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Golden Retrievers - What Makes them Special

The image of a Golden Retriever that is active and friendly is well-known to everyone who has seen a TV commercial or magazine ad. There are good reasons that this breed features significantly in so many of them. They are truly wonderful dogs.

Among the most easily trained dog breed, Golden Retrievers are intelligent, active and social. Since they enjoy anything that requires activity they love any kind of outdoor recreation that gets them moving.

From the breed's roots as an off-shoot of mid-1800s Russian circus dogs, they've been bred to retrieve. Whether it's fetching a tennis ball or jumping over low fences or any similar activity, it is all a natural extension of the game of retrieving.

Golden Retrievers are among the smartest dog breed and with little effort can learn a wide variety of behaviors. They are easy to housebroken and will give clear signs (after the initial training) that they need to go outside. Fetching comes almost automatically. It is also easy to teach them to stay, sit, roll over, and a lot more.

Golden Retrievers are easily socialized and friendly with people and (typically) other animals. Although individuals vary they usually adapt well to children and other pets. However, socialization does take a certain degree of training. They can be territorial and will probably bark at or chase animals and even people who do not belong to the home.

Despite their ready bark they do not make good guard dogs or watch dogs. They will definitely alert you to the advance of the mail carrier, but they also will bark at any movement. Trying to teach them to tell the difference between the two can be a big challenge. They might bark at a bird sitting in a tree outside the living room window or at a cat running across the front yard. With so many false alarms they are completely unsuitable for guard dog duty.

Also, they will almost never attack anyone since they are by nature so friendly, and trying to train them to do so is inconsistent with their nature. Though they bark, they hardly ever bite. Their bark is a greeting rather than a sign of anger or a warning. Training them to walk on a leash without tugging can be a challenge. But since they are so eager to please you they can be taught to walk patiently at your side. It might take a few weeks, and is best taught while the dog is still young.

They are very active and energetic by nature so it is extremely important to give them ample exercise each day. One word of warning: Their tails are often wagging because they are by nature happy dogs. This can be a major source of trouble unless you prepare for them ahead of time by moving all breakable objects to a higher spot where they will be safe.

They are incredibly social dogs and need to be with the family. Left a lone for long periods of time is not healthy. If there is no person at home during the day, at least have one other dog to be a companion for them.

Golden Retrievers are great dogs, but not for everyone. They are definitely best for people and families who want an active and friendly dog, and who are willing to devote time and attention to their furry companion.

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