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Five Steps to Buying a Nintendo 64 System

The Nintendo 64 was released in 1996 and sold millions of systems. But if you never had a chance to own one yourself they can be hard to find. Most used video game stores don't sell them anymore because it is too old and even some online stores have stopped carrying them too. So how do you find an N64? How much will it cost? And how do you make sure you get a good deal? Below are five things to keep in mind to make sure your Nintendo 64 shopping experience is as easy as possible.

1. Don't Spend More than $35 - Prices for systems vary from store to store so be sure to shop around and find a system for less than $35 shipped. I have seen systems listed for as much as $200 brand new so be sure you look around before over paying. If you invest a little more time, you will definitely save a lot of money.

2. Buy Used Nintendo stopped making the Nintendo 64 in 2001 so stores don't carry new systems anymore. A new N64 is next to impossible to find. Luckily, Nintendo built the Nintendo 64 to be very reliable there are hardly any problems with it breaking. The Nintendo 64 isn't like the original Nintendo where you have to blow into all old systems and have just the right technique to get it working.

3. Don't Shop Brick/Mortar Stores - You will probably just waste your time. All major retails and most used video game stores have stopped selling Nintendo 64 systems and games. They have moved on to the newer systems and don't have room for it anymore. The only stores that might carry the system are independent video game shops. All Gamestop's and EB Games' stopped carrying the N64 a long time ago.

4. Shop Online The best place to find an N64 system is in online stores or ebay. You can search google or shopping comparison websites and find quite a few available. And like almost anything else, you can find N64 systems on Ebay too. Be careful when shopping online to make sure you don't over pay for shipping. Many retailers have a low list price of $9.99 for the system, and then charge more than $30 for shipping.

5. Watch What is Included Out of the box the Nintendo 64 came with one controller, an AV cable, and an AC Adaptor. You need all three of these for the system to work so be sure any sites where you shop explicitly say all three of these are included. You don't want to think you got a good deal on a system only to find it didn't include a controller, which will cost you another $15 to buy separately.

If you keep these five things in mind when shopping for your Nintendo 64 you should be able to find a great deal and save yourself a lot of hassle. Now go enjoy one of the great systems ever made.

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About The Author: JJ Hendricks has been selling Nintendo 64 systems on his website since 2000.

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