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The Maltese Breed

The Maltese dog breed is considered a toy. Basically this means they are fun, lovable dogs that make wonderful companions for young children as well as adults. Most often they weigh between 4 and 7 pound reaching about 9- 10 inches in height. Unlike most dog breeds the Maltese is only white in colour when it is a pure breed. They have a long, almost silky hair. The hair on this breed of dog is one of the most beautiful and easy to maintain, as it is straight and not easily tangled because of its softness. They are one of the only non-shedding dogs available when you consider all the breeds available.

The Maltese breed originated in Europe where many individuals favored them, especially the upper class. You will find their character to be full of affection as well as a great amount of energy. They love to play, socialize with other dogs, and are very intelligent. You often see the Maltese dog breed on dog shows because of their characteristics, not only their personalities, but for their body type as well.

When you consider the Maltese dog breed for your home you should understand their temperament and care. These dogs often bond with one person, while they tolerate others. They love to be showed affection, including cuddling. You will find that they do not like to be left alone for a long time. While you may leave them alone during the day, they donít like being alone during vacations. It is best that they are left with someone they are close to or that you take them with you. The Maltese is also a fairly quite breed of dog. They do bark when they perceive a threat, alert you when there is someone in their territory, and very protective. You will need to groom them daily with a brush to keep their hair luxurious and pretty. Unlike other dog breeds they can be bathed regularly.

You will find that they tend to have eye problems when the hair gets to close and they need to have their eyes bathed every day. You will also learn that they suffer from skin disorders, respiratory problems, and digestion issues. Your vet or breeder will be able to help you determine the right type of diet and hygiene to make sure they are healthy throughout their lives. With the amount of hair and their body type they donít do well in hot climates or very damp climates.

The Maltese is a small breed and therefore they donít require a large amount of space. They do well in apartments and with minimal exercise. You will find that a daily walk and some playtime is all they really need to be content. They also love to play with other dogs at the parks. Training for these dogs should be crate training. They may be intelligent, but they are one of the most difficult to train. Your best option when training the Maltese dog is early socialization, consistency, and a gentle hand. They will do well when you reward their good behavior and show patience. If you take the proper amount of time to train them they can do tricks and will be obedient.
Any dog will do better around your family and become a wonderful member of your family when you purchase them as puppies. Training is important when they are younger as they havenít learned bad habits, yet. Most often you can get a Maltese puppy from a breeder.

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