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Saint Bernard: Characteristics, Care and Training

There are several different breeds of dogs available for one to add to their family. The important things you should know about any dog is the care, health, training, and characteristics of the dog you wish to add. Some dogs are friendlier towards younger children, and others should not be near children at all. The Saint Bernard is one of the friendliest dogs in the category. Despite their size, muscles, and powerful body they are good natured and highly intelligent.

First you will find a Saint Bernard grows to be 120 to 200 pounds depending on the sex. The males are 27 inches in height and the females are about 25 inches. They have a longer face than most dogs and appear rather gruff. They can be white with red, red or brindle with white, or tan with dark ears and white. Most usually they have white on the chest, feet, tail, nose, and collar. Their eyes are in a darker pattern of fur. They have a smooth coat and short hair; however some of their breed can have rough, long hair. You will find yourself cleaning up after them if you neglect the grooming portion of dog care, as they are heavy shedders.

You will be surprise to learn that their breed has been around for several thousand years. They are extremely popular as rescue dogs, workers, and companions. Even though they are a gentle bred the Saint Bernard tends to be careful and great at sensing danger. You may think the St. Bernard always looks sad, but really they are very happy, especially when they are apart of a good home. You will find that any children are welcome with their temperament. With their gentle nature they tend to enjoy the affection of younger children as well as adults. They also have a heightened sense of protection. The Saint Bernard loves other animals as well. Occasionally they may display a bit of stubbornness, however they are most usually obedient. They will ask for plenty of attention and affection from you as the owner. As with most dogs you should never leave them alone for long. They donít like being left alone and will cause considerable damage to your belongings if unhappy or anxious.

Training should begin at the earliest possible stage because they need socialization training. They are lovable and good natured, but sometimes their size can be a little too much, so you must teach them to behave and be gentle towards others. The Saint Bernard does really well when you are gently and affectionate in return. You also want to keep the training the same and be assertive, but never harsh. You will find sitting, heeling, and staying are commands they understand easily.

Exercise is an important part of dog care and especially so for the Saint Bernard. They like outdoor exercise, but be careful to not over do. You will find daily walks and playtime is one of the best times of day for them. You will need a secure fence and at least a small backyard. You will find that grooming is important as a daily brushing activity and checking their bodies for bugs and hurt areas. They can have heart trouble, skin disorders, and bloating so be careful to keep them free of problems by frequent visits to the vet. The Saint Bernard also has a low tolerance of heat, due to the thick coat they have. Saint Bernardís though large are one of the best dogs to have for a family. While they do need their attention you will find they are extremely lovable and affectionate to everyone in your family.

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