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  • 14 Music Quotes for Black History Month
    Music is an important part of our heritage, and African American musicians have, of course, played a significant role. Here are 14 of my favorite music quotes to celebrate Black History Month.
  • Not Every Chess Game Has a Clear Winner
    Not every chess game ends with a clear winner; an opponent that declares checkmate. Occasionally a chess player will choose to resign to their opponent, which is essentially surrendering. These players believe that there is “no longer any hope”, and award the win to their opponent. In chess tournaments, wins will receive a single point. However, when white wins it is recorded as 1-0 and when black wins it is recorded as 0-1.
  • Accelerate Your Guitar Playing
    First, define your objectives and determine your approach. These objectives may change as you progress, but a goal is important before starting to play the guitar.
  • The Real American Idol
    Some American Idol contestants have discovered the key to advancing to the next round.
  • 16 Grey's Anatomy Quotes – Famous Words From Your Favorite Characters
    If you're a fan of the TV hit Grey's Anatomy, check out these 14 Grey's Anatomy quotes from your favorite characters.
  • Zune Downloads -Where to Get the Best Content and Value
    The idea of free Zune downloads for can be appealing, but to be safe you will want to stick with the legal sites. Not all paid subscription sites are equal however and you will want to do some investigating. This article will answer some typical questions regarding paid Zune download services.
  • An Independent Film Production That Became an Excellent, Big Fat Paycheck
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding is simply one of the best movies ever made about close families and their traditions. The estimated $5 million budget for the film generated worldwide revenue of $368 million, making it the highest-grossing independent film of all time, and the the highest grossing movie never to have hit number one at the box office.
  • The Theory Of Music Theory
    So, what's the big deal? Why does everyone suggest that you learn a bunch of music theory? Why is it always a part of your course load, even if you don't plan to be a theorist? Well, it all boils down to communication. Understanding the fundamentals of our language is useful in much the same way than an understanding of English language is useful - it allows you to communicate effectively.
  • Mythology of Horus the ancient Egyptian statue Falcon-god
    Horus, the Falcon-god whose name is attested from at least as early as the beginning of the Dynastic Period (3100 BC). Although not actually named as such, it is probably the Horus-falcon who was depicted on the battlefield and the ceremonial palettes, apparently subjugating his enemies in the battles leading to the unification of Egypt as followers of Horus.
  • Ideas for an Interactive Craft Show Booth
    The name of the game is to make sales. Gone are the days of merely putting your crafts out for people to buy, and expecting them to just pick them up and hand over their money for the crafts. Craft show buyers are becoming increasingly selective over what they are purchasing, and you need to come up with new and different ways of deliver your crafts to the craft show buyer.
  • How to Attend Television Show Tapings
    Shows you how to attend free television show tapings in Los Angeles, New York, and the United Kingdom.
  • Innovative Portrait Photographers
    Ever since photography was invented, there have been famous names associated with it. Ansel Adams, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Dorothea Lang are just a few of those who have changed how we look at the world and at photography. What about famous photographers today, those who are currently changing the way the world looks at photography, especially at portrait photography.
  • The Three Second Guitarist
    You have exactly three seconds or less to capture your listener’s attention or you have lost them forever!
  • Small Things That Make Craft Show Profits Bigger
    You’ve probably heard the saying, “Pay attention to the small things,” and there is much reason for that. Those who only focus on the large picture, without paying attention to the details will often find they aren’t as successful as the craft show business owner that does.
  • The Value Of Scales
    Scales are NOT music,but a means for making music. They are predictable, orderly, and sequential, but do not contain the life force found in a strong melodic statement.
  • Air Supply Love Zone Tour '07/'08 Continues in Springfield, Ohio 3/10/07
    Review of Air Supply performance at Clark State Community College Performing Arts Center in Springfield, Ohio on March 10, 2007
  • MySpace: The Local Bands Paradise
    An interesting look at how MySpace is changing the way bands are making it big in the music industry.
  • Sight Reading
    Improving sight reading is: Learning to learn faster through memory. Certain rhythms, tone sequences, chord voicings, tend to become standardized. Once you have seen a rhythm pattern of four eighth notes in a row, you've seen them all.
  • 15 Short Funny Quotes for Humor Month
    Beginning with day one, April is the month in which we honor humor. Here are fifteen short funny quotes that are sure to crack a smile on even the most stoic faces.
  • Tips To Find A Legal Music Download Site
    Legal music download sites like their offline retail counterparts are getting an actual fee for their service. They dont want to scam or upset their customers by placing dangerous and annoying spyware and adware programs on their computers.
  • Finding The Top Music Download Sites
    After you have downloaded the music from an music download site, you can listen to the songs on your computer, burn a music CD or put the songs on an MP3 player or iPod. Sometimes, download customers choose to do all of the above.
  • Get Out Your Hello Kitty Birthday Cards
    There are four of the Sanrio characters, who also developed Hello Kitty, which will celebrate a birthday this month. So all of you Hello Kitty fans will want to be ready with birthday wishes.
  • Top iPod Download Sites
    Yes definitely, having an iPod is the coolest thing and you could also have the coolest things for your iPod with My iPod Downloads. Save your money and pack your iPods with the coolest contents now. It’s true the best things in life are free.
  • Method Acting - Practical Excercises for the Actor
    The article provides practical excercises and information on Lee Strasberg's Method approach to acting.
  • Using Artistic Flair For Your Craft Show Crafts
    Some crafters set up their craft show booth with great little trinkets that make nice little gifts to let people know you are thinking of them. Other crafters provide something useful – a birdhouse, ceramic cups, saucers and bowls, knitted mittens, and the like. But, there is one group of crafters that often goes overlooked – and that is the artistic one.
  • How To Create your Own Life-Sized Predator or Alien Sculpture From Scrap Metal
    If you have ever been fascinated by the sight of a 3 meter tall Alien or Predator statue that's created from the scrap metal from cars, weapons, boats and appliances then this article will teach you exactly what it takes to have your own life-sized alien or predator statue in your living room,
  • The Great Things About Photography
    Are you thinking about taking up the hobby of photography? Many who have already discovered this exciting and fulfilling hobby can tell you the top ten reasons why photography is so great. Maybe you will be captivated by this compelling and diverse art as well.
  • Ghost Nurses
    Nurses May Not Get The Credit They Deserve, But Unseen Helpers Support Us Every Day
  • Roman Antiquities, Roman Glass Beads and Intaglios
    In the 2nd millennium BC, the Romans emerged from a small settlement near Rome to begin a course of expansion that was to make them the dominant power in the Mediterranean. By the 1st Century AD, Roman territories expanded from Britain in the north to Egypt in the south. Much of the Roman culture and crafts reflected the preceding Hellenistic period, however, their extensive trade network provided them with a great variety of materials.
  • Are Audio Books Online Downloads a Good Investment?
    Audio books online downloads are quickly replacing yesterdays printed books of the Publishing Industry! The yearly growth of audio books online downloads continues to compound itself! This article from gives a quick understanding into this interesting phenomenon.
  • 4 Things You DIDN’T Know About Making Money At Craft Shows
    How could the title of this be possible? If you have followed my series of craft show articles, you probably know that I have covered a lot of information in these articles. You probably can’t think of anything new that I can tell you, but I assure you, I still have a few more ideas for you to make more money at craft shows.
  • Modes - Part 1
    Mastering the modes is the best way to add color to your lead playing. All the great modern guitar players, from Satriani to Hammett to Vai, have a through command of the modes.
  • Why Method acting is the most successful acting technique
    This articles describes why Lee Strasberg's Method approach to acting has been so successful.
  • Antiquities, ancient Greek pottery is frequently signed
    Ancient Greek pottery is frequently signed, sometimes by the potter or the master of the pottery, but only occasionally by the painter. Hundreds of painters are however, identifiable by their artistic personalities, where their signatures haven’t survived they are named for their subject choices, as “the Achilles Painter”, by the potter they worked for, such as the late Archaic “Kleophrades Painter”
  • 12 Music Quotes to Celebrate Guitar Month
    Nothing can quite lift our spirits, help us over a heartache or get our point across like a great song, and the greatest songs leave us with music quotes that are hard to forget. This month (April), we're celebrating Guitar Month with some of the best music quotes ever written.
  • How to Contact Comic Book Artists & Writers
    How to contact comic book artists and writers at various comic book conventions around the country
  • Napster, eMusic and Rhapsody Free Music Trials
    There are websites out there that are 100% legal like Napster, eMusic and Rhapsody just to name a few. thses sites also have a better quality of music files that want harm your computer. The question now is how much money are you willing to pay to download all of the hottest songs today, and are you willing to pay extra to put those songs onto a CD?
  • Memberships to Unlimited Music Download Sites
    Most unlimited music downloads sites offer lifetime memberships only. Only a selected few offer 1-year or 2-year memberships. But frankly, the lifetime memberships almost always give you the best bang for your bucks. Even if these sites do offer 1 or 2 year memberships, the price difference is only a few dollars. We recommend that you opt for lifetime membership for a better deal.
  • 18 Funny Friendship Quotes To Make You Laugh
    While friends can make us smile, funny friendship quotes can make us smile or even laugh out loud. I've put together a list of some of my favorite funny friendship quotes that are sure to make you and your closest friends break out into laughter when you share them together.
  • Two Excellent Films With Oscar Nominations
    A Man for All Seasons poses the question: What would a man sacrifice for his principles? When Henry VIII seeks approval to divorce his wife and marry Anne Boleyn, his new Chancellor and Cardinal - Sir Thomas More - stands in his way. In the end, Sir Thomas becomes the only person in England who will die for his principles. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl becomes the best pirate picture every made, thanks to Johnny Depp.
  • The Top 10 Reasons Why Audio Books Online Downloads Are Cheap!
    Much controversy has been written as to costs of printed books versus that of audio books online downloads. This article covers the true benefits of audio books online downloads and prioritizes them into the top 10 benefits they can provide to a listener. Its written in a direct to the point style as to where the "true" values lie.
  • Two Excellent Films That Could Not Win an Oscar
    Secondhand Lions is a masterpiece of storytelling written and directed by Tim McCanlies (remember the name). Near as I can tell, this film had absolutely no nominations for Oscars. First time French Director Christophe Barratier has given us an incredibly good movie in The Chorus, which was nominated for two Oscars but came up empty handed at the presentations. No matter. It did not affect the effort and excellence of The Chorus.
  • 20 Shakespeare Quotes To Celebrate The Birth of a Master
    "To be or not to be" may very well be one of the most famous Shakespeare quotes ever written. But Shakespeare's written masterpeices go well beyond this short line from a single play. To read more of Shakespeare's famous words, read on...
  • How I became an Alien Queen
    A short and impressive biography of an Life-Sized Alien Queen who - thanks to the hard work and dedication of skilled Thai artists have been able to transform this towering 3 meter statue from her humble beginnings as a common household appliances into something far far grander.
  • An Iranian Foreign Film Fails To Promote Real Understanding
    Children of Heaven is an Iranian movie with subtitles about a boy who accidentally loses his sister’s worn out shoes after being sent to get them repaired, and must share his own worn out sneakers with her in a sort of relay while each attends school at different times during the day. Unfortunately, Children of Heaven has an unsettling ending. If it were not for this terrible ending, I would rate this film higher.
  • Hollywood's Most Perfect Actress Had Beauty, Fashion, Grace and Humility
    Was there ever an actress who combined these four timeless qualities—beauty, fashion, grace and humility—better than Audrey Hepburn? I think not, especially when I see her again in Breakfast at Tiffany's. We shall not see another like her in our lifetime and by then the film industry may be on the way out when some newer, better technology unknown to us today arrives. Audrey Hepburn was a model of grace and humility.
  • Is DirecTV the Right Choice for You - A TV Junkie's High Definition View
    As TV goes, I watch my fair share. Movies, network television, home videos, and reruns of the X-Files on DVD; I love them all. I have some thoughts on Direct TV, or as the trade name says, "DirecTV". DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite. DirecTV offers lots of high definition (HD) programming and services. Digital quality is superb, and the high definition television channels are spectacular.
  • MotorStorm brings breathtakingly brutal off-road racing - exclusively developed for Playstation®3
    Following the release of the new entertainment system Playstation®3, the review MotorStorm brings information about one of the most anticipated day one release titles that has become available.
  • 16 Mark Twain Quotes for Humor Month
    Mark Twain didn't get famous by accident and Mark Twain quotes can shed some light on why we adore this all-American writer. A little humor, a bit of wit and a good measure of down-right common sense make Mark Twain quotes some of the best to be read. Enjoy these Mark Twain quotes, especially during Humor Month.
  • Pricing Your Way To A Better Craft Show Profit
    Invariably, one of the questions I get asked the most about craft shows is, “How much should I be pricing my crafts?” It seems that the vast majority of people aren’t making enough sales, enough profit, or they just don’t have any idea what their craft is worth.
  • Five More Movies You Think Would Be Better Than They Are
    Here are five more movies you think would be really better than they are, unfortunately for the films, the scripts, the direction, and the actors, they are not. All five get my terrible rating; they include Imagine Me & You, Down With Love (with Renee Zellweger), In Good Company, It Runs in the Family (with Michael Dougles and Kirk Douglas) and Laws of Attraction (with Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore).
  • "Prada" Boss Drives Away Everyone and Everything But Blind Ambition
    Meryl Streep, one of Hollywood's best actresses, carries The Devil Wears Prada like the namesake handbag we see early in this movie, which is about Miranda Priestly, a powerful New York fashion magazine editor who hires Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway), a recent journalism grad, to be her new gofer. In the end, she ditches the job when she realizes that life without her boyfriend, her friends and family are not worth the price of being exclusive.
  • "Camelot" Is a Magical Movie, and a Primer in Civilized Human Relationships and Growth
    Camelot, released in 1967, celebrates its 40th anniversary this October, and was based on the 1960 musical play Camelot written by Alan Jay Lerner with music by Frederic Loewe. Camelot became a modern day legend when it was immortalized after President John F. Kennedy's assassination. Camelot the play and Camelot the film were both truly inspirational musical productions.
  • MySpace: An Introduction
    A detailed look at the different features of the internet giant MySpace.
  • Ancient Roman pottery
    In the second millennium BC, the Romans emerged from a small settlement near Rome to begin a course of expansion that was to make them the dominant power in the Mediterranean. By the 1st Century AD, Roman territories expanded from Britain in the north to Egypt in the south.
  • MySpace And Friendships
    A look at how MySpace connects and reconnects friendships.
  • Protecting Your Craft Shows Profit: Copyrighting Your Crafts
    You decide to take a weekend off from your own craft show circuit in order to see what is out there at other craft shows. It is a welcome weekend off, but once you set foot in the show, your jaw drops and you cannot believe your eyes. Someone is selling the exact same craft as you are.
  • Two Award-Winning Films That Are Pretty Average
    Antonia's Line won the 1995 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but its postscript fails to reveal a dark side that Hollywood typically ignores, making it an average film at best. The Aviator earns 11 Oscar nominations and wins five, including Cate Blanchett's portrayal as Katharine Hepburn, but was simply too negative and too graphic in its presentation to become a great film.
  • Ancient Egyptian mummybeads and lapis scarabs
    A number of semi-precious stones were available from Egypt’s natural resources but in ancient times, the greatest number of beads were made from faience, an inexpensive ceramic paste that was developed around 4000 BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Faience is the forerunner of glass and although the recipe was a closely guarded secret, the technology spread throughout the Ancient World.
  • MySpace & Filmmakers
    A look at how the MySpace community is helping the independent film community.
  • Another 5 Movies You Think Would Be Better Than They Are
    Here are another five movies you think would be really better than they are, unfortunately they are not. All five get my terrible rating; they include Gods and Generals (with Robert Duvall, Jeff Daniels and Stephen Lang), Mr. and Mrs. Smith (with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), Just Like Heaven (with Reese Witherspoon), Miracle (the U. S. Hockey Team victory at the 1980 Olympic Games), and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (with Kate Hudson).
  • Three types of actors; creative, imitative and stage hacks!
    This article defines what makes great acting and three types of actors the exist; creative, imitative and stage hacks. It also details the development of Method acting.
  • Four Romantic Comedies That Will Not Stress Your Emotions
    Here are four romantic comedies that will not stress your emotions: Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker in Failure to Launch, Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) in Maid in Manhattan and The Wedding Planner, and Michael J. Fox and Gabrielle Anwar in For Love or Money. Just sit back and be entertained. If you want great stories, great acting and great direction, try other movies.
  • Put These 5 Films Together and Spell Terrible 5 Times
    Here are five more movies you think would be really better than they are, unfortunately for the films, the scripts, the direction, and the actors, they are not. All five get my terrible rating; they include Love Letters, Monster-in-Law (with Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan and Jane Fonda), The Fast Runner (about Eskimo life and culture on the tundra in Alaska), Myths and Logic of Shaolin Kung Fu, and Myra Breckenridge (with Raquel Welch).
  • Five Movies That Try Hard Yet Still End Up As Terrible
    Here are five movies that try hard but are rated terrible for the effort. They include Napoleon Dynamite (with Jon Heder), Once Upon a Time in Mexico (with Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp and Salma Hayek), The Notebook (with James Garner, Gena Rowlands and Rachel McAdams), Of Human Bondage (W. Somerset Maugham's novel with Leslie Howard and Bette Davis), and The Prince and the Showgirl (with Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier).
  • A Romantic Comedy That Works With a Couple of 60+ Senior Citizens
    Something's Gotta Give is a romantic comedy without substance that works because of Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. Keaton is one the few actresses at age 60 who has been able to partner with bankable leading men. She seems to have found the secret to staying young, alive and attractive while Nicholson at 69 and counting appears his age and has not benefited from the passage of time. Keaton is one fine looking 60-year-old woman.
  • The story of ancient oil lamps
    Terracotta baked clay pottery was made and used throughout the Middle east and was produced in the earliest settlements along the Fertile Crescent where the clay was abundant and varied in color. The early potters had ample resources which to experiment, create and develop their styles.
  • Whatever Happened to Helen Hunt After Making What Women Want?
    What Women Want is a romantic comedy light enough to float away. Helen Hunt is a real talent with real hardware and seemed so on top of her game after the release of What Women Want in 2000. Heck, I figured, move over Julia Roberts and hello Helen Hunt as America's newest sweetheart, but Hunt did Cast Away with Tom Hanks and then returned to Broadway. The two rising stars today are Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Swank.
  • On Nintendo DS - Final Fantasy 3 For the First Time in Europe
    A Fantasy Reborn. Final Fantasy 3. As their world descends into darkness, four young heroes are chosen to bear the burden of its fading hope. Now available for the first time in Europe on Nintendo DS.
  • A Place to Hear the Last Silken Sighs of a Dying Art
    Chinese silk art is a dying art, but there is a place where it can still be least for a few more years. You see, there is a small Chinese silk embroidery gallery in Carmel, California where Lu Luo will be happy to tell you all about it.
  • Embracing Eatonville - Photographic Exhibition
    The current photographic exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Art Off/Site gallery, entitled Embracing Eatonville features the photographs of Dawoud Bey, Lonnie Graham, Carrie Mae Weems, and Deborah Willis, each of whom attempts to represent (in varying ways) the historic town of Eatonville, Florida.
  • Napenee Rocks with Avril Lavigne
    At age 22, born September 27, 1984 Avril Ramona Lavigne put Napanee on the map. Canadian born, multi-talented Avril was born in the town of Napanee located in the Province of Ontario in of course this great land of mine, Canada. Avril is of a French Canadian descent. Napanee is truly the place to be!
  • Plasma Television versus LCD television
    A plasma tv offers advantages over traditional televisions. A plasma television displays images in a digital format, which produces incredibly higher quality pictures which are crisp and clear. It doesn’t matter where you are sitting in the room as they offer a viewing area of over 150 degrees. They significantly reduce the glare from the television which in turn helps to cut down on eye strain.
  • Paint Brushes are an Investment
    Brushes are the most important painter's tools. Buying brushes is not just a random decision, but one that should be made carefully. Selection of brushes is personal and is based upon needs and level of investment desired. Because a brush will only last as well as it is cared for, proper cleaning and storage of brushes is probably even more important than the decision of what brush to buy.
  • Protecting and Storing Photographs So Your Memories Last
    Photographs record our daily lives and special events. Seeing a picture often brings back memories, as well as feelings, thoughts and emotions. When our most special moments are recorded they become treasured family keepsakes. These keepsakes need to be well protected in order to survive the test of time and be able to be enjoyed for the next generations.
  • 14 George Lucas Quotes to Celebrate His May 14th Birthday
    George Lucas, the father of Star Wars, is a Hollywood icon. Millions of people across the globe adore him with his fan base transcending race, gender and age. Celebrate his May 14th birthday with these 14 famous George Lucas quotes.
  • Harry Potter Book Seven - Fans Wonder While They Wait
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows approaches it's release date. What mysteries will be solved? How will the story end?
  • Ideas for Using Photographs in Crafts
    There are many unique ways to use photographs in crafts that allow for personality, expression and interests to be displayed not only in the home or office, but any where you go. Use these ideas to expand your own use of photographs in crafting and gift ideas.
  • The House of Gryffindor: Hogwarts' Bravest
    The House of Gryffindor, one of the four main houses at the Hogwarts School, plays a large role in the world of Harry Potter.
  • The History of Music - Part 1
    Music, like articulate, connected speech, must be reckoned one of the primary things or human life. It is almost impossible to conceive of the existence of a race of people unpossessed of at least some rudimentary form of music, and certainly no such race has yet been discovered.
  • The Popularity of Digital Cameras
    Digital photography has taken off in a big way over the past few years. In fact digital cameras are becoming so popular that producers of traditional film cameras are withdrawing more and more models from the marketplace and replacing them with digital cameras
  • 5 Hobbies You Can Turn Into Craft Show Profits
    When some people think of crafts, they think of little knick knacks, or trinkets, or maybe what their son or daughter made in school or in church. But a craft, by definition, is anything that is made by the hands – or at least in most part by the hands. That means most of the ‘craft-like’ hobbies we have are considered crafts.
  • How To Improve Piano Sheet Music Sight-Reading
    As a club organist, you do not get a band call. In fact, you are lucky to get five minutes to scan through between 10 and 15 pieces of music. Some written in different keys, and every organist will tell you they hate it when they get the dreaded 6 sharps or 6 flats or even 7 sharp keys in a piece of music that just happens to contain a solo especially written for you.
  • Why Independent Artists and Musicians Should Podcast
    Independent artists have long struggled to gain recognition and attract an audience. Without the backing of a major label it can be very difficult for independent artists to obtain radio play time, that is, until now. Podcasting a revolutionary new medium, has opened new distribution channels for independent artists.
  • Oil Paintings: the suprising truth about how art is good for you!
    The health and emotional benefits of Fine Art have been well documented. This has inspired an entire industry to deliver these benefits through Fine Art to Health Care providers and commercial corporations alike. The average consumer is now also able to access the powerful properties of original hand painted art, through the emerging oil painting reproduction industry.
  • Pre - Christian Music - Part 2
    Musical instruments are divided into three categories instruments of percussion, wind instruments, and stringed instruments. Very simple forms of these are known to every tribe on the earth, and in their simplest form may be said to lie ready to the hand of the savage
  • Making The Switch To Digital Photography
    If you're a photography enthusiast, this article is a must read. It deals with the ins-and-outs of artistic digital photography. This article is the first of a series. It covers digital camera technology, as well as the basics on digital film editing tools...
  • Arranger Keyboards Are Killing The Electric Organ
    In my opinion, the organ is also more playable as a live instrument. Because of the bass pedals, you can play the organ without any auto chord or drum machine and get a very respectable sound. The keyboard on the other hand would sound thin, definitely lacking without auto chord/bass. Of course, arranger keyboards are considerably cheaper than new organs and take up less room.
  • Two Films With Tons of Recognition That Leave This Viewer Unfulfilled
    A lot of moviegoers saw Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World as a great picture with great acting and pretty much a shoo-in for a handful of Oscars. I did not see it the same way, nor did the Academy. The Lion in Winter is a 2 Star movie with some 4 Star (Excellent) performances. Both movies stir no emotion in me, foment ill will and breed confusion when clarity should rule the day and resolution should be the result.
  • Can You Be The Owner Of An Audio Book Store With No Investment ?
    In the last months the number of online audio book stores has increased exponentially. How can an average person profit from this hot trend, creating a new stream of income without the millionaire investment that would represent setting up a new audio book store from the ground?
  • The Assyrians Music History
    In the sculptures found in what are thought to be the ruins of Nineveh are many representations of musicians and musical instruments. The latter appear to have been of very finished workmanship, and to have reached that stage of development where beauty and essential fitness meet on an equal footing.
  • These Two Films Create Confusion or Unbelievably Overblown Drama
    Ocean's Eleven is a confusing film about a $160 million heist of three Las Vegas casinos from an impenetrable safe 200 feet underground. Is Ocean's Eleven supposed to be an action flick, a comedy, a crime story or a drama? The Hours features three depressed women from three different generations trying to cope with life, some Academy Award-winning performances and a story line that is even more depressing and repugnant.
  • Audiobooks – A Brief History of Spoken Word Audio books
    There can be no doubting that the popularity of audio books has exploded recently and you can be forgiven for thinking they're a recent innovation. In fact audiobooks have been around for a lot longer than you might think. Read and learn when and who "started/invented" them and find out why they took so long to really take of - and the 3 main reasons why the
  • How to Run A Pub Quiz - 6 Steps to Success
    6 steps to pub quiz success - Learn how to prepare a "pro" quality pub quiz that can be run by anyone to make money, by landlords to get more business in on quiet nights – or just for fun anytime, anywhere, no pub required! How to structure your quiz. All about teams and entry frees. What prizes to offer. How to make sure people come and play, and critically, the best places to get quiz questions and answers.
  • A Brief History of the Mayan Culture
    The Mayan civilization was the height of pre-Columbian culture. They made significant discoveries in science, including the use of the zero in mathematics.
  • Egyptian Music History
    Among the ancient Egyptians we find music at a somewhat similar pitch of development to that already observed among the Assyrians, technically, that is, but also having a far grander spirit, at least so one would imagine by comparing such works as exist of the musical life of the two peoples.
  • Numerology and Names - Why He's Not Called Don Trump
    What if Donald's name was Don Trump? Would you pay attention to a guy with that name? Maybe - if he was a comedian. I can tell you without a sliver of doubt Don Trump is not the name for a billionaire. In fact, did you know only nine out of 400 billionaires listed on Forbes list of richest 400 Americans use a shortened name?
  • Madonna, the True American Idol
    Maybe others will succumb, but never Madonna. Celebrity adoptions in the news, marriages on the rocks, divorce: the media can play up on every small detail, making the life of our entertainment icons come to life, but not always in a positive way. Music was her savior and got her through the tough times. What are some of the things Madonna has accomplished? In 20 years she won numerous awards, including American Music Awards.
  • Am I Too Old To Learn To Play The Electric Keyboard?
    I have been teaching Keyboard and Organ for nearly thirty years, my youngest student was Four years old, and the oldest was Eighty years old.
  • The Inspiration of Dragonball and Dragonball Z
    With Dragon Ball Z (or "Dragonball Z") hitting the top of the anime series charts, many anime fans have asked what it was that inspired the artist to create this truly exciting series. Dragon Ball Z has taken the world by storm and there is no question that Japanese manga artist, Akira Toriyama created an anime series that has been pure pleasure for fans throughout the world.
  • Photography Lessons Online: Can a Shutterbug Learn to Fly on the Net?
    It's a fabulous technique, but it has some challenges to overcome. This is a common notion about photography lessons. And now web-based lessons and tutorials make you learn more about its basics and beyond. Online photography lessons are excellent introduction and investments for both the amateurs and the professionals.
  • More Than Meets The Eye: The Future of Transformers
    As any true child of the ‘80s can tell you, Transformers were created by the toy company Hasbro after meeting Takara (a Japanese toy company) at the Tokyo Toy Show in 1983. By combining Takara’s toy lines Diaclone and Micro Change, Hasbro created a product line unlike any other.
  • Spice Up Your Craft Show Booth
    Once you get people into your craft show booth, it is important to make the sale. While you never know if the person who heads in is going to make a purchase, you might be able to increase the chances by coming up with interesting and unique displays that attract the customer to your crafts.
  • Star Wars: The Franchise That May Never Disappear
    The initial film, Star Wars, was predicted to be a flop, so no merchandise was created to debut with the film’s release. As you can probably imagine, the Star Wars toy and merchandise franchise has grown considerably since the Christmas of 1977.
  • What are the 10 best Audiobooks for Success and Motivation Mind Self Improvement
    The top 10 downloadable audiobooks to supercharge your mind. What audiobooks can make you feel that you can do and achieve anything. Help you work faster and better. Help you break down and solve problems quickly. Allow you to take decisions like a war winning general and brush obstacles aside with ease. Read on and find out what audiobooks can help you supercharge up to a winners mentality
  • Getting the Most from a Refurbished Digital Camera
    Buying the latest gadgets does not mean spending a lot. In fact, you can get great deals and save money on a good used or refurbished digital camera. Just like buying other products, make sure you invest time on checking the product before buying it.
  • FADE HAIRCUT, The most popular haircut amongst men of all ages around the world today.
    In previous years the fade haircut was worn mostly by military men, and was called the high and tight. Today this haircut is extremely popular and has evolved into a much trendier look. It is now very popular amongst men of all ages within the United States and the rest of the world.
  • Movies That Change Lives - 21 Quotes from The Peaceful Warrior
    I'm not sure what Ebert and Roeper had to say about this movie but I'm here to tell you it's one that should not be missed. I believe what The Secret has done for inspirational documentaries The Peaceful Warrior will do for inspirational dramas.
  • Paying Taxes on Craft Show Sales
    No one wants to have to do it, but if your craft show sales are going through the roof, it might put you into a situation where you have to pay taxes. I would certainly advise that you never avoid your taxes, but I would definitely advocate you doing everything in your power to make sure that you limit the amount of tax that you do pay on craft show sales.
  • How to buy video games for a Kid
    Three things to keep in mind when buying video games for kids that will make the process much easier.
  • Recital Preparation for Music Students and Their Parents
    This article outlines six(6) tips on how music students can better prepare themselves for their music recitals so that is is a positive experience which builds their self esteem. This article also provides information to parents of music students on how better to support their children as they prepare for public performances. Music teachers may also find this information helpful to share with their students and their students' parents.
  • Movies That Change Lives - 25 Quotes From Hobart Shakespeareans
    What is it like in a day in the life of a child? How about a 5th grade inner-city school student? I just found this 52-minute documentary gem.
  • Paint in Spain - Use of Primers
    When painting and in order to get the best results form any painting exercise, it’s often a very good idea to consider using a primer or sealer before you apply the paint.
  • How to Run A Pub Quiz - Being A Quizmaster on the Big Night
    OK so you're running a pub quiz. You have a venue, questions and are pretty confident people are going to come and play - But when they come what will they find? Will you - can you - give them a fun night so they'll be gagging for another quiz next week - Or is it going to be disjointed, confused, fraught with technical problems and, well, a bit rubbish?
  • FADE HAIRCUT, is one of the most popular, and trendy haircuts worn today in the United States
    In previous years the fade haircut was worn mostly by military men, and was called the high and tight. Today this haircut is extremely popular and has evolved into a much trendier look. It is now very popular amongst men of all ages within the United States and the rest of the world.
  • Five Steps to Buying a Nintendo 64 System
    Five steps to make buying a Nintendo 64 system as easy as possible
  • A Brief History Of Roman Music
    The Romans had little or no musical genius, and they were content to take their music, like every other artistic element of their national life, from the Greeks. The Greek was the child of nature, refined and educated through his own innate sense of beauty and fitness.
  • Is Art being Stolen to Order?
    Now we know that art is becoming mainstream, as theft is becoming the order of the day, as thieves in hoodies target prints by Banksy the anonymous and faceless graffiti artist. Then a few days later; the conviction of the boyfriend of the Olympian Myriam Bédard, for theft of paintings of the late Ghitta Caiserman-Roth. Nima Mazhari was convicted on the 5th of June of stealing the paintings worth $100,000. And in Milwaukee a Delacroix drawing has
  • Ted Nugent’s “Live and let live” … except for the voiceless
    Ted Nugent recently wrote an article blasting Paul McCartney for allegedly firing some of his staff for eating meat. Is Paul not free to create a cruelty-free environment (even though it is just a microcosm) for himself and others like him? The truth is meatism is causing all of our problems, whereas a vegan diet can solve them.
  • A Brief Music History Of The Gleeman Part 1
    As Europe emerged from the barbarism, savagery and intellectual barrenness of the centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire. Music was available in two distinct types, which was represented by two distinct people of the time, the Monk and the Gleeman or Minstrel.

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