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The Savoury Chef – Your own Personal Chef

We work hard for the basic purpose of filling our stomachs and fulfilling the desire of our family members. When people are keen on improving their standard of living and the mode of life, they deserve the best food available. The only problem in this regard is that people lack the time and ability to prepare the food that they have always wanted, or don't know where to purchase the best ingredients. Eating local and eating organic is a trend that is being adopted quickly by all individuals, by all walks of life. The health benefits, and sustainability factor alone is enough to explain this recent shift of the consumers mind. This has, in turn, brought up the need for the private chefs to fill this necessity and serve you with all the delicious healthy and freshly prepared meals that you have dreamt of, but which have been only available in restaurants.... until now.
Our Vancouver Personal Chef (Chef Taryn Wa) is an expert and excels in all aspects of her kitchen tasks. A Personal chef is suitable for all occasions, dinner parties, catered events, menu planning, dietary restrictions, you name it!. Chef Taryn Wa not only prepares quality food for her clients, and their families; but is just as equally competent of serving tasty meals to whole groups of individuals for occasions such as business parties, romantic dinners for two, family feasts, or even weddings! A Vancouver Personal Chefs is extremely helpful for the kind of people who do not enjoy the fun involved in cooking or who have dietary restrictions. Moreover, the quality of each individually prepared dish can be compared (and often exceeds) your expectations of a fine dinning restaurant. This private chef (Chef Taryn Wa) performs each task related to cooking, and even cleaning. It starts with the sit down consultation, where Chef Taryn Wa will go over all your dietary restrictions, family favorites, and create a customized menu for you to approve.
Once the date has been set, a 25% deposit must be made, and the date will be booked. Vancouver Personal Chefs do all the shopping, but Chef Taryn Wa takes it one step further! She will shop, cook, clean, prepare and even serve that fresh meal the day of that she is in your kitchen! Or if you prefer she can do it from her catering kitchen and bring it to you.
I know what you are thinking, 'this sounds expensive'. We'll to be honest, it's not, and it’s actually more affordable than you think! Add up the cost of eating out, compare to the cost of groceries that go to waste when you shop, as well as your time shopping, and cooking and prepping. You'll see that a Vancouver Personal Chef is more practical than you think!

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About The Author: SavouryChef fulfills all your catering needs for romantic dinner parties,wedding parties, birthday celebration and other intimate events in the comfort of your home kitchen.

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