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Why Vegetarian Nutrition Stands Out

A vegetarian diet is considered to be the best among all types of diets. Many studies can prove this claim. A Columbia University study has shown that the human body’s structure is actually not suited for animal meat consumption. It was found that the small and large intestines of carnivores are both short. Humans, however, have small and large intestines that are long.

When humans consume meat, especially in huge proportions, it stays in the intestines for longer periods, which can decay and lead to the formation of toxins. These toxins have been found to be trigger diseases such as colon and rectal cancer, liver and kidney problems and many others. Excessive consumption of meat can also increase saturated fat and cholesterol counts that can slow down the body’s metabolic functions, thus leading to cardiovascular problems.

Even when you think the meat has been inspected for cleanliness and safety, you can still never tell whether it is really free from disease carriers. Moreover, the presence of antibiotics, hormones and other drugs in animal produce can pose a serious threat to human health as well.

With a vegetarian diet, you may not have to worry about these possible health risks. Plant food is a direct source of more nutrients compared to animal food. Especially when vegetarian diets are well planned, you can be sure that you will be getting proper nutrition that you need, which is necessary for good health.

Too often, it has become a common misconception that nutrition from meat consumption is better than vegetarian nutrition, which may not always be the case. In fact, a study in Yale University showed that vegetarians have more endurance than those who eat meat. Vegetarians can still get adequate amounts of protein by increasing intake of wheat, whole grains and vegetables without ever resorting to meat.

Moreover, the nutrition that a vegetarian diet provides can give you a leaner physique, a healthier body, a sharper focus, which in totality can lead to a better quality of life. In fact, vegetarians are known to live longer lives than meat eaters. Of course, while modern science may have already introduced approaches to prolonging life, perhaps nothing can top up with the health benefits that a vegetarian diet can give.

Above all else, your health should be your topmost priority. Without it, you may never live your life at its best. Now that you know what vegetarian nutrition can give you and why it is the best option for your health, all you need to do is to make the switch.

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About The Author: Margo Tuazon is a dermatologist and an expert author who writes for A site specialized in health information & tips. Visit us to read more Nutrition, Diet and Wellness articles.

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