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Tuition the need of the Hour
Do you like or not private tuitions are the essential in today leaving. Private tuitions are a well established norm for most Indian students now. But when parents insist on putting their tiny tots through rigorous tutoring, it does seem a little inexplicable. But not to be outdone by their metro counterparts who have set this trend, parents in small towns are also toeing the same line some may call it as unhealthy but this is the need of the hour.

Why? Well, Mrs. Mittal, homemaker, gives her busy schedule as the reason. “Though I can help my children in their studies, I don’t get time from household chores since I am living in a joint family. I thought hiring tutors would be a better idea,” she says, adding, “I am against the practice of private of tuitions for such young kids, but then, It is not only the study now other activates like music, dance, yoga, marshal art driving all are the activates which parents want there child should learn at the early stage of life.

AnjuVerma, banker, says her work leaves her with little time to help her children with studies: “I am working in a insurance company and my hubby is an engineer. Our professional obligations keep us tied. So we both decided to hire a tutor for our son.” Verma also feels that “nursery children should not be burdened with studies at such an early age and schools focus on develop the potential of the child so that he can achieve something in the future.”

Professional and family obligations aside, parents’ social obligations are also forcing them to get tutors for their tiny tots. As Sanjeev Goel, a government employee in Hyderabad says, I don’t get to supervise my son’s activities because of work and my wife Nita who is president of a prominent city-based ladies’ club is busy with her social obligations. But I don’t want my child’s studies to suffer, so we have hired a tutor.” More then our decision of hiring a tutor it is impotent to hire a competent tutor. I was lucky to know the web potal to find a lady tutor to teach my son at my place.

But according to Dr Rajesh Shankar, child psychologist, “no tutor can replace a parent”. Avers Dr Madu Kumar, another psychologist, “In today’s world, parents are very competitive and want that their child to be right at the top. They hire tutors so that their child’s syllabus is two or three months in advance leading to unnecessary stress for the child.” Mr. Madu add that although it is difficult to be away from this race but finding a tutor in your vicinity is a challenge and is a place where parents can find a suitable tutor.

While parents complain that schools are over-burdening young students with excessive studies, schools themselves are opposed to the idea of private tuitions. As Meenakshi Burman, principal of a prominent school says, “Tuitions are not essential for play group or nursery kids, they only need love and affection from their parents. But parents don’t even have time for that.”

“Often, parents do not feel up to the task of helping their child in her studies and therefore hire a tutor from an early stage. However, if the child gets dependent on someone from the start, he will also need someone to fall back on even later in life. It also hinders the all-round development of the child,” adds Burman


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About The Author: Tina ales Indu is a senior lecturer at Gokul Akademi University at Delhi, India. She teaches methodology in the university teacher-training programmers for class teachers, foreign-language teachers and special-education teachers and conducts in-service courses and workshops on GAU. She is also author/co-author of 08 published [some of which are downloadable] you may contact her through her website

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