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Bears are part of our lives

Bears are part of our lives in the beginning. Does it sound strange?? Let us count that how many of us have not played with ‘Teddy’ in our lives. How many of us have not given the same spongy cute ‘soft toy’ to our children? You answer is be none or tends to zero. Right from the childhood we are acquainted with bears, though there are many facts which we are unaware of. We have tried to answer all your queries and to fulfill your eagerness to know about bears. The Bear Planet site contains all about bears and its various species.

A bear is a large mammal belonging to Ursidae family of the order Carnivora. The scientific classification for this animal is; Phylum of Chordata and kingdom of Animalia. The suborder of bears is Caniformia. The bears have large bodies with powerful limbs. The hind legs of bear are strong enough to bear its weight. They are gifted with broad paws, rounded ears and long snouts. The bears have plantigrade stance to adapt the speed which can go up to 30mph! The fur color of bear varies from species to species which ranges from all black or all brown, blond or cream, black and white, full white etc. The full white bears are also known as Polar bear or Ice bear. The bear’s life spam ranges between 25 yr to 40 yr. Bears live in a variety of locations. From the tropics to the Arctic region and from forests to the snowfields, you may find bear anywhere.

Bears have entered in our culture and nationalism since years. Some evidence proves that the symbol of bean was used in many ways. In the Korean mythology the bear is identified as their ancestor and symbolic animal. The giant panda is considered a Chinese national treasure. The Swiss capital Bern has adopted its name from the bar, a bear in German. The bear is national symbol for Russia, Germany and Soviet Union. The subspecies of Grizzly Bear is printed on the Flag of California. No wonder that bear has also entered into our business as the ‘bear market’ is labeled as a period of declining the prices in stock markets!

The bears are hunted since years and hence the laws have been passed in many areas of the world saving bears from the hunters. The reason behind this is using bears as food or as medicines. Many part of China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan use bears’ body parts and their secretions especially bile as medicine. Some of the species like Grizzly Bear, is therefore listed as threatened in the contiguous United States and endangered in some parts of Canada.

We have tried to provide almost all information related to bears and also to fulfill your eagerness to know more about bears. In our unique section called ‘poll’, we conduct survey on various questions related to a bear. Our motto is to take care about all the species of bear and to educate visitors about all aspects and attributes of Bears.

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About The Author: Sharon is a part of the Bear Planet team since 2006 and a couple months ago started to study polar bears and panda bears in their purest form.

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