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Information Regarding Breast Implants Today

Beginning in the 1890s, there have always been many choices available to women who sought breast implants as a means to enlarging their breasts. Unfortunately, many were not viable alternatives, as they often caused serious implications that led to infections, illness and even death.

In modern times, however, research and clinical testing have developed much safer varieties of breast implants that are now closely monitored by national health organizations (such as the FDA and Health Canada).

As a result, several types of breast implants manufactured around the world are now available. All of these range in texture and shape, as well as in size and filling.

The two primary categories when discussing breast implants for breast augmentation are saline and silicone. Late in 2006, silicone implants were granted approval by the FDA and Health Canada for the public. Before that time, saline was favoured due to its availability to the general market. However, since then, in well under a year, silicone implants have gradually increased in popularity.

The reason? The silicone for breast implants is in a cohesive gel-like consistency that is not as runny as saline. This tends to have result in a more natural feel.

When selecting a breast implant, consider the texture, shape, and size as well. Do you want a textured surface that allows the implant to stay more firmly in place? Do you want a contoured implant to produce a more naturally shaped breast? How much of an increase in breast size would you like? These are all questions that should be considered when determining the right type of breast implant for you.

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