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Dog Training Tips

These dog training tips are designed to suit the dog's natural characteristics of a companion dog. You must be the leader of the pack. Proper training or disciplining your dog can help lessen the hassles. Basic dog training can start as early as 8 to 12 weeks of age in terms of learning tricks and commands.

When training a dog you and your family must be on the same page. Make Sure the Whole Household Acts Consistently When you are training your dog, let everyone in the house know what you are doing, and how to provide supportive measures when needed.

During house training, dog owners should never use ammonia-based cleaners to clean their houses. Ammonia smells a lot like of urines, therefore, avoid using ammonia or ammonia based substances.

It is of vital imprortance to be as concentrated and observant during training sessions as you expect your dog to be. Another important aspect of dog training is that you need to train your pet, so nobody will get hurt when you are out with him and people are all around him. The more clear you are with your dog while training him, the better off everyone will be.

To effectively house train your dog you must have a crate, if you didn't purchase one when you brought your puppy home, it is recommended that you get one as soon as possible. Dogs do not like to urinate where they sleep. Put your dog and yourself on a schedule. Puppies need to go out every 2-3 hours. Do not keep your puppy in the crate and only take him out when you think he has to go. Most important of all, never ever punish your dog in the crate, he'll dread going back to the crate. You want your dog to think this is his safe haven.

Many small puppies will have a hard time learning to control their bladder when they get excited. Young puppies cannot physically control their bodily functions as well as a grown dog. If this happens be sure not to lose your temper because remember it can not be controlled.

Don't think of training your dog as a you versus your dog endeavor. Training your dog takes percistance and patients. By acheiving success you home will be a happier place for all.

Remember a good dog is a happy and healthy dog.

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About The Author: Michelle Johnson is highly respected in her community on her knowledge of dog care. For more informational tips and tricks for all dog owners be sure to stop by her blog at

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