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The Benefits of Paid Surveys for Survey Respondents – the Real Story (Part II)

Paid surveys have both critics and adorers, but the truth is up to having a personal experience with taking surveys. Whereas some propagate that paid surveys are a budget-problem-solver, others totally discourage their audiences from trying paid surveys. What is the real story about paid surveys?

Previously, I talked about the exaggerations of some writers on paid surveys about what to expect from taking surveys in terms of cash. But how about the critics? There are many authors who have produced very harsh criticism towards paid surveys and their benefits to people. Many such authors argue they have previously taken paid surveys, but have been either totally disappointed by the cash earnings, or have been cajoled into a scam scheme.

Of course, both situations are very possible. Some people believe that they will make substantial earnings with paid surveys, but end up earning $50 or $100 per month, and drop taking surveys. Also, others may fall victim of scam sites that require potential survey takers to pay fees that are either never recovered through cash earnings, or don’t entail any meaningful service. Reporting these cases is essential to protect other from falling victim of illegitimate paid survey sites.

If you have unrealistic expectations about paid surveys, then you will really be discouraged to learn that paid surveys won’t buy you a yacht or a summer house. Some survey takers find it better to save their cash earnings for a bigger purchase; others prefer to afford smaller but regular purchases. Even though one month you can make $50, while another - $500 or more, you might expect your income to vary, and cannot rely on paid surveys for all your living expenses. If you regard paid survey cash as a bonus, and show some persistence with the survey companies you select, you will enjoy both the process of taking surveys and the corresponding rewards.

The true benefits of paid surveys are that they don’t confine you to a particular schedule or routine; everything is optional – you might or might not take individual surveys; you can take surveys anytime from practically everywhere. The tangible and intangible benefits of paid surveys are to a great extent a matter of your own expectations. Anyway, a positive attitude and some persistence with paid surveys will certainly be rewarding both for your mood and your budget.

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