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Why I Started Boxing

I imagine my story is very similar to many other people who have found themselves involved in the world of boxing and martial arts. I started as a lot of young men do, doing a normal 9-5 office job, eating rubbish and drinking far too much lager! This of course did very little for my body or my anything else for that matter so decided it was time to join a gym.

A couple of friends of mine were really into bodybuilding, so much so that one had what could only be described as a shrine to Arnie in his bedroom. I was quite impressed by the progress they had made so thought Id join them a couple of times a week. Under their supervision I started to reverse the effects of my unbelievable unhealthy lifestyle. Ten years later I was still doing the same training, maintaining a decent physique, spending a small fortune on supplements but found myself increasingly disillusioned at why exactly I was still putting so much time and effort into weight lifting. I had no interest in steroids and as such was never likely to compete.

By chance and at about the same time I started working for a new company. There were a couple of guys working for this company; one was a traditional power lifter. Nice guy, very strong and nicknamed Mr Incredible. The other a smaller guy, lawyer of all things was really into "BJJ" and "MMA". Two phrases that meant very little to me at the time. We trained a few times and eventually he talked me into doing a bit of sparring with him one lunchtime. Sure Id messed about on the punch bag in the gym and even used some focus pads a couple of times with a friend but to actually try and hit another human being was a completely new concept to me.

We arrived at the gym with a huge bag of boxing equipment, out of which he pulled two pairs of 12oz gloves and 2 headgears. At this point I was really questioning what Id gotten myself into but pride being what it is I wasn't about to back out. I asked for the thickest most protective headgear he had and we got on with it! My first reaction was of course to swing like a madman, it was a combination of every brawl Id had since my teens rolled into one. Out of what seemed like a thousand punches I caught him with one (but it was a good one!).

He then spent the next hour dancing around me, jabbing and throwing combos at me whilst I tried to figure out which punch was coming next. I learnt more in that hour than I had in ten years lifting weights. I had no goals lifting weights, I was just plodding along unable to improve myself but fighting was a different ball game completely. Bizarrely I enjoyed the experience, Id been hit a lot and my jaw ached for days but I couldnt wait to go again. Fighters understand this; too many people look at fighters with no real understanding of the skill and commitment it takes to actually be good at any combat sport.

I was hooked.

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About The Author: This passion for these sports inspired me to create Urban Dojo, suppliers of high quality boxing gloves and martial arts equipment.

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