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  • Can a Family Pet Become a Ghost?
    Is it possible that animals, such as cats and dogs, may become ghosts? There have been many reports of people who have had encounters with beloved pets who had previously died. Here is just such a story which describes how the ghost, or spirit, of a dog saved a man's life.
  • Pet Insurance For Pampered Pets
    As our pampered pets live longer and longer lives, the veterinary costs of keeping them healthy can grow rapidly. Find out why pet insurance might be an idea worth considering.
  • Grooming Is An Important Part Of Dog Care
    It is of vital importance that your pet be groomed on a regular basis for his health and well being. Tips on what to look out for while grooming your dog.
  • The Irish Wolfhound - Easygoing and Soft-natured Giant
    Having an Irish Wolfhound can bring a great deal of joy and pleasure to your life and these dogs make wonderful companions. If you are ready to invest some time in a dog, take care of a dog properly, and you want a dog that will keep you company, you may want to consider having an Irish Wolfhound as a pet.
  • Pet Insurance : What To Look For
    Keeping a pet can work out to be expensive, not least if you need to see a vetinary surgeon. Pet insurance can cushion the cost of injury or illness, but what do you need to know before you choose a policy?
  • Train Your Dog To Stop Chewing on the Wrong Things
    Most dogs go through a phase where they will chew on anything that will fit in their mouth. There are also dogs that don’t even grow out of the chewing phase. There are even some breeds that have a tendency to chew more than other breeds. This article will give you wome pointers on how to stop your dog from chewing on things it's not supposed to.
  • Parelli Natural Horsemanship
    Natural horsemanship can help establish a relationship of trust and understanding between horse and rider. Pat Parelli makes this easy by creating games that you can use to work with your horse.
  • Would You Like To Design Your Birdhouse?
    Some simple tips to have in mind are to make the research; find out what birds surrounds your home or place you’ll set up the houses
  • Allergies In Cats - The Basics
    A common health problem in cats is allergy. It's strange that we always worry about humans being allergic to cats, but so seldom hear about what cats are allergic to!
  • Finding A Responsible Rottweiler Breeder
    Take your time selecting a breeder. You may ask for recommendations from vets, friends who own a Rottweiler, local breeding clubs, if available, or you may contact the American Kennel Club. If you see advertisements in newspapers for "puppies for sale", do not inquire.
  • Koala Kismet
    To gaze into their eyes is to touch tranquility. Perhaps it is because they spend so much of their lives removed from our terrestrial sphere that these creatures can inspire such serenity in just one glance. Perched in the canopy of the tall Eucalyptus forests of Australia, koalas pass their lives unperturbed, nap to nap, meal to meal.
  • How To Clean Cat Urine
    How the heck do you get rid of that cat urine smell?
  • How Show Moms Can Survive the Horse Show Experience
    Teachable moments are all around us every single day in every activity that we do. As a parent, it's important to remember our responsibility as role models to our children, whatever the situation, so that they learn effective life lessons that will serve them always. Here are three of my best tips for surviving the show experience and making the most of the time with your child.
  • Finding A Vet For Your New Puppy.
    This article will assist you with finding a vet for the newest member of your family.
  • ‘Lie Down’: One of the Most Important Dog Obedience Commands
    Before you can learn the advanced obedience commands, it is vital that you first learn the basics and the ‘lie down’ command is one of the first that you should teach. Generally the earlier in your dog’s life that you teach the command, the faster and easier your dog will learn and life will be a lot easier for you later on.
  • Purebreds and Cross Breeds: Good Temperament vs Good Health
    Most of the world’s dogs are undifferentiated varieties resulting from random interbreeding widely known as “mixed breeds” or “mutts.” Yet most people, including dog owners only know or talk about purebreds. This article seeks to discuss about both mutts and pedigrees and the benefits and disadvantages of owning either type.
  • Careers with Horses
    Careers with horses are something that should be considered in depth before making a choice.
  • 10 Lessons to Survive the Horse Show Circuit
    Traveling the horse show circuit can be quite an adventure, especially when you're traveling with your daughter. Below are 10 "school of hard knock" lessons we've learned along the way:
  • Ten Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat
    With the lastest news about proper diets for your dog, more and more dog owners are giving there dog's table scraps. There are certain foods a dog must not eat. I have compiled the top ten foods, find out which foods for your dog are not healthy.
  • Favorite Small Dog Breeds in 2006
    Are you thinking of getting a small dog? Are you wondering what the most popular small dog breeds are? And why do so many people prefer a small dog? People get small dogs for various reasons. It could be they enjoy a small dog that is easier to handle, easier to travel with, and cheaper to feed. Many who live in cities prefer a small dog because they don’t have a lot of living space. Read more.
  • Obedience Training For Your New Puppy
    Obedience training for your new puppy should begin the day you bring him/her home. You should make obedience training fun and incorporate the training with play sessions. It is so easy to train a puppy when they are having fun and the puppy has no idea that they are learning valuable lessons.
  • Why Should I Vaccinate My Dogs
    Regular vaccinations can prevent your dog from contracting many terrible diseases such as canine parvovirus and canine distemper, to name a few. It is very important for your dog to receive these "annual shots". In fact, by keeping up to date on your dog’s vaccinations, you could be saving his life. Read on for more details.
  • A Comparison of Five Pet Health Insurance Plans
    At the moment there are only a handful of companies that offer pet health insurance. Five of the most popular companies are Pets Best Pet Insurance, Veterinary Pet Insurance, ShelterCare, Pets Health and PetCare.
  • 5 Tips for Successful Parenting for Show Moms
    Serving as both parent and partner to the horse showing child can be tough. However, by engaging your child in conversations about lessons learned, new skills acquired, and the ups and downs of trying something new, you'll shift the focus on learning and experiencing new lessons rather than on winning and losing.
  • Equine Influenza
    Horse feeling under the weather? Maybe he has the flu.
  • How to Help Your Child Set Goals at Horse Shows
    Horse showing provides a great opportunity for young children to watch you set and achieve goals, for older children to participate with you in goal setting, and for teens to set their own goals in conjunction with you.
  • Life Expectancy of Large Breed Dogs
    Large breed dogs have a shorter life expectancy than smaller breeds which is unfortunate for the owner/guardians of large breed dogs. We love our big dogs even knowing their time with us will be short. We don’t focus on the quantity of time but the quality of time we spend together. Sharing our homes with our big fur balls is like having a small piece of heaven for our own.
  • Puppy for Sale-Advance Fee Fraud
    Nigerian scammers are using puppies as bait in a new scam targeting Western Australians.Scammers are advertising a puppy for sale in newspapers or online and provide an email address as a contact point.
  • Rottweiler FAQs
    The Rottweiler is the current "fad" guard/macho dog of the moment. For four years running, it has been the second most-popular AKC registered breed. Don't be swept up by the hype, or the fact that you neighbor, aunt, sister, or best friend has one. The Rottweiler is a large, powerful dog and along with ownership comes much responsibility.
  • 7 Strategies to Help Horse Show Parents and Teens Beat the Losing Slump
    Horse showing provides an incredible opportunity for learning important life lessons for both teens and their parents. Sportsmanship, competition, and learning to deal with losing can serve as the basis for significant teachable moments for parents. We have a unique role to play in helping our children keep their perspective, and we can provide important emotional support during tough times, as well.
  • The Keeshond - Intelligent and Affectionate Companion Dog
    The Keeshond is really a great dog. They are also easily trained, friendly to everyone but yet an alert watchdog, and an excellent companion for children and adults. With their thick fur they can tolerate cold temperatures but cannot tolerate heat. They have a very interesting history, which you can read about in this article.
  • Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA)
    Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) can have devastating effects on a breeding farm or pregnant mare, but what exactly is it?
  • How Showing Horses Has Made Me a Better Parent
    Horse showing creates many opportunities to parent and raise a healthy teenager. Teachable moments are prevalent throughout a horse show, as well as opportunities to practice communication skills and instill your family values in your teen Below are some real-life examples of how you can transform sports situations found in horse shows into real life lessons.
  • How to Puppy-Proof Your House: Safety for Your pup, peace of mind for you
    The decision to bring the puppy home is just the first step. You need to get your house ready for him. You're going to have lots to do around the house. After all, puppies are not so different from toddlers and like children, will want to explore all areas of your house. This article teaches you how to puppy-proof your house and the essential supplies you need for the new puppy.
  • Canadian Geese
    Few spectacles symbolize autumn better than a gang of Canada Geese crossing a cloudy sky in V-formation. Common throughout most of North America, Canada Geese live around ponds, rivers, and lake shores where they feed on aquatic grass, roots, and young sprouts, as well as corn and grain. A strong inward pull called instinct urges these waterfowl into the skies to make this great annual southward migration.
  • Nutrition For Your Puppy
    This article focuses on some of the nutritional foundations needed to insure your puppy grows into a healthy adult.
  • Behavioral Training for Your New Puppy
    It has been shown that obedience training is very important for a puppy and behavioral training is just as important. In some puppy/dog training camps, behavioral training is considered to be training a puppy/dog to be “good” or “well behaved”. In other training camps, behavioral training is considered to be “correcting a puppy/dogs bad behavior”.
  • Grooming Your Puppy or Dog
    Grooming your pet should begin when they are puppies as this will help them become accustomed to being touched all over their bodies while they are standing still or lying on their stomach or side. If you adopt an older dog you will have to introduce him to grooming gradually unless he is accustomed to being handled and touched all over his body.
  • Echidnas
    Scientists have not been able to determine the number of echidnas in existence in the world, and have officially listed them as a protected species. It may take time, but hopefully technology will continue to aid us in the understanding of this primitive, perplexing creature.
  • Why dog's bark
    Thousands of years ago, humans began the process of domesticating the dog and shaping what "being a dog" really means. Through careful selection and breeding, an astonishing variety of dog breeds have been created. Desirable traits have been selected for in various breeds that are of a benefit to humans. There are some traits, however, that quickly become undesirable when expressed too frequently.
  • How to Get Organized for a New Year of Horse Shows
    In late January, we start organizing lists and beginning to plan what has to be done for the upcoming season. We start sorting, cleaning, and reorganizing our show items and develop joint lists and distribute the work. Here's how we divide our tasks:
  • The Sacred Cat
    Important both as a domestic pet and as a symbol of deities such as Bastet and RA the “Great Cat of Heliopolis”. There were two indigenous feline species in ancient Egypt, the jungle cat and the African wild cat, the former being found only in Egypt and southeastern Asia.
  • How We Moved from Local Shows to Circuit Shows
    Our family became involved in horse showing when we started out in local farm shows and then moved to local association shows and onto regional and national AAA circuit shows. We gained valuable insight along the way, had to upgrade our horses and our tack, and had to develop a single-minded focus for all involved.
  • Medical Conditions Affecting Large Breed Dogs
    There are many ailments and conditions that are more prevalent in large breed dogs. Until further medical studies can be conducted and a pattern of inheritance established for these ailments and conditions, dogs that have a risk for these diseases will be said to have breed predisposition.
  • Foalhood Septicemias
    With the foaling season nearing, it is important that you are prepared to prevent the bacterial infections that may be life threatening to newborn foals. Learn more about foalhood septicemias so you can be prepared when your little one hits the ground.
  • The Chow Chow - Intelligent and Independent
    The Chow Chow is one of the varieties of dogs that come from China. Other China dogs include the Shar-Pei and the Pekingese. Each is very different and very unique.
  • How to Train Your New Dog
    Face it, nobody likes a dog that doesn't listen and behave. But everyone loves a dog that sits and stays on command. If you have a barker or a jumper, it can be quite frustrating watching the dog ignore you every time company comes over. It's almost embarassing.
  • Rottweiler-Historical Facts
    Driving cattle was Rottweilers main historic function.. Rottweilers had another historic job besides driving cattle to the butcher.
  • Should You Have A Dog House?
    Many pet owners deliberate the question of whether or not to have a dog house. Regardless of the type or size of your dog or if it is an outside or inside pet there are practical reasons for providing your pet with a dog house.
  • The Mastiff - Calm, Loyal and Good-Natured Giant
    If there was ever a gentle giant, this dog is it. The Mastiff loves everybody and everything, especially his family. They are an especially good dog with children and make an excellent dog breed for a family.
  • The Most Privileged Pets
    You may think your own pet is treated extremely well, and even pampered, but some pet owners take things to extremes. Read about how some of the most privileged pets live their lives.
  • Safeguarding Your Dog from Poisons in the Home
    Along with your veterinarian’s phone number, you should have posted in prominent vicinity by the phone the number to a 24 hour emergency pet hospital and the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline (888-426-4435). Make sure you know where the pet emergency hospital is before the need arises. Having these numbers available before you need them may save your puppy or dog’s life.
  • Don't You Be No Ugly Pet Owner
    Too many of us who love our pets do not take full advantage of the short time they have with us.. Learn from the mistakes of the author about just how important it is to make good memories before it is too late.
  • Hero Pets
    Fictional tales abound of heroic pets saving their owners from danger. Does this ever really happen in real life?
  • Have You Outgrown Your Horse
    This article tells you how to recognize when you've outgrown your horse. And what to do if you have.
  • A Mini-Tribute to Pets
    Pets are amazing creatures. They give and give and give again and expect so little in return. We often focus on the heroics of pets that make the news and celebrate all of them vicariously through the one that becomes a public star, but again, each deserves the spotlight. Here is yet another area of life where animals serve mankind in a very special way.
  • Have your cat come when called
    Cat secrets tips covering how to teach your cat to come when called, and do any behavior with a verbal trigger.
  • Pets in Peril
    Over 20 million animals pass or are lost in the United States each year. Many pass as a result of some tragic happenstance that befalls them. Pet people can remove many of the dangers that their pets face if they are willing to be proactive in their responsibilities.
  • How to trim your cat's nails
    Step by step guide to trimming your cat's nails. Indoor cats especially need their nails trimmed. Here's how to do it in an easy, fun way.
  • How to keep your cat purring into advanced old age
    How to keep your cat alive, healthy and happy for as long as possible.
  • Fleas: Unwelcome Guests For Your Pets
    Pets can be great companions, but unfortunately they sometimes bring their own less welcome guests. Find out how to deal with a case of animal fleas in your pet and home.
  • How to stop your cat chewing on electrical cords and other objects
    Step by step guide to stopping your cat from chewing on cords such as computer mouse, electrical and other hanging things.
  • Dog Behavior Problems - How to Live With Your Dog
    Often dog behavior problems are caused by boredom. Is your dog left alone all day or left alone for hours at a time? Is your dog confined to the backyard rather than allowed in the house?
  • A Cat of a Different Color
    A humorous story for those who love dogs and all the shenanigans they get into. This is a true story good for human interest publications.
  • A Small Cat with a Big History - Egyptian Mau
    Want a cat that is quiet, cheerful, and has a great personality? Throw in a link to ancient Egypt, and you've got the Mau.
  • How to How to Break Up a Cat Fight
    How to break up a cat fight quickly, easily and safely.
  • Signs of Navicular Disease
    There are several signs that a horse suffering from navicular will exhibit. See what they are and what other signs the horse will give you.
  • Start your own Pet Apparel Line
    Discover the power and financial freedom achieved by starting your own pet apparel line or selling Pet apparel.
  • Adopting an Older Dog
    Making the decision to share your home with a canine is one step towards a rewarding experience. Why not take the next big step and adopt an older large breed dog. There are many beautiful large breed older dogs that are just waiting for someone to invite them into their home. They will repay you many times over with love and devotion.
  • Riding Down Hills
    Why zigzagging isn't a good idea! - And other riding tips that you will find quite useful.
  • Tick, Tick, Tick...Time for Ticks
    Tick season is on us again. Every pet owner needs to be aware of the easy preventive measures that could save them a lot of heartache and money. Your pets are depending on you to watch for them. Don't let them down.
  • How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight
    Obesity is on the rise for canines. The reasons for this influx are similar to those that humans experience, too much food and too little exercise. The results of obesity are similar for your canine friends too. Studies reveal that 25% of overweight dogs experience severe joint problems.
  • Are Your Pets Part Of Your Family?
    Our household consists of two sons with furry coats and four legs each. Is this unusual? Not in a majority of homes that have pets. Pets are considered family members and are treated as such. Not only do we provide the basic necessities for our beloved dogs, we also lavish love, attention and gifts upon our furry family members.
  • Jumping Finesse: Don't Get Shaken Loose!
    It's no fun when you lose your balance going over a jump. Learn how to keep your position even on horses who go really big!
  • Footings - Train And Compete Injury Free
    The ideal footing for your horse will depend on what type of event, climate, natural ground type and location of where you work, exercise and train your horse.
  • Thinking of buying a puppy/dog
    If you are thinking of buying a dog before you do i think you should read this, you will be happy that you did.
  • Favorite Large Dog Breeds
    Why are so many large dogs found in the top ten when they can appear so intimidating, cost a lot more to feed than smaller dogs, require more room, and require firmer training than, say, a Pug or Pomeranian? Learn more here.
  • How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Holes In Your Garden
    Step by step tips to stop your dog digging
  • Why Your Puppy Nips - And 5 Ways To Get Him To Stop
    Guide to stopping your puppy nipping and what is the real cause of the behavior.
  • New and exciting information on kittens and cats
    Great new website: Cats Empire. All you need to know about cats and kittens, with lots of free download information on all you need.
  • The 7 Stages of Puppy Development
    In order to understand why your puppy doesn’t listen to you at times, you need to understand each stage of development a puppy goes through as it matures. These 7 stages of puppy development will help you understand your dog and ensure it's puppyhood is a wonderful time for you and your dog
  • 5 Ways Your Dog Senses The World Differently From You
    Do dogs sense things differently than humans do? Well, yes and no. Dogs share the same basic senses with us: they see, hear, touch, smell and taste. But the level of their senses is different – an important distinction when you’re trying to figure out just what your dog is doing.
  • Caring For Dogs With Disabilities
    A dog’s disability may occur from an illness, injury or physical handicap. The degree of disability may be slight or may be incapacitating. Whatever reason for your dogs suffering will have a great effect on you as your pet’s guardian.
  • Senior Dog Blessings
    Dogs Are Our Greatest Therapists. Old Dogs Teach Us How To Let Go (Let God). For The Love of Dog Go I.
  • Wild Animal Endangerment
    Wild animals are beautiful creatures with varying sizes, colors, and habitats. Although some can be seen in zoos, the place they are meant to be is in their own environment. Unfortunately, animals such as whales, panda bears and sea otters, are not always safe in these places and are dying out. What is causing their threat of extinction? Several factors have an influence on this growing problem.
  • Can We Keep Her?
    We know as parents that we will at least sometimes regret the answer, but usually we say, "Yes. You can keep her, but you will have to take care of her." We also know about the answer, "Oh! We will."
  • How To Find A Good Dog Groomer
    Selecting a good, professional and friendly groomer is an important part of caring for your dog. Since a groomer will usually be alone with your favorite pet it is important to make sure that they treat your animal well, notify you of any problems, as well as understand how to care for an clip your particular breed of dog.
  • How to Understand & Prevent Dog Fights
    Nobody thinks it will happen with their sweet, innocent little doggie. Think again! There are instinctual triggers that will cause your dog to erupt in rage towards another dog. To prevent this from happening, you need to know why it occurs and some steps to take to minimize any damage.
  • The Life of a Male Long-Haired Big Orange Tabby
    Sandy's children were no longer returning and Bailey suddenly found himself alone. Bailey was warm towards Sam but Sam did nothing but hiss. Enter third owner…what a beautiful feline and so loving. Jaspurr doesn't like his own kind. Odd that both Bailey and Jaspurr had been suffering. Jaspurr had to have surgery and his incisor removed…Bailey had to have stitches and rehabilitation.
  • Even Dogs Need Swimming Supplies
    Pet safety often gets overlooked. Find out a simple technique to make your pet dogs safer.
  • Jewelry Stores offering Neopets Merchandise
    Jewelry is no longer limited to people and their pets. Now, even virtual pets have their own jewelry.
  • Tropical freshwater aquariums: Importance of proper temperature inside the tank
    Article on varying temperature in the fish tank. Stable temperature isn't what fish want because it's not the way how it is in the nature.
  • Leash Training Your Dog
    Training your dog to not pull on the leash. One of the most common problems people have with their dogs is pulling on the leash. There are many reasons why this can occur, and quite often it is nothing more than excitement on the dogs part. If this is the case, allowing the dog a few minutes to simmer down before taking it on his/her walk can often stop it.
  • Don't Bring Your Pet to an Ugly Vet
    How do you choose a good veterinarian? There are so many horror stories about callousness and poor care; how can I be sure my veterinarian is going to give quality care to the animal I love?
  • Common Fish Illness
    Everybody loves fish. These little creatures bring happiness and joy to our lives. From the well known guppy (also known as the million fish due to its popularity) to the exotic Pseudoplatystoma corruscans, ornamental fish have won our hearts.
  • The Joys of Fostering a Mother Cat and Her Kittens
    Spring is here, and with it lots of kittens. If you have an animal shelter near you, perhaps you want to consider asking if they send mother cats and kittens to foster homes and opening up your home to foster a family of kittens.
  • Overcoming Boredom
    Here's Today's Joke: Why do dogs bury bones? Because they can't hide them in trees. Dogs are a lot like children. They need stimulation or they will get bored and we all know the trouble children can be when they get bored. Bored dogs are generally unhappy dogs and they are also the dogs that are most likely to get into trouble with other animals and humans.
  • Stop Puppies Biting
    Dog Quote: To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs. ....Aldous Huxley Puppies love to bite. They do it naturally but it is something that they must be taught not to do. Learn how to stop your puppy from biting. This needs to be addressed while they are young because dog bites can lead to all sorts of problems including legal action.
  • Adopt a puppy - and save a life!
    A look at how you can help improve the life of homeless dogs by adopting from an animal shelter or pound. The facts and figures relating to abandoned and surrendered dogs in the US today are staggering...and heartbreaking! But there is a way for you to make a difference - adopt a puppy or a rescue dog when you decide to add a four-legged friend to your family. It could be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.
  • My Pastor Said Animals Don't Have Souls
    Most ministers rely on what their Seminary Professor told them about animals having souls and not the Word of God. The Bible admonishes us to "search out a thing, whether it be so". Ministers would do well to search scripture on this important topic in order to be able to give solid answers to their flock.
  • Dogs That Escape
    No owner likes to get a call from the pound telling them that their dog has been picked up for roaming the streets, but even the best trained dog can escape and end up in places where it shouldn't be. In many towns you can find yourself in legal trouble if your dog is found to be wandering the streets. And quite rightly so as a dog on the loose can do quite a lot of damage to other people's property, pets, children and elderly folk.
  • Dog Training - How To Train Your Dog For A Better Life
    Training your dog is a long and rewarding process. By teaching your dog to obey you, you're increasing the quality of life for both dog and master. As with every healthy relationship, both parties need to develop an understanding of who is the boss, what their expectations are, and so on.
  • Why filter your aquarium
    The importance of aquarium filter usage based on real experiment and it's description.
  • Pet Evacuation Plan
    Don't wait until it is too late. Remember the sad faces of Hurricane Katrina pet victims. Don't let your pet face the same trauma. Here are some easy tips for making a plan that will work for you.
  • The Most Important Thing to Know About Reptiles
    A mistake that is repeated over and over again by people wanting to keep reptiles or amphibians is people acquiring an animal that they have no idea how to care for. Impulse buying usually spells disaster for the animal and stress and regret for the owner. With just a little effort, problems and heartache can be avoided.
  • Fish tanks and presence of rocks inside them
    An article on rocks in fish tanks. Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Bears are part of our lives
    Bears have entered in our culture and nationalism since years. Some evidence proves that the symbol of bean was used in many ways. Bears are part of our lives in the beginning.
  • Providing Premium Nutrition through Homemade Pet Food
    A recall of potentially sickening and deadly pet food has made pet owners seriously worried about the safety of pet food. There are unhealthy ingredients and contaminants found in some pet food thereby increasing more problems to all pet owners. For this reason, use of the more nutritious and safer homemade pet food over commercially prepared ones was introduced.
  • How to Make Sure the Hummingbirds Find You This Spring
    There have been a couple summers here that we've had twenty different hummingbirds at our three feeders. We had to refill them every day just to keep up! Here's how we do it...
  • Dealing with Pet Euthanasia
    Pet euthanasia is one of life’s most difficult decisions. Although it is a difficult issue for many people pet euthanasia serves as the best resort especially when it is time to let go of a terminally ill pet. Confronting pet euthanasia means confronting fear thus it is important that you are well aware about the many ways how to manage a difficult way of letting go.
  • Cages and crates for your pet
    cages and crates for your pets
  • Before you buy fish
    Basic tips and fish species which are suitable for beginners.
  • Things to Consider when Adopting a Cat or Kitten
    Cats and kittens can accidentally swallow string or any other small item. These will often obstruct their digestive system, possibly leading to expensive surgery or death. For these reasons it is extremely important that no small items are left lying around that could be swallowed. Learn more about cats and kittens here.
  • Basic Dog Commands
    There are a few basic commands that need to be mastered and they are all relatively simple. These commands are... Down: this is where you teach your dog to lay down on command, and is one of the main aspects of any successful training program. Heel: this is where you teach your dog walk beside you at the same pace without pulling on the lead. My dog health and care blog is all about caring for your dog.
  • Pit Bull Bans: Narrowing the Noose Around American Boxers
    Pit bull bans are spreading too fast nowadays. The clamor for pit bull bans has been growing for years. As a result there has been a mixture of people who are all yes to pit bull bans and people who give all-out support to their pit bulls.
  • Training Your Dog With a Clicker
    Article discussing clicker training for dogs. The many different aspects of dog training are discussed including motivation, rate of reinforcement and timing.
  • 10 things you need to know BEFORE getting a dog
    There are several points to consider whenever you are choosing a dog for you or your family. You want to match your new pet to you and/or your family and to your overall needs as closely as possible. If you don't take the time to plan a bit ahead of time right now, you may regret it in the future. Your job is to find the right dog breed to fit both your personality and lifestyle.
  • Kuranda Dog Beds, the Answer to the Chewing Dog Owner's Prayers?
    Did Chomper get the best of his bed again? Have you heard about Kuranda Dog Beds; they offer several solutions for dog owners of chew-happy doggies!
  • Golden Retrievers - What Makes them Special
    Among the most intelligent of dog breeds, Golden Retrievers can learn a wide variety of behaviors with minimal effort. They are easy to housebroken and will give clear signs (after the initial training) that they need to go outside. Fetching comes almost automatically. It is also easy to teach them to stay, sit, roll over, and a lot more.
  • Puppies and worms
    A puppy owners guide to one of the most common canine parasites - worms. Information on the types of worms your puppy is most likely to catch, along with advice on the diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of these nasty, little critters.
  • Protect your pet's teeth
    dental supplies for your pet, pet supplies
  • Hazard Free Home for Your Kids and Your Pets
    You teach your kids to be ready with the unexpected. Now, it’s time to teach your pets the unpredictable stuff when it comes to interactions with your kids. Kids will learn how to respect animals and other similar creatures. Remain watchful so you’ll see that your kids and your pets are perfect match.
  • The 7 AKC Dog Groups Described in Full
    Are you thinking about adding a new canine companion to your family? There are several things to think about whenever you are considering adding a dog to your family. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to find the right dog to fit your personality as well as your current lifestyle. And the best way to do that is to better understand what dogs were originally created to do and what their instincts are naturally geared for.
  • Those nasty fleas and ticks!
    An easy to read guide to help you deal with any fleas and ticks your puppy may bring home this summer. Advice, tips and information on how to treat and prevent these nasty parasites from bothering your puppy or dog.
  • Seven Secrets to a Healthy Pet Food
    Learn valuable secrets to finding a safe, healthy pet food.
  • Keeping Your Cat Healthy and Happy
    Cats can be wonderful companions. With some basic care and a lot of love, they can be your good friend for many years.
  • A Well Trained Dog
    Is certainly a lot more fun for you to have an obedient and trained dog. Not only that, but trained dogs, are happier dogs. They are less likely to get into fights with other dogs and will tend to socialize better with dogs that they meet in public. It is particularly important to have a well-trained dog if you have young members of the family or children in the neighborhood.
  • Secrets to a happy, healthy pet.
    Pet expert Susan Thixton share 6 key secrets to keeping your pet healthy, frisky, and safe.
  • Help choosing the right dog breed
    A helpful guide to choosing the right dog breed for your family, lifestyle or situation. Contains an overview of breed characteristics, size and temperament considerations and what to think about BEFORE you pick out your new puppy.
  • good night
    Dog beds for your pet
  • Premium Pet Food Prices Got You Down?
    Are you wanting to feed your dog or cat a premium pet food but your budget just doesn't have the room for the higher cost? You might be surprised - premium pet foods don't 'cost' nearly as much as they appear to.
  • Shedding Dogs & How To Deal With Them
    Shedding may not be something that seems like an important thing to keep in mind when making your puppy purchase, but it may just be more important than you think. Making sure you are ready for the time and responsibility commitment of a dog is a very important factor. A dog that sheds a lot is more work than one that does not shed a lot.
  • Tips When Training Your Dog
    Training a dog is not always an easy task. Training a puppy can be frustrating as the he is so cute and cuddly, and it is hard to correct them when bad behavior is displayed. The puppy also tends to have a short attention span, and get excited very easily.
  • Caring For Your Dogs Eyes
    Caring for your dogs eyes is an important part of his grooming. Dogs eyes are sensitive just like humans, and need to be taken care of. Different breeds of dogs require different type of care, due to the difference in eye types. There are many different types of eyes, so you may want to speak to your vet for specific instructions. Here are a few free tips for you.
  • Pet Supplies For Your Pet
    Pet supplies at its best.
  • Things You Absolutely Need To Consider Before Bringing That Puppy Home
    To bring a dog into the family is a big decision. The right dog can bring your family years of enjoyment and companionship, whereas the “wrong” dog can add miserly and annoyance to your life. There are many factors to consider in order to make sure you choose the best dog for your situation. This article discuss the important factors to consider before you bring home the puppy.
  • Crate Training - The Essential Lesson for Every Puppy
    A crate might look like a mini jail cell to you, but to a puppy that has been trained the right way since young, it is your dog’s natural den – a personal space where he’ll feel secure and comfortable. This article reveals simple yet effective tips on how you can crate train your dog fast and easily.
  • Pet Health Insurance - luxury or necessity?
    Pet Health Insurance is growing in popularity in the United States. Many owners know that if their pet suffers an unexpected illness or injury, it can the toll can be very high - both financially and emotionally. An overview of what to look for when choosing a pet health insurance policy...and why it's not a luxury, but a necessity you can't afford not to have.
  • Simple yet Powerful Principles for Dog Obedience Training
    Obedience training is important and essential to every dog. It not only establishes lines of communication so that you can understand each other better, it is also a bond building process to increase the enjoyment, companionship and satisfaction of your relationship with your dog. This article shows you simple yet powerful principles and tips for effective dog obedience training.
  • African Elephant
    Not long ago there were over five million elephants on the earth, but there exists now less than a half million. Climate changes, as well as destruction of habitat, and hunting have influenced the number of elephants.
  • Dog Training Tips
    Having a dog is so rewarding. They give unconditional love, they make you laugh and sometimes owning a dog can be quite frustrating. Here you will learn tips on house training your dog.
  • Dog Emergencies and Your Own Dog First Aid Kit
    If your dog ever receives any kind of injury it is always best that you be aware of what to do in advance (depending on what type of injury the dog has received).
  • Tips for Adopting a Shelter Dog
    Tips for selecting a dog from an animal shelter and bringing him home.
  • Animal Cruelty Is On The Rise
    Animal cruelty is rising and we need to look at harsher punishments for all abusers. Animals look to us for protection just as our children do. We need to start taking a stand and saving our precious animals from harm.
  • Keeping a Pet Hermit Crab Happy
    This article gives basics on hermit crab care by talking about hermit crab food, a hermit crab habitat and other hermit crab information. Land hermit crabs can be very rewarding pet choices and needed to keep the experience positive is basic information about raising a hermit crab. With the tools that this article gives and information that can be found on reputable hermit crab websites such as, anyone can be a great hermit crab caretaker.
  • How to Deworm Your Dog
    If you have a puppy or dog and have not wormed it in some time please consult your veterinarian for more information about deworming your dog or perhaps follow the suggested worming schedule within the body of this article.
  • Horse Show Packing Woes: Advice from Savvy ShowMoms
    Packing for shows with our children turns out to be one of the most stressful parts of horse showing. In a recent survey, moms reported that the stress of packing and getting ready for a horse show trumped seven other show stressors by a wide margin. Here are some tips to enhance the horse show packing experience:
  • Summer Camp Options for Horse Show Participants
    How does summer always arrive so quickly? School is out, Memorial Day has passed, and now it’s time to figure out summer activities. For the serious rider, and even for those who ride only occasionally, summer horse camps and horse showing are usually at the top of the summer activities list
  • Shelter Dogs - 7 Ways To Improve The Life Of Shelter Dogs
    Included in this article are seven suggestions to keep in mind if you are interested in helping any of these homeless dogs that can be found virtually everywhere.
  • Life Transition from Junior Class Rider to Adult Rider
    One of the major life transitions for horse showing moms and daughters occurs as your daughter ages out of the Junior classes and becomes an adult. My angst began in that last year of horse showing. When my daughter’s colleagues had reached this stage I saw their moms appear infrequently at shows, and began to wonder how I would handle the transition from a jam-packed weekend schedule to a weekend in which I was free to do as I pleased.
  • Adopting A Service Dog Is A Great Service
    Most people never consider finding a companion that used to be of service to other people, such as a guide dog. If you're lucky enough to adopt a dog that was trained to provide a service for people, or a least adopting a dog that was accepted for such training but did not make it for some reason, you are in for a special treat. Most people aren't even aware that such dogs exist.
  • How To Choose The Right Kitten For You
    We have the information you need to help you look after your pets.Training, taking care of and looking after any animal takes great thought, preparation and patience. Animals are not toys and never should be thought or treated as such. We hope you will find our ‘How To’s’ informative and helpful. It must be stressed these articles are merely simple guides for more detailed knowledge, please seek professional guidance.
  • Helping Our Pet Companions Recover and Maintain Natural Health
    Natural health care for pets.
  • Your Groom—A Key Partnership in Horse Showing Success
    Good grooms are worth their weight in gold at a horse show. The groom is a key behind-the-scenes partner in a successful show career and has his own role to play in making sure horses are well cared for and kept ready to show.
  • Potty Training Your Puppy – Effective Tips and Guide
    Potty training is one of the most important things your puppy must learn. This article reveal a step by step guide to help new and inexperienced dog owners to potty training their dogs.
  • The Benefits Of Dog Ownership
    Wondering whether owning a dog is the right choice for you? A guide to how pet companionship can enrich your life.
  • A Look at the Kitten Risks and Dangers
    Cats and kittens are fascinating animals. But spare your belongings and your household companions from scratches and serious illnesses. The playful character of cats and kittens will surely make them playmate and neighboring things prone to these.
  • Why Hermit Crabs Make Great Pets
    Hermit crabs are great pets. This article gives a description of several reasons that they are such terrific pets. Hermit crabs are fascinating animals that are low cost and low maintenance, and there are several options to choose from when creating a habitat for them.
  • A Pet Sympathy Card Can Lift The Spirits Of A Bereaved Owner
    We are a nation of pet lovers and when a much loved pet dies it is natural for us to send a pet sympathy card to show our support. 6 out of 10 of us in the USA have a pet and often treat them as part of the family. Their loss, when it comes is often devastating. Cards of sympathy help us to send encouraging personal messages to our friends and family.
  • Keeping Your Cat Healthy
    Your cat needs a lot more than just rabies and distemper shots to stay healthy. What you feed it can lead it down the road to diabetes and other diseases.
  • Dogs Need Different Diets At Different Ages
    Dogs need different diets at different ages. Yes. This is true. For example, the puppy needs milk as the major food item while an adult dog may need beef or chicken in addition to the boiled egg and milk. So depending on the age factor, the diet schedule varies in reality for the dogs like any other species.
  • Facts About Cats: Do You Know This And That?
    Cats are very interesting members of the animal kingdom. Some of them stay wild in the thick forests while some of them stay tamed in our homes. Wherever they are, cats are very interesting and they possess really exquisite characteristics.
  • Bark Control Systems
    How many times have you been bothered by your own barking dog or your neighbor’s dog who is excessively barking at all hours of the day and night? Dogs who display excessive barking either indoors or outdoors can cause problems with the pet and owner as well as their neighbors.
  • Caring for an Abused Dog
    Abused dogs take a little more care than a regular dog. They require time to get to know new owners, as well as adjust to a loving home.
  • Top Reasons to Training Dog Tricks
    Why should you teach your dog tricks? To become a leader and to entertain your friends are amongst the top reasons, find out more!
  • Emperor Penguins
    The Emperor Penguin is most noted for its size, reaching up to four feet in height, making it the tallest penguin of its species. Its stomach is white and its wings and back are black, lending its trademark tuxedo look. Although penguins have wings they do not fly, but swim through the water at an average speed of four to six miles per hour, with possible bursts of up to twelve miles per hour.
  • The Mighty Chow Chow Dog Breed
    The Chow Chow is a medium sized dog, with lots of fuzzy hair and a sweet temperament for family. The following is a discussion about the Chow Chow.
  • All About Dalmatian Dogs
    You will find the following information on Dalmatian dogs below: care, training, and characteristics.
  • Where to Find Your Ideal Dog
    When you are looking for a new member of the family you have to be aware of the characteristics of dogs, the care they need, and where to find them.
  • The Development of Your Puppy
    This article describes the various developmental stages of a puppy and breaks down what generally happens, emotionally, physically, and psychologically, over the first ten weeks.
  • Keeshond Dog Breed: Everything You Need To Know
    The Keeshond dog breed is one of the most beautiful dogs with the small face and exceptional hair. You will find out below everything you need to know before purchasing one of the Keeshond Dogs.
  • Learning What Breed Of Dog You Have
    There are a lot of mutts in the world, but you will find most dogs have a specific overall breed that they take after. The following is a discussion of how to determine the breed.
  • The Feeding and Nourishment of a Hermit Crab
    Hermit crabs require certain diets to become and remain healthy. This article offers diet and nutrition options to the hermit crab owner so that he or she can decide which diet is appropriate for their crab.
  • Taking Care of a Molting Hermit Crab
    This article offers tips on how to deal with the stressful period in the hermit crab’s life called molting. It is a difficult stage for a crab and knowing everything there is to know about the process will make it easier to take care of a crab during this time.
  • Hermit Crabs Mistaken for Disposable Pets
    Many hermit crabs are mistreated in the place they are being sold from. It is despicable to think people treat them as disposable pets, and this article provides hints on selecting healthy hermit crabs.
  • Different Types of Pet Hermit Crabs
    This article offers general information about the types of hermit crabs that are available and the most popular in the United States. It also gives a brief description of the types of foods hermit crabs eat and how to choose your pet.
  • A Guide to Pet Insurance
    Pet insurance covers all the medical expenses of the pet, which may arise out of any kind of ailment it is suffering from. By following some preventive measures, the pet owners can keep the cost of the pet insurance policies at bay. Find out from this article about how to find the right insurance package for your pets.
  • Common Dog Diseases, Illnesses and Conditions
    Like all pet animals, dogs too are prone to lots of diseases. To keep the dogs free from the diseases, they should be understood first and accordingly treated well with the assistance of the veterinarian. Some of the most common dog diseases are discussed in this article
  • The Most Common Cat Diseases
    Cats get ill even if they are taken care of very well. The cat diseases range from kitty cold to fatal diseases. Some of the cat diseases are discussed in detail in this article.
  • Pet Obesity - A Growing Concern
    Obesity conditions of pets can lead to devastating state of their health like high blood pressure, skin problems, increased risk to diabetes mellitus and heat intolerance resulting in pets facing high risks of heat strokes during hot weathers, risk towards infections and towards anesthesia. This article discusses the major reasons and ways to overcome obesity in pets.
  • Pet Diseases: Healthy Pets Make Healthy People
    Pets are prone to many illnesses. Hence, they should be taken care of very well and also monitored regularly for any symptom of ill health to keep their well being. A pet can be a happy companion to human being only if it is healthy. Some of the symptoms of pet diseases causing ill health are discussed in this article in detail.
  • Learning Your Dog’s Vaccination Schedule
    Dogs need to have vaccinations at certain stages in their lives. The following will help you determine the schedule your dog should be on.
  • Choosing a Home for Your Hermit Crab
    This article provides information regarding how to set up your hermit crab habitat. There are several components that are important in keeping a pet hermit crab healthy and one of them is to maintain the hermit crab environment well.
  • All About the Lhasa Apso
    It is important to know any breed of dog you choose as a pet, and below you will find the details that take care of outlining the Lhasa Apso breed, the care required, and the training needed.
  • Hermit Crab Space Requirements
    This article offers advice on choosing a number of hermit crabs permitted for the size of the habitat you plan to purchase. Keeping the hermit crab’s comfort and health in mind is key to deciding how many hermit crabs you can fit in your hermit crab habitat.
  • Old English Sheepdog Care
    Understanding your Old English Sheepdog and how to properly care for it. Articles includes grooming and training tips.
  • Saint Bernard: Characteristics, Care and Training
    The Saint Bernard is a very large dog that has often been used as a working dog. You will find they are loyal and friendly as you read the following information.
  • Advice for Grooming Your Dog
    Grooming your dog is very important to removing the dead hair, dirt, and prevention of matting. Your dog’s health should be just as important as yours.
  • Common Feline Illnesses, Diseases and Viruses
    Find out more about felines common illnesses and diseases. Discuss that while many of these problems are non-fatal and can easily be treated by a veterinarian, others have no cure and are often fatal. Feline diseases can be hereditary or contracted by exposure to previously infected animals.
  • Getting a Pet Rabbit - Things You Ought to Know
    This article reveal interesting rabbit facts and information. Discuss that rabbits are cute and soft with fascinating behavior. While they are affectionate animals, rabbits may take some time to get adjusted to a new environment. But once they are given enough time and sense of security, rabbits love the company of human being.
  • How To Locate Your Dog Bed For Ultimate Comfort And Safety
    If you're a new dog owner here's what you need to know about choosing and siting your dog's bed. Advice from the professionals.
  • Deciding on Your New Family Pet
    This article offers tips on how to choose the appropriate pet for a family. Cost, care, and the right fit are all aspects to consider when choosing a pet that is right for your family. Choosing the wrong pet could be disastrous.
  • All About Training Your Dog
    Dog training can be the difference between house trained and non- house trained. Dogs like other animals have to be trained in order for them to behave properly.
  • Common Diseases and Illnesses Affecting Aquarium Fishes
    This article reveals that most fishes can live long and healthy lives as long as suitable living conditions are provided. In fact, one of the highest chances for fish owners to experience fish loss is mainly due to the occurrence of common fish diseases. Explain the common fish diseases, symptoms and how to seek treatment.
  • AKC Dog Breeds - Learning More About Purebred Dogs
    Article explains what the AKC is all about. Reveal that if you shop for any dog and you will soon see the acronym “AKC Dog Breed” used over and over again. What does “AKC” mean? The AKC is the American Kennel Club, which is the registry for all purebred puppies in the United States.
  • Traveling with Your Canine Companion
    The following are travel tips for you and your dog to have a comfortable time. Included in this article is information on different methods of travelling and how to make your dog comfortable no matter witch method you choose.
  • Learning to Understand Your Pet Dog
    In this article you will learn about your dogs behaviour and why your dog does the things it does. Different types of dog breeds and there behaviours are also discusses in this article.
  • 5 Surefire Ways To Get Your Dog To Behave
    “MY DOG won’t come when I call him.” “My dog barks so much that the neighbors are complaining.” “My dog is always jumping on me and on my visitors.” In all such cases, frustrated pet owners are asking, “What can I do?” Here are some dependable ways to train your dog.
  • Big Love (Great Danes)
    With it's giant size and extremely gentle temperment, Great Danes are commonly known as "Gentle Giants". Second in height only to the Irish Wolfhound, the Great Dane is one of the largest dogs known. Amazingly, even with their size and power they are gentle and reserved. Tall, muscular, and surprisingly graceful, the Great Dane is a real attention-getter.
  • The Maltese Breed
    Learning all about the Maltese Dog Breed from care to characteristics. Including temperament, train ability and advice on choosing your Maltese. Grooming advice is also included within this article.
  • Hot Weather Help for Dogs
    When it’s hot dogs can be in danger of dehydration, overheating, and dying. You need to take care of your dog when it is hot outside whether you are just going for a work or taking the dog along in the car.
  • Basic Pet Supplies Needed When Getting a New Dog or Cat
    There are some basic pet supplies you will need before bringing home your new dog or cat.
  • Pet Friendly Websites: Online Advice And Tips For Pet Owners
    Just about all pet friendly websites provide helpful information on pet friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals.
  • A Born Show Dog: The Greyhound
    The Greyhound can make a great racing dog or show dog, but they also make one of the most affectionate pets. Included in this article is grooming and training advice.
  • American Staffordshire Terrier Dog Breed
    The American Staffordshire Terrier Breed is one of the best breeds for a family with little children. Although history painted them as an aggressive dog they are more often loving and devoted.
  • The Alaskan Malamute as a Pet
    Finding a dog breed you can enjoy in the Alaskan Malamute breed. They are loving, loyal, and hard workers when it comes to sledding. In this article you will find training, grooming and general care advice about the Alaskan Malamute.
  • All About Bulldogs
    Bulldogs have been seen in history as fighting dogs, but that is really far from the true nature of the dog breed. The English Bulldogs are gentle and affectionate creatures.
  • Ways To Approach Feeding Your Reef Tank
    However, today we know much more about corals. For starters, corals are animals and not plants, as people used to believe earlier. As they are animals, they can follow animalistic eating patterns, which mean selecting their own food and ingesting what they can eat. They are quite capable of following eating trends as most animals do, and hence feeding corals in the right way becomes just a matter of trying and testing out different foods with them.
  • Dog Toys Essential for Training and Care
    Dog toys are very important to raising a healthy dog, for both mental and physical purposes. All types of dog toys are discussed within this article.
  • Wuff Treatment for Dogs
    A perfect blend of vocal sounds and body gestures can lead pet owners to a harmonious relationship with their dogs. Furthermore, this can lead to immeasurable years together. Celebrate this one of a kind friendship through immortal and lasting pet portraits.
  • Finding Pet Friendly Colleges and Universities
    Thankfully, many authorities are starting to realize that pets can be a great stress reliever, and that pet owners tend to be happier and more relaxed than non-pet owners. Colleges and Universities are therefore becoming increasingly pet friendly.
  • An Extremely Intelligent Dog, The Yorkshire Terrier
    The Yorkshire Terrier, (nicknamed Yorkie), is a breed of small dog in the toy category. The long-haired terrier is known for its playful demeanor and distinctive blue and tan coat.
  • Know Your Protein Skimmer Before You Buy It
    Why are Protein Skimmers Important? There are many reasons why a protein skimmer becomes indispensable to an aquarium. Here are some of these reasons – reasons why you should spend on a protein skimmer.
  • Why Is Sand Such An Important Part Of Your Aquarium?
    Some people who keep aquariums do think that making a sand bed for the aquarium is a bit of a nuisance and in fact also harmful for the fish. These sands would not do well for your live plants in the aquarium too, and would be difficult to maintain. Because sand contains fine particles, people do prefer using gravel instead as it is easier to clean and take care of.
  • Great Dog Breed Gifts
    Giving presents is something we usually enjoy doing, especially around the holidays or on special occasions
  • Five Important Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Fish
    A fish aquarium is only as much beautiful as the fish that you place in it. That is the reason why you must spend a lot of time and thought into selecting the right kind of fish. The basic thing to be kept in mind here is that fish are living creatures too, and they are as delicate as babies. There are many conditions in their surroundings that they need for their proper growth, and you have to ensure to make them available to them. The talent of an aquarist is not in the beauty of the tank he or she has designed, but it lies in the kinds of fish that are placed in the tank.
  • Dog Training Tips You Can Use To Teach Your Dog
    Regardless of the age of your dog it is never to late to train them. In this article we will look at dog training tips that you can use to train your dog or puppy.
  • Surefire Ways to Win Your Horse Trust
    This article reveal that it's always easier to ride a horse when both you and the animal trust each other. You can ride a horse that is uneasy around you, but it's much easier when you are both comfortable and steady around the other. Discuss how one can gain the trust of their horse.
  • German Shepherd Grooming Tips and Guide
    Reveal grooming tips and guide on German Shepherd dog. Discuss how despite its double layered coat, the German Shepherd does not require a lot of grooming. The outer coat of the German Shepherd is coarse with a medium-length. The undercoat, on the other hand, is soft and dense. This inner level is responsible for keeping the dog warm during the winter months and protected from the sunshine during the summer.
  • Hiring a Pet Sitter
    Wondering what to do with your pet while you're on vacation? A pet sitter might just be the answer. This article will help take the stress out of finding just the right sitter for your pets.
  • Adopt A Shelter Dog
    You can find a good companion in a dog from a shelter. You first need to clarify what traits you want in your new dog, as well as evaluate what kind of home you can provide.
  • Destructive Chewing
    Destructive Chewing of Dogs and how to control them
  • Your New Kitten
    Are you getting a new kitten soon? Prepare your self and your house now, and prevent anxiety and running around at the last minute. This article will tell you what you need to know to be ready to bring your new kitten home.
  • Benefits of Equine Dental Care
    Dentistry has become an extremely important part of equine care thus it should not be overlooked. More than any lasting horse portraits, horse dentistry is the ultimate key to longevity of the horse’s life.
  • Choices for Cat and Dog ID
    There are a number of options for pet identification methods. Using at least one of these will increase your chances of getting your dog or cat back should it become lost.
  • Should You Train Your Dog Yourself?
    Is it possible to train your dog without hiring an expensive dog trainer? Definitely and absolutely yes. It's always preferable to train your dog yourself rather than sending him off to be trained by someone else. Believe me, you are the best person in the world to do it.
  • Making the Most of Your Dog
    This article was written to help dog owners get the best possible experiences with their pet simply by understanding more about its behavior and needs.
  • The Samoyed Dog Breed a Noble Pet
    The Samoyed dog is one of the best companions you can have for a full family with children. You will find them good natured, even tempered, and happy to share affection.
  • Dogs, Cats and Winter Weather
    Winter brings cold weather and some dangers to pets. Here is how to avoid problems in cold weather.
  • A Golden Retriever Might be the Right Addition to Your Family
    Selecting the right pet for you and your family is an important decision. A Golden Retriever may be a great choice for your family.
  • Adopting Your First Kitten
    If you are considering getting a new kitten or cat, this article hopes to convince you to adopt from a shelter.
  • Top Five Tips for a Healthy Dog
    Whether you've had your loyal companion by your side for quite some time already, you've just acquired a brand-new puppy or adult dog, or you're considering a canine chum for a permanent pet, you'll want to do whatever it takes to ensure your dog lives a long, happy, and healthy life.
  • Top Five Tips for a Healthy Cat
    While you've certainly come across many a stray cat who seem to be making it on their own, the truth is that cats are meant to be pets, cared for by humans. In fact, if you think about it, you'll realize that the majority of those stray cats you've encountered have likely appeared thin, weak, hungry, dirty, unkempt, and ill-looking.
  • Useful Ideas On Potty Training A Dog
    Potty training a dog is one of the first things every dog owner faces. Here are a few ideas that will help you with potty training that you can start right away with.
  • Choosing Your Next Dog
    Choosing a dog can be an easy process when you know what breed of dog you would like to have. There are certain things to consider when you do go looking for a dog, such as temperament, care, training, and character.
  • Affenpinscher Dog Breed
    This article is all you need to know about the Affenpinscher Dog Breed to add a new member to your family. You will learn about the breed in general and some care and training required for the breed.
  • Cold Weather Care for Dogs
    Here are a few tips on cold weather care for your dog. Keep in mind the best policy is to leave them inside during cold weather.
  • Chow Chow: The Fuzzy, Cuddly, Breed of Dog
    The Chow Chow is a medium sized dog, with lots of fuzzy hair and a sweet temperament for family. The following is a discussion about the Chow Chow.
  • All About Dog Food
    Finding the proper nutrients in the variety of dog foods and brands available for the ultimate dog care. In this article all the different types of dog foods are discussed including raw, dry, moist and semi moist.
  • The American Eskimo Dog
    The American Eskimo dog is a working dog that offers companionship as well as an affectionate temperament. All working dogs need training and the American Eskimo Dog is no exception. In this article training, care and general health concerns are covered in depth with the American Eskimo dog in mind.

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