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Expired Domain Alerts Can Help You to Obtain Valuable Domain Names

On average there are over 35,000 domain names that expire each and every day. Just a few years ago the average number of expiring domain names was just over 1,000 per day. The market for these expired domain names is increasing in popularity among webmasters who compete to get the best names. Why are these people so concerned about grabbing expired domain names, and why do they expire in the first place?

When a person registers a new domain name they usually pay for one years registration. During that time they will develop their website and promote it through advertising and backlink building. By the time the first year passes and the registration renewal is due they sometimes lose interest, or for some other reason they fail to renew their domain name and thus it expires. Perhaps they forgot to pay for the renewal or they had other projects that took their time or in some cases they are no longer living. Whatever the reason the expired domain has now become available for others to purchase.

When you purchase an expired domain name you not only take possession of the name, or web address, but you also reap the benefits of the traffic and web presence in the search engines that the domain has accrued. Every day there are thousands of newly expired domain names that become available. There are many different methods to learn how to find these domain names and how to know which ones are valuable. Of course it is also beneficial that you know and understand how to get them before someone else does. Remember that there is a lot of competition in getting the best domain names.

There are numerous advantages that can be gained by purchasing an expired domain name. As you probably know a new domain name has no web presence. There are no backlinks and no search engine listings for a new domain. However, an expired domain will often have an existing traffic base, search engine listings, and backlinks on other websites, forums, directories, etc. Webmasters can take advantage of these built in values by either reselling the domain name to make a profit or by using them to promote their own businesses. Some webmasters even set up redirects to send visitors to one of their other websites.

Savvy webmasters will create an account with an online service that sends them daily notifications of domain names that are coming up for expiration and may soon be available for purchase. Services such as this can give you a head start and help you to get valuable domain names before someone else does. Registering with an expired domain notification service like this doesn't cost a thing and the information you can get form such a service can be very valuable to you.

Considering the fact that you can often register an expired domain name for less than $20.00 the benefits to be gained are enormous. In fact this could very well be the lowest cost method for gaining website traffic that there is.

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About The Author: Find expired domain names and take full advantage of the opportunities to be gained at . We provide statistics such as backlinks, Page Rank and Alexa traffic rankings. We also provide email alerts for expired domains as well as domains that will be expiring soon.

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