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A Pet Sympathy Card Can Lift The Spirits Of A Bereaved Owner

A Pet Sympathy Card is an obvious choice for us to send when a family's or friend's much loved pet dies.

Hallmark one of the leading Pet sympathy card publishers has been printing these cards since 1984. One of their releases states that "Almost six in 10 American households include a pet, compared to one in three that includes a child. No wonder that dogs and cats are more than mere companions - they're part of the family"

They go on further to comment.. "According to research by the Animal Hospital Association, 79 percent of pet owners give holiday or birthday presents to their pets. More than half of dog owners (55 percent) view themselves as the parents of their pets, and some 62 percent sign cards and letters from themselves and the pet". It's little wonder then they rose to the challenge of creating a special category to enable friends and relatives to send their condolences on the loss of such a beloved 'family member'. The Pet Sympathy Card category has reached new heights of interest.

There will be few of us who haven't been touched at some point in our lives by the love of an animal. Many of us become accustomed to pets as children. In fact it may seem almost obligatory to have at least one pet as a youngster. The animal shops are full of an abundance of creatures hoping that a generous passer-by will give them a good home. But as we know, buying an animal - and being able to care for it wisely, are not related.

Being the owner of a pet is not easy. It may start out easy enough. We buy a few basic animal care products, create a safe sleeping and playing area and immerse ourselves in animal care books. The libraries and book shelves are full of 'how to care for your pet' books.

Over the years we may well give up holidays because we can't leave our pet. Perhaps we have limited our time away - relying on neighbors or friends to come in and care for our beloved creature. We may make a song and dance of their birthday and have one or two animals from the same family living together as a family unit.

The wealth of animal shows on television confirms that yes, as a nation we are besotted, often caring more for them than our fellow human being.

So we know that caring for an animal takes time and commitment. We almost don't begrudge the cost of vaccinations or pet care. And many of us don't budget for it.

We buy, or acquire our pet and then we give it hours of our unstinting love and attention. We take care to feed it soundly, walk it as necessary. Or at the very least we inquire into how to exercise it and keep it in the peak of health.

Our commitment is so consuming that the end when it comes is hard to bear.

Writing a sensitive Pet Sympathy Card to someone going through this loss can offer them some comfort and support.

It's not just the cat and dog owners who would welcome such a card. Think of all the different species of animals out there from horses to hamsters and goldfish to guinea pigs. Some sites offer Bird Loss and Pet Rat Loss cards, and include Ferret and Rabbit Loss in their extensive ranges.

There will be a card perfect for you to send to any grieving pet owner. Look at the wide range of 'blank' animal cards that are available too. There are many options to choose from. There are sites that specialize in animal cards and some of the Sympathy Card sites have sections on animal loss.

You may even want to mark their passing with something more substantial than a card. This can help the owner to remember them in their homes, or help them to mark their final resting spot with a permanent memorial. Our first action though should be the careful selection and writing of a Pet Sympathy Card.

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About The Author: Geraldine Jozefiak has written extensively about choosing, writing and sending Sympathy cards . Greeting Card Guide gives you the latest news, trends and products to make your greeting card selection as quick, fun and painless as possible.

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