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Get The Most Out Of Time On The Treadmill

In today's culture of fast food and video games taking some time out to worry about your fitness can be something which can make a difference to the quality of life that you lead. That's why it's important that you get the most out of your time on the treadmill. Here's our tips to ensure that your endurance, and your fitness improves, in the most efficient manner possible when spending time on the treadmill.


The warm-up is often the most overlooked aspect of ensuring you get the most out of your time on the treadmill. If you fail to warm up properly you may find that your muscles will tighten meaning that your not able to push yourself as far as you otherwise would. It's also the case that failing to warm-up will increase your chances of experiencing muscle strain or cramp, which could set you back a long way on your journey to peak physical condition.


Before you work out eating a lot is a sure way to end up with cramps. That's why you have to get the balance right between having enough energy to perform and not feeling bloated. One of the best ways to achieve this middle ground is to eat food that's high in calories but low in fat. Pasta based dishes are a great example of this, and could mean that you end up being able to push yourself to the maximum.


Staying well hydrated will allow you to push yourself up to 20% further than you'd otherwise be able to. Not only that, but it will also allow you to recover in a much quicker time frame than you would otherwise be able to do. When deciding which drink is best for you, remember to stay away from anything gassy. Some people like to drink water, however drinking something which is able to provide energy at the same time can also be beneficial and may allow a person to feel less thirsty. While it's important to drink during your workout you should be careful not to drink too much. This can be a sure way to stop you getting the most out of your training if your start to feel bloated. In order to stop this from happening, drink frequently but in small amounts.

Going The Extra Mile

Going that extra bit is the way that you will feel you've got the most from your training, and is also the only way you will continue to improve quickly. This means that every training session should involve a slightly harder work out than the last. If, for example, you managed to run for 20 minutes at a certain speed on your last session then you should try to keep going for 22 this time. Don't push yourself too hard, too fast, or you may find that you end up under motived and you will stop training on your treadmill altogether.

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