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  • Something about Designer jewelry
    Designer jewelry is real expensive to buy. Each gemstone has a different story to speak.
  • The best music of all time
    Do you like music? I am not going to wait for the answer, because I already know it. Everyone loves music. But there are all kinds of music. And this pose my second question. What makes a good song? Is it the melody or the lyric? Or maybe the mood, production, arrangement? The answer is somewhere in the middle...
  • Cell Phone Fundraiser
    Cell Phone Fundraiser
  • NonProfit Fundraising with Flower Bulbs
    NonProfit Fundraising with Flower Bulbs
  • Nonprofit Auctions on eBay - The Drop-Shipping Option
    Nonprofit Auctions on eBay - The Drop-Shipping Option
  • Using Code to Change Your MySpace Fonts
    Using Code to Change Your MySpace Fonts
  • Poster For Myspace Is The New Rage
    Poster For Myspace Is The New Rage
  • Remembering Legends: Late Great 90s R&B Artists
    90s R&B music brought out many incredibly talented musicians, some which lost steam after one album, while others continued on to grace listeners with album after album. Unfortunately, many careers ended short, not because of conflicts or financial difficulties, but because death took these talented men and women before their time. This article serves as a testimony to all the great 90s R&B artists whose memory will not be forgotten. Please take a moment and remember these late great musicians.
  • Online Movie Rentals Have Changed The Face Of Watching Movies At Home
    Online Movie Rentals Have Changed The Face Of Watching Movies At Home
  • Benefits Of Myspace can prove beneficial both professionally and personally if used correctly.
  • Successful Strategies Of Myspace
    MySpace enables the users to learn the skills in networking that will be helpful for them in future.
  • Some reasons to download only legal MP3 music
    Sometimes it seems that our life is really impossible without music. Music can have different values for various people, some can easily live without it, and some of us can't even imagine a day without music. Nevertheless there is no one who doesn't like music.
  • Joi Marshall: Life After Jade
    Jade was one of the top girl groups of the 1990s, scoring a platinum album and 6 R&B Top 20 hits. They helped opened the way for pop stars like Destiny's Child but unfortunately broke up after their 1994 sophomore album. I recently had a chance to speak with Joi Marshall, a member of the former group, and found out what the girls are up to now.
  • Travel Photography by Taylor Miles
    Travel photography is a branch of commercial photography that has helped the world become a smaller place, from the most vivid images of the Taj Mahal to the finest mural's on the cathedral in Italy, there is nothing that has not been depicted in pictures. Travel photography has been made immensely popular by travel magazines, and cultural magazines like the national geographic. One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of travel photography is capturing the cultural aspects of a particular country or region. There have been so many wonderful and explicit pictorials of various countries, that it is almost impossible to ignore the wonderful impact travel photography has had on the lives of so many people.
  • History Of Tattoos And Tattooing
    Tattoos are a very old form of body art that go back to ancient times when many cultures used them. Some historians say that tattoos go back 5000 years, while others believe they go back well over 10000 years.
  • Survivor: Sounds of the Far East
    The classic Survivor theme is immediately recognizable and evocative of tribal island action, but with the latest iteration of the reality series heading to the realm of the Great Wall, composer Russ Landau brings in elements of classical Chinese music into his latest score for the show
  • Removable Ink Not Allowed in Miami Ink Tattoo Shop
    New York based Freedom-2 Inc. has recently developed a new technology that makes the removal of tattoos much easier
  • Route-66 Era Signage Retains Its Life as a Cultural Art Form
    Speeding from one state to the next does get you to your destination far more quickly. But, for those who have traveled Route 66 or merely portions of the highway - one thing is certain: road signs along an interstate highway just can't compare to those along Route 66.
  • Movie Downloading
    You may think that downloading movies is illegal and only for young people.
  • The New Era of Music Downloads
    Downloading music has begun one of the most sought out reasons for exploring the Internet! Slow modem or extremely fast broadband connection, anyone can download a 3 megabyte song.
  • The Great Desire for Movie Downloads
    Streaming movies or downloading movies online is now the preferred way to watch movies. Renting movies now sounds like the Stone Age for many movie lovers. It is just far more simple to visit your prefer movie download site and search through the database of movies to download.
  • Snare Drum Buying Guide - Tips And Advices For Drummers
    This article will help beginner drummers to understand the basics of the snare drum and will guide through the process of checking the drum itself, the parts, snares skins and the existing mechanisms prior purchasing a snare drum.

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