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How To Choose The Right Kitten For You

Whether you're thinking of buying a pedigree or just a moggie, there's several important factors to take into consideration when choosing your kitten.

When you go to view make sure you are able to view the whole litter this will enable you to determine the characteristics of each kitten. Look for a playful and alert kitten, choose a kitten with clear eyes and a shiny coat. Check the ears and paws for any signs of ringworm. Are the kittens clean and not giving off any bad odours? View the living quarters, these should be clean, well ventilated and of a reasonable size to accommodate both the queen and the litter.

The kittens should have been regularly wormed and the mother fully vaccinated, you may wish to ask to see documented proof of this if your unsure. When purchasing a pedigree kitten look over the papers carefully and after you have taken home the kitten, ask your local vet to check for any evidence of inbreeding.

The characteristics of kittens as with most creatures will often vary greatly. The first kitten to approach you will usually be the dominant one. Growing into an independent cat, often strong willed, a cat that will only be picked up when he/she feels like it and basically just wants whatever on their terms. A perfect all round family pet, who will easily handle the hustle and bustle of a large household and not be upset if no ones able to offer attention.

The kitten that doesn't come forward or shies away will be a timid creature. This kitten will need a lot of attention and gentleness to gain his/her confidence. A timid kitten is not really suitable for a busy household or where there are lots of children These kittens will benefit from one to one attention, therefore they will make wonderful pets for someone living on their own.

Aggression as with other animals can be seen even in a very young kitten, really to be avoided if possible unless you can afford the vets fees for battle injuries he/she will receive when fighting with other cats or the bandages you will need to administer to yourself should you upset the little ‘fighter'.

All kittens are adorable, just don't let those little balls of fur weave their magic over you until you have asked the relevant questions and made an informative decision. Take along a sheet of paper with your questions and check list , pop this in your hand BEFORE you view the little darlings, that way you just might remember to look at it and use it MEOW!

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About The Author: How To Start Something New Today We have the information you need to help you look after your pets.Training and looking after any animal takes great thought, preparation and patience. Animals are not toys and never should be thought or treated as such. We hope you'll find informative and helpful. It must be stressed these articles are merely guides for more detailed knowledge, please seek professional guidance.

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