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Why filter your aquarium

There is probably no more important equipment than the fish tank filter is in any aquarium. In order to let all newbies understand this problem, first it's necessary to realise that every natural process generates outputs and takes inputs as well. In our case, the input is fish, plants; and fish' excrements in the concrete. The output is, as reader should feel, various bacteria, chemicals and basically elements which could harm fish in the tank. If we compared filter-free aquarium to human beings, we'd have to stop using toilets. I don't think it would be a wise idea. The same happens in any tank which is filtrated poorly or which isn't filtrated at all.

Since I did one experiment about 2 years ago, I can tell you how the filter-free tank might look like. First, you'll enjoy it's silence and maybe you'll introduce some fish into. The first problem comes after 4-5 days when you'll notice fish don't have enough oxygen. Naturally you can always add an air pump there, so everything will be fine again. However, the silence will be no longer. To make as much as possible, you can create an open-top aquarium which should have wooden walls protecting fish from jumping out from the tank. Nevertheless our problems don't end here since fish require food. If food falls down to the bottom (substrate) and is uneaten, it will start to decompose as time goes by. Natural part of the decomposition process is fungus growth. Moreover fish excrements help fungus growth as well and because you can't control fallen food or wastes presence without the filter efficiently, the fungus will be present almost everywhere within the tank.

The real problem with fungus will be visible after 2-3 weeks after starting such fish bowl; The water becomes dirty and yellow, fish becomes impassive and less immune against the white spot disease. In addition the plants will be full of fungus chain which may be present everywhere in the tank if you decided to use an air pump. Due to previously mentioned reasons, your tank will become insufficient for your pets.

The best thing what you can do at this point is to buy a filter immediately. If you don't so, your aquarium will slowly become a deadly place where all living fish can't survive. Such tank can't be even called an aquarium; The best name for such situation is a bacteria hatchery. In my case I added the filter after 4 weeks and water chemistry became normal after another 1 week. No fish died during this experiment since I kept only 3 Bristlenose Catfish in that tank.

Bear in mind that effective filter doesn't have to produce a crystal-clear water. The reason for using a filter is more simple; It helps your aquarium to offer stable water conditions and water current as well. In some cases you don't even need light bulbs, heater, thermometer or automatic fish feeder. But you need filter with proper filtration media for sure. When speaking about filtration media, don't forget to use well-established foam and don't clean it every day. Otherwise you'd kill all nitrification bacteria which are required for eliminating harmful organisms which live on excrements and uneated food primarily.

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About The Author: Jan Hvizdak, the author of this article also offers you reading on internal and external aquarium filter description as well as article on fish tank heater.

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