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Animal Cruelty Is On The Rise

Why is it people can do to animals whatever they want and get a fine? If you do the same to a person, you face a fine and possible jail time. Animals are just as much a part of society as we people are, therefore, the punishments should be the same. Animal cruelty is rising every day, no one seems to learn from their or others actions because you the laws do not protect our precious animals. Laws need to be changed to protect the innocent.

One who abuses animals does not always get caught, for this reason, animals are being mistreated and left along roadsides to face the wild and in most cases die a horrible death. Animal cruelty should be a top priority along with all other crimes against society. If the laws are changed to protect these animals, then less animal abuse will take place. People will have think twice before inflicting pain on animals.

Right now, laws are vague about animal cruelty. If a person leaves dogs outside on a hot day without water or food with no shelter, they are given a fine, usually under two hundred dollars. If you leave a child outside with the same condition, you are not only fined, you also receive jail time, probation and the loss of the child to Social Services. Animal cruelty and child abuse are the same. You take this animal or child into your home to protect and nurture them, you are there to love them and treat them with respect.

Not only are they dependent on you for food, water and shelter, they depend on you to treat them with love and teach them the ways of life. Animal cruelty needs to stop and the only way is to impose the same punishments for animal abuse as they do for child abuse. If you kill a child, you go to prison, if you kill dogs, you go home with a fine. How does this make us a society that deserves these precious creatures?

Please take a stand against animal cruelty and try to stop the needless pain and suffering these poor animals live through. We are the ones who are there to care for them, not turn our backs and let someone else take care of the business. If everyone would report one incident of animal abuse, we could save millions and millions of animals from becoming another statistic.

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