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Women and Healthy Diets

In today's modern world, women and healthy diets don't seem to be making time for each other. Whether women are busier now or diets are simply more complicated, that may never be fully understood. What people do understand right now is that women and healthy diets are connected in ways that will affect their future health.

Excuses that Women Use... All the Time

If you were honest with yourself, the link between women and healthy diets is something you already know. However, you might be suffering from these normal excuses:

- I just don't have the time to (insert healthy habit here)

- I'm working longer hours

- I'm too tired to cook

- I deserve some 'naughty' foods for working so hard

- I don't want to make separate foods for myself and for my family

- Healthy food doesn't taste good

But with each excuse, you are pushing yourself further and further away from health and fitness. This is the time to realize that excuses are just that... excuses!

Creating New Habits Instead

What most women don't realize is that good health doesn't have to take up a lot of time. By simply looking for ways to increase the nutrition in each day, women and healthy diets can work together without being inconvenient.

- Try adding a multivitamin to each day to ensure you're getting the nutrition you need

- Add one piece of fruit as an afternoon snack

- Add vegetables to every meal

- Cut down to one drink a day

- Try to drink more water each day

- Let yourself cheat once a week, or have a smaller treat everyday

When you begin to look at your health as being a series of small steps in the right direction, you can see that it's not that hard or time consuming to start looking after yourself.

Convenience Will Win in the End

Many healthy women and healthy diets they choose are based on convenience. Here are some ways that you can add convenience to your menu:

- Try healthy frozen dinners when you don't have a lot of time

- Cook once a week, freeze the meals in single serve portions and reheat as needed

- Try prepackaged salads and sandwiches

- Pack your foods the night before

- Only go to restaurants with healthy choices

Good and healthy doesn't have to mean that you're sacrificing the rest of your life. These changes can apply to all women and healthy diets can affect all women's lives.

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About The Author: Michelle Van Otten is the founder and owner of Ultimate Body Potential located in Los Gatos, Ca. UBP offers personal training in Los Gatos, fitness classes, outdoor fitness bootcamps and much more. To learn more and sign up for lots of free information please visit

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