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Catering Vancouver – The brioche stops here!

Great conversation fills the table with laughter. A common ground has been found, a mouth watering duck confit main hits my plate, and all I can think of “these are the nights dreams are made of”. If it wasn't for the intellectual conversation, the food makes up for it! A Vancouver catering service is the treat, and it's orchestrator!

Right from the beginning of meeting her, I knew she was something special, if not a prominent figure in her profession. The Meal.. although last 3 hours, felt as if the Vancouver catering service was only there for 10minutes! Time was not a factor, and I enjoyed every bit of food that touched my lips! From now on I have recommended Chef Taryn's Vancouver catering service to all my friends, family and colleagues.

Do you know the feeling of satisfaction? I thought I did, but it wasn't until I ate my last morsel of Morel Risotto, underlining that duck that I could truly say “I'm full, I feel satisfied”. I'm not on the heavy side, I'm more of a petite stature.. but my appetite is large! I felt the meal was satisfying, but not heavy, balanced and healthy. It was a full meal, and then some.. something I have yet to experience from other party dinner services, but the savoury chef delivered and then some. Her Vancouver catering service is the best, if not quite high up there!

A little bit about – born into a family who's routes reach to Hong Kong, and South Africa, the fusion of flavors for this Vancouver catering service is quite original and savoury (as the name says). She balances salt very well, as some do not.. She has a hint of sweet even when I've had experience with flavors being straight up tart! I really do, genuinely enjoy her cooking that I have hired her as a Personal Chef as well.

Just a heads up to you all! Hire savourychef for your next dinner party, vancouver catering service, or Personal Chef (if you can get her, she's in high demand!!)

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About The Author: Anna Nicolas is a freelance writer and she writes articles on various topics. "With Vancouver Personal Chef ( you will find a wide and diverse range of varied services that suit every need and budget" she quips.For more information regarding personal chef in Vancouver, you may visit

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