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How To Burn Fat With Foods That Boost Metabolism

Foods that boost metabolism is a hot topic among those interested in losing fat and keeping it off. The word metabolism refers to how you digest and convert food into energy. If you have a fast metabolism you will burn calories more easily than someone with a slow metabolism. By eating foods that boost metabolism you will burn more calories and more fat much easier.

When it comes to foods that boost metabolism and help you burn more fat off your body the first step is not choosing which foods to eat but rather when and how often to eat them. I say this because the average person has 2 or 3 big meals that only aid in weight gain with a few snacks in between (hopefully not a bag of potato chips or a chocolate bar!), with next to no foods that boost metabolism.

The single biggest change you can make to your diet before buying foods that boost metabolism is to eat small frequent meals instead of an almost non-existent breakfast and a lunch that leaves you tired and moody, followed by cravings, and a supper that that can leave you bloated and wreak havoc with the quality of your sleep. Frequent small meals means your body has to use more energy to break down and utilize the food which can keep your metabolism elevated continuously, especially when you eat foods that boost metabolism often.

Now the question is, what are the foods that boost metabolism which you can eat to help you burn fat and lose weight? Something thatís often ignored is protein foods such as eggs, cottage cheese, chicken breast, tuna fish and lean cuts of beef. Eating protein foods has the greatest metabolic boost compared to any other food, and will also help you build muscle when combined with strength training. As one of the best foods that boost metabolism, protein should ideally be eaten at every meal.

Aside from quality sources of protein other foods that boost metabolism and help you burn fat are natural carbohydrates such as oats, grains, vegetables and fruits. Our society is now plagued with processed carbohydrate foods packed with refined sugars and cooked in unhealthy fats, and this is exactly why obesity is at an all time high. Foods that boost metabolism will do wonders if you replace these foods.

When you replace white rice, for example, with a sweet potato, which is not heavily processed, your body has to do a lot more work to break it down and use it for energy.
Natural carbohydrate are not only examples of foods that boost metabolism, but in addition many vegetables and fruits are very low in calories and high in fibre. You can eat a lot of these foods as they are low in calories and fill you up easily, which means you will eat less of the foods that are more calorie-dense, helping you lose fat, which is the result you want from foods that boost metabolism.

Other foods that boost metabolism include spices and other foods you can add to your meals for that hot flavor. Such foods include ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. The theory is that these are very thermogenic, meaning they raise your bodyís internal temperature, which results in your body using more calories for energy instead of storing them as fat. This is the reason why they come under the list of foods that boost metabolism.

As well as eating foods that boost metabolism, you can also achieve this goal by drinking several cups of green tea daily. Green tea boosts metabolism, and also has cancer-preventing properties, as well as other health benefits. I am assuming here that you drink plenty of water, which is essential for healthy weight loss. In addition to regular exercise along with a healthy diet of foods that boost metabolism this combination will help you melt the fat off and feel years younger.

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About The Author: James is a prolific writer on many different topics, please visit The Anti Diet Plan for more information on weight loss and natural weight loss supplements.

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