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The Rat Race

There are an awful lot of people who think that instead of being in the human race, they are in the rat race. What does that mean? Why do they think like that?

The life we live as human beings has often been described as a "rat race." You have probably heard common phrases like, "Another day in this lousy rat race," or, "Welcome to the rat race," or similar phrases.

The term "rat race" more than likely came from the rat's desperate struggle for survival. It very strongly implies an endless, self-defeating pursuit. There is no question in my mind that the life of a rat is a deplorable and disgusting existence to say the least.

But, on the other hand, it is contemptible to say that human beings are like rats. More importantly, it is devastating to those that accept it as so.

Let's think logically for a moment. Are we to believe that the Creator's intention was for billions of people to be all over the earth struggling to survive due to a limited supply? That sure sounds like the life of a rat to me! Are we really supposed to believe that the Almighty would be that shortsighted? Are we all supposed to struggle for survival like rats because there is not enough to go around?

I think not!

Let's start with the bare basics. Every morning, you and billions of others wake up breathing oxygen. There is plenty – abundance for everyone! And as you roll out of bed, it's comforting to know that planet earth is still orbiting the sun so there is plenty of sunshine across the whole planet for another day.

In fact, when you really take a look at God's creation it becomes very obvious that He is a God of abundance!

I read that each apple contains about ten seeds. That means one apple has the potential to produce ten apple trees. Each apple tree can produce around two thousand apples per season. With ten seeds in each apple, one apple tree, one season, has the potential to produce twenty thousand more apple trees. And, a good apple tree can produce apples for one hundred years or more!

The signs of the Creator's abundance are everywhere: in the plants, the trees, the flowers and everywhere you look. (Well, almost everywhere.) With all the great abundance and obvious design for abundance, why are so many people lacking in their lives?

It was never the intention of the Creator for the human race to be a rat race. It was never His plan for people to live with fear, anxiety and have no peace. It was not His design for people to spend their days worrying about the daily necessities of life, completely absorbed in trying to earn a living.

God is a God of abundance and He has provided an endless supply. He intended for us to enjoy our lives by enjoying all He has provided for us. But He also gave every one of us free will to choose.

Every person has to choose what they want to believe and accept. What we believe and accept is what we will attract and bring into our lives.

Doubts, worries, and fears will do nothing but cut you off from the flow of His abundance. It's like putting your foot on a hose. The supply is there and it is flowing, but you are interfering with and impeding the flow.

Thinking negatively and talking negatively will bring negatives into your life. Thinking poverty or lack and talking poverty or lack will bring poverty and lack into your life.

The Creator is unlimited in His ability to supply and provide for every one of His children. The signs of that great abundance and supply are so obvious. How could we dare to think otherwise?

When we decide to think and talk of His abundance and His prosperity, His care and His protection, His endless supply and His endless love we attract those same things. When we focus on those things, they expand, and we will begin to see His abundance and prosperity flow into our lives.

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About The Author: Michael A. Verdicchio has inspirational and motivational “Pep Talks” on audio CD, at . Michael has a free newsletter called, THE PEP LETTER, at . Michael is a husband, father, minister, author, and broadcaster. He has been the voice on numerous productions over the years.

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