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Walking, an exercise works like miracle

Walking can help you more than just reducing extra fats. It helps toning your body to a better condition. One Japanese pratitioner states that walking leisurely makes our brain release a kind of endorphin, a kind of substance which can boost the immune system and kill cancer cells.

He suggests that if we want to keep fit, we should walk ten thousand paces each day. Or if you don't have time, you should at least walk 30 minutes after each meal. He says that if you keep doing that persistently, your weight will be under control. However he emphasizes that, you must do it out of pleasure. If you just force yourself to walk, you wouldn't get any good result.

Some people ask how we should walk to get the best result. My experience shows me the following points

1. When we walk downhill with small fast steps, the bulkiness of the stomach can be removed.
2. Walking uphill with long steps with our stomach in, shoulders straight will shape up our thighs and hips.
3. Swing your arms freely as you walk, the extra fats under you armpit will disappear gradually.
4. When you walk at a medium pace with your hands held high in the air above your head. you will find your waistline slimmer after a few months.

Walking is the kind of exercise which can be carried out anytime, anywhere in town. You don't need any expensive equipment to do that. All you need is just a pair of comfortable shoes. Starting from the beginning of this year, I carry out the exercise of walking at 6 each evening. In each exercise session I circle around one of the biggest parks close to my home 5 times. Now my extra large trousers became so loose that I have to change for smaller ones. Otherwise it falls to the floor everytime I stand up.

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