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How to Train Your New Dog

Face it, nobody likes a dog that doesn't listen and behave. But everyone loves a dog that sits and stays on command.

If you have a barker or a jumper, it can be quite frustrating watching the dog ignore you every time company comes over. It's almost embarassing.

Your dog doesn't want to disappoint you. He has a natural desire to please you. When he's bad, he just doesn't know any better. I like to think there are no bad dogs, just good dogs that behave badly.

That is why you must train your dog to do more than eat and go outside. Your dog should be able to sit and stay on command, and sit there quietly for long periods of time.

Some dogs seem to learn things quickly. I had a black lab that learned to sit in five minutes. She caught on to just about everything right away.

Other dogs are a little slower. They are like kids with ADHD and can test your patience to the limit. There are many good books available online that will help you with these problem dogs.

The key to training any dog, be they fast or slow learners, is consistency. You must be willing to put out the effort to work with your dog daily. Preferably setting up your training about the same time every day.

This training time can be just 15 minutes a day, but it must get not only the dogs undivided attention, but yours as well. For that small investment of time over a period of a couple of months, you will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

You must also be consistent when dealing with specific bad behavior. For example, if your dog is a chewer you wouuld be well advised to make the consequence the same every time.

It could be a water gun shot to the face, or a pop on the butt with a rolled up newspaper. I prefer the water gun, and I am sure my dog did too.

Haven't you always been impressed by those dogs you see on TV getting a beer out of the fridge? Going out to get the paper on Sunday morning? Even your friends dog who stops whatever he is doing with a simple command?

There is no reason you can't have that dog if you are willing to put in the time. There are a lot of sources of learning material available that can make the job much easier and quicker, but you will be the deciding factor in your dogs success.

Your dog will put as much into their training as you do. Or as little. So if you think you are trying and not seeing results, get some help but never give up. Your dog is good and wants to please you.

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About The Author: If you have a problem dog, don't give up. Help is available and your dog is worth it. For more information, go to click here

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