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Tropical freshwater aquariums: Importance of proper temperature inside the tank

Many fish keepers house fish without basic knowledge of how-to create a suitable conditions and environment for their pets. Depending on each species, you should know it's natural habits not through the breeding period only, but through the day, night, Winter or Summer as well. The most important aspect of proper and equalized fish tank temperature is to keep it as natural as possible.

Because the most common species available in fish shops come from tropical rainforests where it's not unusual if the water temperature increases to 28C through the day and lowers to 20C through the night, you need to realise that stable temperature isn't what your fish are looking for. Thanks to metabolism which works faster when temperatures are higher, fish are able to swim, search food, breed, breath and basically everything what they do during days. Unlike shiny middays, nights are characterized by sleepy and peaceful atmosphere; Of course, just those species take rest during nights which are active during days. It is important to keep the night temperature lower because fish need to scoop up the energy.

Unlike salt-water aquariums which require stable water temperature, freshwater species require varying temperature because of another reason; The level of oxygen in the tank. It is well-known fact that oxygen remains in cold waters easier than in high-temperature water. And because you don't want your fishes to swim closely below the water surface all the day, you must consider improving water conditions in order to meet the imaginary quality criteria.

Let's go to exact examples. If you keep Siamese fighting fish, water temperature shouldn't exceed 30C and shouldn't be less than 20C. Siamese fighting fish comes from tropical Asia regions. This geographic location is home of Paradise fish, Flower horn (which isn't a natural species, it was created in laboratories!), Botia species, Gouramis, etc. Another temperatures are required by fish which come from North and Central America. Fish like Red devil cichlid or Xiphophorus species like more stable conditions; about 22C through the night and about 27C through the day. As we go to the South America, we will find similar environment like Asia there. Special care should be taken of African cichlids which prefer lower temperatures since they usually swim in cold waters. All in all, minimum of 20C and maximum of 26C will be welcomed.

Even though you must care of your pets as much as possible, there are times when you must increase temperature because of sick fish. Usually fish get the White spot disease and the best cure for such illness is increasing the temperatre to 30C or sometimes 31C and adding sea salt into the water.

Another reason for higher tenperatures is breeding. Almost every species breed only if temperature is higher than 26C, which is a sign of enough food. Because tubifex, various larvae, insects reproduce themselves during hot periods, fry will have enough food. On the other hand there are species like Corydoras Panda which breed in colder waters only. So it is up to everyone which fish you keep, but bear in mind their compatibility not only from aggressivity point of view, but from required environment aspect as well.

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About The Author: Cooling an aquarium can be achieved by using aquarium chiller. Previous link points to another article written by Jan Hvizdak.

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