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All About Dalmatian Dogs

Whatís white with several black spots and considered to be a firemanís best friend? You got it- the Dalmatian dog is one of the most popular dogs with firehouses in the United States. They are also very popular with children after the release of 101 Dalmatians from Disney, but do they make a great pet?

The Dalmatian weighs from 40 to 60 pounds depending on sex and will be 19 to 23 inches tall. They are thin dogs with inquisitive noses. They are usually only white with black or liver spots on their coat. Most puppies are born without their spots and only gain them with age. The best Dalmatian breed should have distinct spots rather than large patches. The Dalmatian dog breed is a very short- haired dog with hard, coarse hair. They do have a thick coat or skin, but they are not the cuddliest dogs around.

It is not really surprising to learn the Dalmatian dog originated in Yugoslavia and later became a transplant to America with the role of protecting U.S. soldiers during the world wars. You will also find that they are full of energy, stamina, and intelligence. Most often the Dalmatian is considered a guard dog rather than a playmate. They are medium sized dog when you consider the entire dog species. Among other roles are hunting small rodents, circus performers, hounds, and companions.

They are extremely social dogs that need human companionship, as well attention. It is best that you donít leave them alone for long and take them for long walks and have lots of playtime. Destruction is the name of the game, if they are left alone for too long as they become bored and need to have some sort of entertainment as well as human companionship. The Dalmatian is also a very quite dog they only bark when they are warning you of something and are aloof with strangers. Training must be extensive and early in order to gain the proper obedience and socialization that they need. You will find they are either timid or a hand full making harsh or firm training something that should not be done. You can be consistent, firm, patient, and reward them to get them trained properly.

As with most dogs you will find the Dalmatian does suffer from some medical problems, which need to be addresses as puppies. They can have deafness, bladder and kidney stones, skin and food allergies, and hip dysplasia. As long as you take care of them and have the proper vet visits you shouldnít have too many issues. Remember a proper diet is going to make the difference in dietary issues. Grooming is also important you need to brush them daily to remove excess hair. With their skin problems you donít want to bath them a lot or use just any type of shampoo. You need to make sure you have a sensitive skin shampoo. You will find that extreme weather, moist grass, and soil are best kept away from. They can have fungi grow due to the moist grass and soil. They also have a propensity for picking up ticks and fleas.

With the sensitive properties of the Dalmatian dog breed you need to fully understand the dog before you purchase one. You will want to speak with a breeder about the different characteristics and what you might expect from the breed. You will also want to learn about their care as in depth as possible. It is best to purchase a puppy rather than an adult to make sure they are trained properly and their health remains in good standing.

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