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What is Guided Meditation?

Have you ever wondered why people meditate? Perhaps you see these people as one of those weird hippy types who sit cross-legged smoking marijuana. Well, you may be pleasantly surprised at what meditation can do for you. Meditation is about learning to control the influence that your mind has in your life. It helps you to find inner peace and calmness, tranquillity, and it also helps you to grow as a person.

Most people, when thinking of meditation, think of someone sitting with their eyes shut and chanting. This is not what meditation is about and, unless the person is achieving an outcome, this would serve no purpose whatsoever.

Guided meditation is where there is a person guiding you toward an outcome through the process of meditation.

Just like everything else you do, meditation must have a purpose. After all, you wouldn’t go out to work every day unless there was a purpose to it would you? Meditation is the same. Why do it for no reason?

There are a number of reasons why people meditate. Some of these reasons are:

• To help you focus
• Relaxation
• To elevate your mood
• To help you to be creative
• Self esteem and confidence
• Find inner peace
• Focus on healing
• Control pain
• Overcome fear

These are only a few of the reasons for meditation. In reality, the reasons are unlimited. Guided meditation is designed to assist you in choosing the right way to meditate to achieve your desired outcome.

When choosing a meditation guide, you need to find out their techniques and specialties. You need a guide who can help you to achieve the objectives you have in mind.

Most meditation guides will first teach you deep breathing techniques so that you can learn to relax and remain focused. Without this, other meditation paths will be useless.

Every meditation guide is different and sometimes the differences between guides can be quite dramatic so you need to find a guide who best works for you.

There are also meditation cds that use guided meditation. These may work for some people where others find them unrealistic and amusing.

There are many different types of guided meditation and many cds, dvds, and videos are available in bookshops or on the internet. If the source is reputable, they will offer a limited look at the product so that you can make a decision of whether or not it is for you.

Before signing up to a meditation centre or health retreat for guided meditation, check to see if they have an introductory CDROM of their program. Try this out before spending your money on something that may not even work for you.

Anyone who is thinking of entering a health retreat for meditation should try meditation first. At the very least, you should try the meditation deep breathing exercises. Practice these for a while until you feel you are able to focus. If you master these, then guided meditation is more likely to be successful.

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