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MySpace: The Local Bands Paradise

Myspace has become a world wide phenomenon and a place for local bands to break out in the internet community. Thousands of bands use MySpace to market their music to record labels, music fans, and potential fans and to keep in touch with their fan base.

Before MySpace, bands gained most of their exposure through playing shows and handing out demo tapes to those who actually showed up at their shows. With MySpace, the bands demo tape is already on the page, and can include a variety of things that a demo tapes cannot offer.

A MySpace music page has all the amenities of a regular website but has faster access and is set up for beginners so it is easier to maintain. Band members can update the page with the latest news, concert photos, live songs, and information on coming shows. Band members can also maintain contact with each other through separate pages and set up times where they can practice and meet up with each other.

Even already established bands use MySpace to connect with existing fans and to market themselves to people who have yet to hear of them.

Bands like 311, or Red Hot Chili Peppers use MySpace to preview new album songs and promote upcoming shows. They also use MySpace to sell merchandise to fans which may or may not have been offered at shows or on the bands regular website. It has become obvious to record labels that the internet is one of the best ways to promote new or already existing artists. The internet reaches billions of people and MySpace is one of the biggest website on the internet today.

With Mtv being less to do with music every year, record labels have to think of new ways to get a bands music to the public. MySpace is the perfect way to get a bands name out their. Examples of bands that got popular due to MySpace include Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco. With out MySpace, these bands would still be playing local shows to a couple high school kids and not selling out arenas all around the world.

MySpace has and still is changing the way we hear music today. Gone are the days of radio and television music promotion, and welcome to the new world of easy to serve up music via MySpace.

This social community is gradually taking the internet by the hand and dragging it to the future of socialization.

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About The Author: This article was written for our friends at MySpace Backgrounds and Graphics detailing how small bands are making there way on the internet. Article written and distributed by Steve Cancel, IT Manager of Secure Link.

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