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Cellulite-busting Exercises - Use An Elliptical Trainer

Upto 80% of women are affected by cellulite. Yet there is still no definite solution that seems to work for everyone. But one thing that all the experts agree on is that exercise can help you improve the appearance of your skin. This is because you increase the circulation. One of the best forms of exercise for women of all ages is to use an elliptical trainer. The reason that cellulite occurs is still poorly understood but it is believed to be due to a build up of toxins and the fatty deposits in the skin. But things are likely to be worse if you are stressed, eat fatty foods, drink loads of coffee and sit around all day. One of the most effective ways to help improve your skin is to exercise. This can help improve the circulation, which removes the toxins, and helps bring fresh nutrients to the cells of the body. An indirect benefit of exercise is that it can help reduce stress levels. So exercising can help with a couple of the aggravating factors of cellulite. An elliptical trainer is very easy to use. You just need to push the pedals with your feet and work the handlebars with your arms. The smooth elliptical motion of the equipment means that there is no jolting of the joints as occurs with exercises such as jogging. As you workout you are increasing the circulation to all areas of the body including the extremities and the skin. This helps to flush out toxins that can lead to cellulite. Elliptical trainers can be found at most gyms and health clubs. They are also available for home use. If you are using an elliptical trainer at home, it will fit in with your lifestyle quite easily. You can even watch the TV as you exercise. Combine your elliptical trainer with a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water and you will start seeing results. You will feel healthier all round and the chances are that the signs of cellulite will diminish.

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About The Author: Gary Barlow is a leading expert on the los of cellulite.

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