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Low Fat Slow Cooker - Tips for Cooking With Less Fat

Good utensils for cooking with less fat:

* A frying pan coated with an anti-adhesive which makes it possible to cook with little or not fat content.
* A grill, essential to cook grilled and to allow you to get rid of the fats present in the aliments you are cooking.
* A pressure-cooker which allows all cooking, with water and vapor, in a minimum amount of time. Cooking is three times faster and requires half less liquid or fats.
* Aluminum foil and greaseproof paper which will be used for roll the preparations in curlpaper.
* A brush, which makes it possible to use a minimum of fatty substance to coat the meats and fish to be roasted.
* And possibly an ideal microwave oven to cook without fat content or to heat the dishes prepared in advance.

Easy ways to cook with less fat:

- Do not hesitate to use the ma�zena. When cooked, it thickens and makes hot sauces more consistent without you having to add fat content. For example, for pastas, use skimmed milk with a little ma�zena to thicken the sauce.
- Rather than to add some drops of oil to a dish which threatens to stick, rather pour a half glass of water or vegetable soup.
- Replace the fresh cream in the desserts by reduced ricotta and a little yoghourt mixed with vanilla.
- When peeled and cooked with water, the potatoes lose from 30 to 40% of their vitamins. They will lose less than 10% if you make them cook with their skins.
- For a soft sour sauce: mix honey, orange juice, mustard and some olive oil.
- You can do an omelet as follows: Cook a whole egg and 2 white eggs and some skimmed milk together with herbs in an anti-adhesive pan. Of course, you shouldn�t add any fatty substance.
- You can make your own mayonnaise by: beating some hard egg yolks mixed with some white cheese, mustard, pepper and some salt.

Do try to integrate these tips and tricks when cooking and you will be cooking with less fat.

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