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Are Psychics Real?

If you have ever wondered “are psychics real?” you are not alone. Many people ask them selves this very same question every day. The answer is often not an easy one but for thousands of years, people have turned to psychics, and clairvoyants for love, romance, and life advice. Some say psychics even have the ability to communicate with the spirits of the departed. However, over the years claims of spiritualism and psychic powers have been so widespread and the reports of its effects so numerous and impressive that it was inevitable that scientists would be attracted to the alleged phenomena. Para-Psychology the science that studies these phenomena focused on many areas including telepathy, clairvoyance, hypnotism, spirits, spiritualism, and the history of spiritual manifestations.

Although Parapsychology is still considered a fringe science by many scientists it still merits the attention of renowned educational institutions such as Princeton Universities Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) degree and the University of Berkley in California which awarded the only accredited degree in Parapsychology to Jeffery Mishlove in 1980. But this is putting the cart before the horse.

The pioneers of modern Parapsychology began using the experimental approach to psychic phenomena at Duke University in the 1930s under the direction of Joseph Rhine. Subsequently Karl Zener one of J.Rhines associates developed the world renowned Zener card test for testing ESP abilities using the scientific method. These ESP tests were conducted at Duke University in one of the first Pavlovian conditioning laboratories.

Parapsychology progressed throughout the 20th century and adopted current technology as it became available. The use of more sophisticated methods of paranormal investigation advanced as technology did. In modern times advanced electronic equipment is often used to test for psychic phenomena. This is because paranormal events reportedly cause energy disturbances across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Some speculate that energy is drawn from the surrounding environment to power psychic events. Modern day paranormal investigators monitor these environmental energy changes with a variety of modern instruments including EMF detectors, temperature sensors, static electricity detectors, ionization detectors, motion detectors, EVP recording devices, RF detectors, and radiation monitors.

So, whether you believe in psychics, paranormal activity, or spiritualism the fact of the matter is there is currently hard scientific data documenting the anomalous energy phenomena which occur in the everyday world around us. In addition for thousands of years unexplained phenomena has been documented throughout history. Are millions of people crazy? I assure you the spiritual realm does exist and I am not alone in that belief. Many scientists’ layman and spiritualists share the same views about our universe. World renowned physicists have even speculated the need for the existence of more than one dimension to explain life as we know it.

My best advice is to try to keep an open mind and an objective outlook about things that we do not fully understand. What I mean say is the sole criterion of reality our limited human ability to quantify, tag, and label it? After all we can not see the wind but we see the affect it has on the leaves as they blow about. Does the wind not exist because we cannot see it with the naked eye? So, I guess my answer to the question at hand is yes. Psychics, ESP, and the spirit filled dimension we live in are real.

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About The Author: Frederick Gimino is the founder of Providing Online Psychics , Online Psychic Oracles, and Free Online Psychic Readings.

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