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Thinking of buying a puppy/dog

Well has you are looking at this article I take it that you are thinking of buying a puppy/dog. We do know that there can be a lot of work and will take up a lot of your time. And at first training your dog can be hard work. I would like to ask you do you know how to train a dog, have you ever had a dog. Maybe this will be the best article that you are going to read about puppy’s/dogs in the terms of information.
But just one more topic before I give you that information, that topic is are you ready for a dog do you want a dog for the right reasons. You ready to clean up dog poo every day until dog is house trained. Well if your answer is yes to all the above then, I will tell you about a website that will help you on your way from picking your new puppy’s name to dog training what treat are good for your and what treats are not. Also where to buy your new dog from, also there is a large selection of dog pictures and hints and tips on what the best way to go about things.
It is pack full of information for dog owners if there is anything that you need to know you will find it there. You can also visit a forum where you can ask other dog owners question about dogs. You can get a great dog training guide with is like a gold mine jammed full of useful topics here are just a few topics covered
• Decided on a breed that is suitable for your lifestyle or personality.
• Decided what breed is best for your living environment.
• Make sure you can afford it!
• Pick a place for you to pick a pup.
• Prepare yourself for training a dog.
• Train your dog.
• Understanding dog behavior
• Housebreak your dog.
• Grooming your dog.
• Teach your dog some basic commands.
• Teach your dog some fancy tricks.
• Other tips in caring and training your dog.
• Emergency remedy for swallowed objects.
• Plus lots more useful information

If you are a first time puppy/dog buyer then you will find this site very useful, even if you already own a puppy/dog then you will also find something that will be of use to you. The site is and the best part of this article is that for this information it cost not a dime. Some think that we must all remember is that a dog is for life and not just a present. Many people make this mistake and that why we see so many puppy’s/dog in places like the R.S.P.C.A. If this article has just changed the mind of one person who was thinking of buying a dog but for the wrong reasons then I am happy. And who said that good advise was not free. Just before I end this article we do need to keep in mind when choosing a puppy/dog is this type of breed of dog best for us as you may well know that different kinds of breeds of dogs have different needs, let me put it like this some bigger breeds of dog need more excersie then smaller breeds also is you home the right size to take on a large dog. Many of us over look these point that are very important, are you in rented accomandation does the landlord allow dogs. Then there is that vet bills the list goes on and on, in a dog life time the amount of money that you spend is unreal. I am not trying to put you off the idea that you have in getting your new best friend, just giving you the facts. If you do want to find out much more before you take the step, go to the website and find out as much information as you can take your time think about it. Don’t join the many other who buy puppy’s/dog for all the wrong reason, like then who think that they are money making machines just keep them breeding to sell there puppy’s or them who cross breed them and turn them in to fighting dogs. It is people like that who give mans best friend a bad name. I wish you the best start with you and your puppy/dog

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