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Bark Control Systems

How many times have you been bothered by your own barking dog or your neighbor’s dog who is excessively barking at all hours of the day and night? Dogs who display excessive barking either indoors or outdoors can cause problems with the pet and owner as well as their neighbors.

If you have an excessive barking dog, then a bark control collar may be the answer to your problem barking. Since dogs do come in various sizes as well as different temperaments, there is a no bark collar specifically designed to suit your needs. Since barking is a dog’s main mode of communication with other dogs as well as their human companions, sometimes there is a necessity to eliminate times of unwanted or excess barking. Using a bark control collar or outdoor bark control birdhouse will give you the peace and quiet you have been missing.

Let’s start with explaining how the no bark collar or bark control collar works. One of the most effective types of anti-bark collars are the static correction or shock type collars. You simply place the bark control collar around your dog’s neck and either by using a bark vibration sensor, a microphone or both; when the dog barks the collar delivers a static correction or mild stimulation to effectively stop the dog from continuously barking.

If you wish to eliminate unwanted barking with a bark control collar but don’t want to use a static correction collar there are other anti-bark collar options to choose from. There are various models of no bark collars that are available in a range of sizes specifically made for small or toy breeds, up to large breed dogs. While the static correction or shock type anti-bark collars are the most effective, there are other types of bark collars available such as the sonic bark control collar, ultra-sonic bark control and spray-bark control collars to eliminate the unwanted barking behaviors without delivering a static correction or shock to the dog. Even if the problem barking is coming from your neighbor who will not agree to use a bark collar, there is a solution for your problem as well.

PetSafe has just come out with an Outdoor bark control birdhouse that will effectively control the dog next door’s bothersome barking when placed within 50 feet of the barking dog. The Outdoor bark control birdhouse can be hung from a tree or placed on a fence post and while it is disguised as a birdhouse it is really an ultrasonic bark control device that will emit a tone that is only heard by dogs to safely and effectively stop the nuisance barking.

If you are tired of being woken up by barking dogs, or just tired of dogs that seem to bark for no reason then an anti-bark collar or outdoor bark control birdhouse may be what you need to restore the peace and quiet you are looking for.

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