Find An Expert
    Many companies exist, who can sell technology. Fewer of these can provide solutions to company IT needs - and answering the many questions posed by IT requirements, upgrades and systems development . Thus, before you buy, read on: the information you find here is based on many years of experience, and should inform your IT strategy as your company grows.
  • Email Systems Security: Dedicated Appliances Are The Key
    Maintaining an in-house email system involves major appraisal of security risks and implications for the smooth running of any business. Every business has different needs. However, here are a few hints and tips to help direct such a discussion, and focus on the key elements of email systems security.
  • How To Keep Your Computer Secure
    How would you react if you found out that your email had been accessed without your permission? How would you feel if all your personal and private information had been leaked and was available for anyone who wanted it? Doesn't sound very comforting does it? Well, there is a way to avoid all that and remain reasonably assured that your information is secure. It's all about good passwords...
  • Why Online Backups Are The Only Choice For Many Businesses
    Taking regular online backups of your essential documents and data is now very easy and initially your service providers may provide a free trial for a fixed duration. To begin your service, you simply download the online backup software and the software does the rest of the job.
  • What is RSS?
    Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution via the Internet. This data format is used for serving users frequently updated content that contains web links to longer versions. RSS web feeds allow users to save time by bringing all their sources of new content to them instead of having to search or visit many sites to get the information.
  • Way to Artificial Intelligence
    The general perception of information technology and computers in particular has been that of a computing mechanism primarily used to manipulate data and present it in various ways. The comparison with human intelligence has been rather tenuous and in the realm of science fiction.
  • How To Choose Laptop Case
    If you have even a passing interest in the topic about things to consider when buy laptop case, then you should take a look at the following article. This enlightening article presents some of basic information as well as fundamental element that you can use to decide whether the laptop case is good to buy
  • All About Computer Programming
    Computer programming is at the core of any computer operation. Unlike usual electro mechanical devices, a computer requires software to carry out instructions. At the lowest level, machine code is used to control the hardware and operations of a computer.
  • Myspace Layouts Make A Big Difference To A Profile
    On Myspace there are various profiles to look at, as there are millions of users on this site. Every user is going to have a different type of profile, and they will all need different looks as well as a feel.
  • The Importance of Laptop Backpacks
    Since, lot of money is spent on buying laptops, enough care should be taken while carrying them. Laptop backpacks are the ideal solution, as it is the best way of carrying a laptop. Read on to learn more about choosing the right laptop backpack for you.
  • Cheap Laptops: How to Buy the Right One
    Cheap and inexpensive laptops are available plenty in number in the market. While buying laptops, price factor alone should not limit the purchase. Find out how you can buy the right cheap laptop for you.
  • Advantages of Buying Refurbished Laptops
    Refurbished laptops are the best to choose if you are looking to buy affordable and cheap laptops. This article discusses various aspects of refurbished laptops and helps you choose the right one for you.
  • Selecting the Right Laptops
    Selecting the right kind of laptop is a daunting task as there are so many options available in the market. As laptops are costly, it can be disastrous if they are bought without any thought of how they will be used. This calls for the need to research a little bit before buying a laptop.
  • Getting the Best Deal on Used Laptops
    When purchasing a used laptop it should both serve functionally and at the same time save money. Doing a little amount of research by comparing and weighing various options from different kinds of sources will help in achieving the aim to buy used laptops at the best possible price.
  • How To Choose Between a Laptop, Notepad or a Desktop Computer
    Thinking of buying a new computer? Learn the difference between laptop, notepad and desk top comuters.
  • The New Age Of Computers
    In the last few years, say about five, we have seen the growth of computers like never before. Though there was a lot of development over the years since its advent, there has been a big boom in this industry. This is mainly due to the money involved in this business. A lot of competitors came into the field, and they have brought it various computers to the world’s market.
  • Configuring An Authoritative Time Server On A Windows 2000 Server
    This article describes how to set up and configure an Authoritative Time Server in a Windows 2000 Server environment. It also discusses the hierarchical relationship at the heart of the service and provides some configuration hints and tips.
  • How To Properly Refill Your Ink Cartridge?
    Due to the running cost of inkjet printers. Many people are starting to look for cheaper alternatives and one of the options includes the use of ink refill kits. However, what many bargain shoppers may not realize is that refilling your ink cartridge is not as easy as it seems. Here are a few insider tips to help you out!
  • How To Judge The Sound Quality Of A Speaker
    Speakers are tools that deliver sound. While listening to any kind of music or watching any movie, speakers are necessary. To get the right feel of the music and movie, you need to have a good speaker.
  • How To Download Files From RapidShare
    Rapidshare hasn’t lost its touch with the masses as their favored file hosting solution on the internet but most of the people are peeved over the fact that they have significantly minimized their download-quota. They are chiefly indignated over two points. Firstly, they feel that free Rapidshare download quota should not have been reduced for premium users. Secondly, they believe that free users should not have faced the hard-hitting speed decrease.
  • Old Fashioned Recipes Are Still The Best Cooking Medium
    It seems like every day offers up a new medium online or on television for recipe lovers. On cable, channels dedicated to cooking have cropped up, and individual programs offer in-depth look at specific types of cooking, cuisine and recipes. And on the Internet, there are even more resources for new and old-fashioned favorite recipes, as well as forums and communities that let you search and share recipes with other amateur cooks.
  • Chocolate Fondue
    Fondue is back in vogue and for good reason. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s a great taste. Chocolate is a great treat so combined in a fondue dip you have a great taste which young and old enjoy. Whether you are entertaining or just need something tasty and easy for the family fondue makes a great dip.
  • Favorite Dishes And Family Folklore
    Almost every family has a treasured recipe, handed down through generations, that is not only beloved because it’s delicious, but because it evokes memories of favorite family get-togethers.

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