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How to become a socialite in the UK using facial expressions

In the cost free website by Rob Tencer you will learn how to develop your tools to stand out in a crowd. There are many tricks to help make you stand out from the crowd. They may involve theatrics, drama, wardrobe, hair, props, entourage, dating, timing, transportation, when you enter and even when you exit. Or they could be very subtle. One very important tool in your arsenal to stand out in a crowd, and quite possible your best tool, could be your facial expressions. First, study your face in the mirror, and create and practice several facial expressions for different situations. While youíre on public display, people will look at your face. The public will read your face in different ways. Are you conveying personality, or just more mystery? Your first face to show is blank.
Start with a neutral, emotionless face. This could be read in many ways and creates mystery. You are striving for the mystery and for peopleís imagination to kick in. The next facial expression to master, is a face full of emotion (drama). By showing not just a little emotion, but a full range from laughing and smiles on your face to a face so sad, that youíre to the point of tears and crying. (Powerful emotions) Your trying to convey as much drama as possible to make up for a lack of other attributes you donít have. The imagination of those who see you, are placed in overdrive. They burn with the desire to know why you are publicly displaying this private and personal side of your life.

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For socialites of all ages and celebrities at all stages. This website covers topics involving lifestyle, beauty and fashion for the UK and USA socialite and celebrity.

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