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FADE HAIRCUT, is one of the most popular, and trendy haircuts worn today in the United States

In previous years the fade haircut was worn mostly by military men, and was called the high and tight. Today this haircut is extremely popular and has evolved into a much trendier look. It is now very popular amongst men of all ages within the United States and the rest of the world.

Many barbering quarters, barbershops and hair salons offer these types of haircuts and services today. Take a picture with you to the barbershop so the stylist can know exactly what type of haircut you desire. Barbershops are sometimes better at giving a fade haircut, but many hair salons today can give a pretty decent fade, just take the picture of the haircut and show it to the stylist or barber.

There are different types of fade haircuts. The skin fades or bald fades, low fade, half fade, and also fade haircuts using much larger clipper cutting guides such a number two or three, sometimes even a number four guard is used on the sides. Various clipper cutting techniques can also be used to achieve these results. There are free hand blending techniques, scissor over comb, clipper over comb, and techniques using the clipper guards, which today are the most popular techniques used by barbers to fade hair.

The fade haircut is a very trendy haircut, but can also be worn in a more conservative manner. This haircut can also be worn with a business suit, but for a more professional look, is best to square off the back of this haircut. This gives the fade haircut more professional look, and works well when wearing a suit.

There are a few different techniques to outline the back section of the fade haircut. You can blend out the neckline, this is great for people whose neckline is sensitive and irritates easily, and it gives the haircut a trendier look. You can also round off the back of the neckline, this is also very popular, or you can square the back of the neckline for that more professional look.

Today the fade techniques are used to create various types of haircuts. You can use the same fade technique to create various types of haircuts, such as the popular blowout, otherwise called the brook or taper fade. You can also use the fade techniques to create three dimensional designs and various shading within a haircut today. When you master the fade or the techniques used to perfect this technique, you can do almost anything with the hair clippers.

Most men's hairstyles today include some sort of clipper cutting technique. Barbering is a booming business today, so keeping up with the latest trends and techniques is a must for barbers and stylists in order to stay on the cutting edge of this growing men's hair industry.

There are all kinds of continuing education for the professional barbers and stylists in order to keep up with these new trends and techniques. Hair Expos and beauty trade shows is a great way for the stylist and barbers to be current with today's styles. Most beauty expos offer classrooms for the stylist to enroll and learn new techniques. There are many books and educational DVD's and available on the market.

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