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This Season Will You Be Ready To Make Your March Madness Picks?

March is a month that has much significance in history. Beginning from the Ides of March and Julius Caesar, the spring season, ending of a financial year in many countries, spring fever, and the topic of today - March Madness Tournament! The Big Dance in basketball and the March Madness Tournament are synonymous with big game betting and basketball picks are a much sought after tips with ardent fans. Even women sport lovers spend a great deal of time in following these tournaments and enjoying the lucrative (well - almost!) pastime of sportive betting. The NCAA Basketball games provide entertainment in many forms to the American public. One wonders as to how many games other than basketball would be so popular and have an impact on the life of so many!

What is all this March Madness betting about?

Years ago when I came from UK it became clear to me that the games British played and lay their bets on are a bit different and the system also quite specific to the British traditions. There one would make a social event out of any betting system like the Friday gatherings when playing the Football Pools or enjoying the day out at Ascot or Derby ! My earlier attempts at NCAA betting during the March Madness Tournament were a trifle amateurish and it was not easy to understand the ins or outs of the system. With time, patience, and study this concept did become quite clear and now it is an annual affair - just like the thousands or even the millions who indulge seriously in this basketball seasonal pool. Picking the basketball teams and hot bets is very interesting with many advisors on the Internet having their web sites throw in a pick or two.

Follow the Simple Rules of Betting for Your Basketball Picks

Simplicity is the "kiss of life" - and stupidity has no role to play in this game of KISS! Unlike many sports where one follows traditional tips and hints, the March Madness Tournament needs a little study and common sense to ensure a certain degree of winning streak in the picks.

Instead of betting from the very beginning of the tournament, it is advisable and wise to concentrate on the final four of the tournament. Like the betting system in other games, including the Kentucky Derby - it is essential to base your basketball picks on teams that have a reputation of having "big men" as their star players. Studying the history of the college or school team performances in smaller games helps in understanding how you can narrow down your betting picks to a more plausible number. Remember that if you are playing your bets for the "fun of the game" it is alright to choose the top-rated teams; however, these are also the most expensive of the basketball picks in the March Madness Tournament!

Analyze and follow the tips given by several ethical sports betting forums that make it a business to help you in placing reasonable and lucrative bets in this ever popular March Madness Picks and NCAA Tournament Picks.

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