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Where to Find Your Ideal Dog

Where are you going to find your dog? Well that will all depend on what you are looking for from a pet. There are many reasons to do a lot of research before purchasing your dog. You need to know about the care, training, and breed of the dog. The question is where will you find all of that information and then find the right dog for you. The Internet, newspaper, breeders, shelters, pound, and veterinarian offices are the typical places for finding your dog. The trouble is you have to know about the dog before you can actually purchase one.

So here are a few tips for where to find your dog and what questions you should be asking. Most offices are not going to be a fountain of information, while the dog breeders are going to have the most helpful information. A dog breeder is going to know how to breed them, take care of them, and the typical characteristics that dog will show. They will most often interview you to make sure you are the right candidate. Dog breeders tend to be very cautious in letting just anyone who wants a dog have a dog. They want to know about your home, your life, and where the dog will fit in. They also require the highest fees next to pet shops for a specific breed.

You also want to make sure you are speaking with a valid person. The Internet can give rise to many scams and some of those are dog scams. They will have a picture of a pure breed online and give you plenty of information, but then the dog you actually get is a mixed breed. So be wary when trying the Internet. You will want to visit any place you are looking to purchase a dog to make sure they have had the best care and that you and the dog get along. Care should include a place that is large enough for the breeders setup, making sure it is clean, and that they are producing healthy dogs. If you are not looking for a puppy you will also want the dog to have training prior to your purchasing it. Training should be started when the dog is a puppy in order to have the best results. An older dog that has not been trained may not be the best fit for you and your family.

You need to know if the dog you want is going to do well if you have small children. Some breeds of dog are not good with small children and they can be a bit aggressive. For a family with smaller children you need a gentle, caring dog that is aware of its size. You should stay away from the Akita, Lhasa Apso, and Doberman Pinscher breeds. You will find most hounds, Saint Bernard, and German Shepherds are better for families. Keep in mind the more you know about your choice in dog the better you and your family will be.

You also need to know the medical history and medical care the dog may require. The medical history will tell you if they have suffered from injuries, accidents, or abuse prior to your ownership. You also need to know if they are prone to certain diseases, hip problems, or allergies to make caring for them a little easier. If you are aware of the issue you can have the proper vet treatments and nutrition supplied to avoid most problems. You will also find that medical care is needed at least once a year with different types of vaccinations.

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