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Ideas for Using Photographs in Crafts

There are many unique ways to use photographs in crafts that allow for personality, expression and interests to be displayed not only in the home or office, but any where you go. Use these ideas to expand your own use of photographs in crafting and gift ideas. A person remembers so much through photographs, having them displayed in various ways allows for individuals to share their friends, family and events easily and keeps those special moments fresh in their minds.

Hand, Beach and Baby Bags

Pictures aren't just for wallets! Clear plastic can be stitched over decorative fabric when making all types of bags, whether hand bags or baby bags, or whatever. By sewing strips of plastic on the outside of a bag and then creating individual pockets, pictures can easily be slipped in and out. Remember to measure accurately for the size photographs you want to use and give a little more space than needed. For example, if you are using 4x6 photos sew your pockets an extra 1/2 inch wider or so, so that pictures will fit. Bags can be used for new moms as a great baby shower gift, grandmas to show off their grand-babies or teenagers to have their friends with them where ever they go. Large or small bags can be used as purses or beach bags to tote toys around. The best part is how quickly the photos are used without having to transfer them onto fabric.

Pillows and Pillowcases

Photos can be put directly onto fabric and stitched into a pillowcase, or a plastic pocket can be made for a photo to be slipped into like when making a hand bag. Because plastic doesn't unravel like many fabrics, you do not have to tuck the edge under and sew, but can simply sew around the cut edges. Make sure to cut the plastic big enough for seem allowance to be accounted for. Pillows with pictures are especially fun for teenage girls rooms as extra throws on a bed- they are decoration with her best friends and useful for doing homework, reading or talking on the phone! Also a cute addition to a child's play room with pictures of them growing up. Every child loves to see them self as a baby and this is a great way for them to be able to handle pictures without constantly being told to be careful. Whoever the pillows are for, select photographs that they will enjoy and can be handled. By making copies of pictures, you won't have to worry about originals getting ruined.

Quilting With Photographs

Combining multiple crafts into a new crafting form allows for more creative expression than ever before. Quilting with photographs is a great example of different interests being unified to create a usable piece of art. Memory quilts make especially meaningful gifts as they record our most treasured moments. Weddings, graduation, family trees, childhood, and family are all excellent themes to build a quilt around. Choosing photos related to one another and recording a special event allow for a story to be told through the pictures. Pictures can be printed on special fabric made for this purpose and put through your printer or a person can use their own fabric. Using your own fabric takes longer, but especially if the quilt is a large project, is more cost effective. Before running the fabric through the printer, test it first on paper to see sizing and placement. A memory quilt is a gift of love and the special occasion it captures can be displayed in a family room, bedroom or dorm room. It can be used and taken everywhere and will definitely be treasured by the recipient.

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About The Author: Rob Daniels enjoys photography as a hobby and manages content at Future Photo and is a photographer for the stock photo website at Photo Wizard

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