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Tips When Training Your Dog

Training a dog is not always an easy task. Training a puppy can be frustrating as the he is so cute and cuddly, and it is hard to correct them when bad behavior is displayed. The puppy also tends to have a short attention span, and get excited very easily. On the other hand, the older dog may also be hard to train. The older dog is more set in his ways, and is resistant to make changes to his behavior. There are some things you need to keep in mind though when you are training your dog.

First thing that needs to be done is consistency. Make sure that the same thing is taught every day. If you do the same thing the dog will not get confused, and will respond better to the training. Make sure you concentrate on one command at a time. Once one command is mastered move onto the next. If you move on too quickly the dog will forget what he has already learned, or get the commands confused.

Next make sure that you are using a different command for each reaction you want to get from the dog. If you want the dog to go lay down make sure that is what you say, or if you want him off the couch tell him to get off. Many owners make the mistake of using one command to mean multiple things, which confuses the dog, and make the command meaningless. Owners use the command down to mean lay down, get off the couch, stop jumping on people, and down which generally means for the dog to be in the prone position. Make sure each command has its own meaning, and a better reaction will be seen.

Persistence is another important part of training your dog. If you and your dog start attending training classes, make sure that the class is finished. Do not quit the class before obedience is achieved. One mistake that many owners make is quitting the classes before they are over because the dog seems to not be responding. When you quit the class premature you are teaching the dog that he has won, and he doesn't have to listen. Your dog has now learned that if he keeps behaving badly you will just give up and let him do whatever he wants. Remember that you are the owner, and that you are the boss, which means you have to be more persistent than your dog.

Another thing to remember is to make sure that correction is made every time the dogs behavior is not good. If you are teaching your dog to stay off the couch make sure that he is told to get off every time he is on the couch. If you only correct him three times, and let it go the fourth time, the dog will learn that on the fourth time he will be allowed to stay on the couch. Once again, you need to be more persistent than the dog, and let him know that you are the one in charge. Persistence and consistency are very important things to remember when training your dog.

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